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What is Otaku

Slide to explain what an Otaku is

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What is Otaku

  2. 2. ORIGIN OF THE STORY Thus, I made this Slide to explain how stupid that statement is, and to explain what Otaku really is There was an argument saying that The Definition of “Otaku” is Disgusting people who like Japanese Manga and Anime + Being A bunch of Social Awkward
  3. 3. A SELF INTRODUCTION I’m sort of an expert in Otaku-ism My Previous Slide 「タイにおけるオタク人生」got 100k+ views
  4. 4. MORE OVER, Origin of the Term
  5. 5. LET’S START WITH AN ETYMOLOGY The word Otaku – オタク Literally come from the word お宅 Which mean “House” Also pronounced “Otaku”
  6. 6. COMMON USAGE お宅に伺います I will visit you at your home This is said in an honorific and polite manner
  7. 7. A MORE SPECIALIZED USAGE The phrase is also usually used when asking for a permission to visit a specialist As such, there is a nuance of Otaku  Specialist
  8. 8. LATER USAGE A precursor to the modern usage of the term During 80’s “Otaku” became a Honorific slang for “You”, Usually used on a person with extensive knowledge on a matter with limited audiences
  9. 9. AS SUCH Practically, because those interests usually have limited audiences “Otaku”  People with interests that general public could not comprehend with
  10. 10. MORE OVER, Actual meaning Of the term
  11. 11. AS PREVIOUSLY STATED In actual nuance “Otaku”  a person with extensive knowledge on a matter
  12. 12. AS SUCH Seriously, most Human being is an Otaku on something Even though “Otaku” is not used to call these people Jewelry Collector  Jewelry Otaku Chemist  Compound Otaku Bookworms  Book Otaku Lottery  Otaku Huay Thailand’s CH7 Soap Drama  Otaku Lakorn Chong Jed Specific to Thailand
  13. 13. IN A MORE COMMON USAGE Refer to people who have extensive interests in Japanese Manga and Anime Culture
  14. 14. DIFFERENCES IN TERMINOLOGY Expert / Specialist Otaku Fan GeekNerd Have more obsession over a more specific part within a topic Have interest in Academic pursuit over a topic Use topic as a form of profession Know pretty much everything about a topic A Closer meaning for Otaku in Common usage
  15. 15. MORE OVER, The origin of Conception that Otaku are Social awkward
  16. 16. BEFORE GOING TO THE MATTER To people who did not study Psychology out there, Myers-Briggs Personality Test is a test that categorize human personality into 16 categories, Based on combination of 4 factors Next, I will talk about Introversion VS Extroversion
  17. 17. INTROVERSION AND EXTROVERSION Prefer companionship of many people Usually have interests that can be joined by many people Prefer to be alone or in group of really close friends Usually have interests that are comprehensible by a limited group
  18. 18. THE THING IS Come and Join us! I’m reading 36 Stratagems Huh? Why do you even need to read that? Seriously, I don’t have fun being around you people There are Extroverts who have problem comprehending Introverts’ interests As such, for them, Introverts are “Socially Awkward”
  19. 19. BUT THE MATTER IS I’m reading 36 Stratagems They simply have their own groups of people who they can share interests with, As such, thinking someone is being a “Social Awkward” is just a matter of egotistic Point of View Do you believe that it was really written by Sun Bin? Hm, wanna talk about Clausewitz?
  20. 20. MORE OVER, On the case with “Otaku”
  21. 21. TO SUMMARIZE THINGS They are viewed as being “Weird” “Disgusting” “Social Awkward” Simply because people who said so lack the ability to accept or comprehends things beyond their understanding
  22. 22. IN THE CASE OF MANGA ARTIST Manga Artist are… well, Artists But they simply draw images that are not prefer by certain group of people
  23. 23. SIMILARITY? Vincent Van Gogh Sold 1 painting out of 900 in his life time Painting Cost 100Million USD After Death
  24. 24. IN THE CASE OF COSPLAYER Cosplayer are pretty much Fashion Designer But simply with different kind of Fashion Sense from what populace would consider normal
  25. 25. SIMILARITY? Paris Fashion Week 2015
  26. 26. MORE OVER, Anyhow
  27. 27. COMIKET Comiket the largest Convention for Otaku in the world, have more than 500k Visitors in 2015
  28. 28. THUS Calling Otaku Weird or Socially Awkward would be equivalent to saying that Something need to have more than 500k people associated with it in order not to be weird or awkward
  29. 29. AGAIN “Otaku”  a person with extensive knowledge on a matter
  30. 30. MORE OVER, Finally, a final Word
  31. 31. Seriously, Using English Dictionary as a 1st source to absolutely define a Japanese vocabulary is just damn stupid!!!