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Fewikwik_ PPM Deck.pptx

  1. PPM DECK | Dir. Raihan Muhimtule
  2. TREATMENT NOTE The idea is to make the film look as organic and natural as possible and this will be achieved by having genuine reactions of the customers and the salesman. To make the film look like a prank video, we intend to do a spy shoot, where the cameras will be hidden and not visible to the customers so that we capture the most organic reactions ever. We do a total 360 degree coverage of the location, where few camera’s will be on the customers while the other camera’s will be on the salesman. We will also use GO PRO camera’s to give the film a dynamic look. Each camera will have certain foregrounding element to them, so it looks like a spy shoot. We intend to give the film a very raw look and feel, which will also help us to capture the realism in each frames. Camera placements will play an important role in capturing the content. Wide shots will be used to capture the environment while close up shots to get the emotions right. The pace of the film will be fast as the audiences are engaged throughout and will always intercut with different reactions from the customers.
  3. SHOOTING STYLE The reference is to showcase how the film will have a natural flow of events and how it will be shot by using multiple camera setup. We capture each and every reaction of the customer in the most natural way. *The reference is not for lighting and art setup Reference video
  4. THE FLOW - The film will start with a BTS treatment of camera’s being placed and framed. We see a lot of commotion which will help to set the context for the prank. - The film then moves to the prank where we see the customer browsing stuff while the salesman is showing stuff to other customers - The film then cuts to the vase falling down and getting reactions of the customers. - The salesman then comes to confront the customer and also creating a scene while the other customers come closer to the scene. - The film then cuts to salesman flipping the plac card and we finally see the line “April fool bane, bada maze Aya, Fewikwik se chipkaya” - And the film cuts to montage of salesman and customer fixing the vase with the help of fewikwik and are laughing at the same time Reference video
  5. FRAMING Each camera will be placed in such a way that we capture the reactions of customers as well as the salesman. The wide shots will be used to show the setting everyone is placed at while the close up shots will be used for the reactions. The framing will be different, which will enhance the film further and give it a prank like look and feel. Certain cameras will have foregrounding so it gives a spy like treatment.
  10. CASTING Father (55-60)
  11. CASTING Sobo girls (22-25)
  12. CASTING Couple (28-30) Himanshu Sharma
  13. CASTING Father son duo (35 years / 13 years)
  14. CASTING Aunties (45 - 50 years)
  15. CASTING Sales man (35 - 40 years) Mausam Dubey Tarun Dutta
  17. COSTUME Father (55-60)
  18. COSTUME Sobo girls (22-25)
  19. COSTUME Couple (28-30)
  20. COSTUME Father son duo (35 years / 13 years) Father Son
  21. COSTUME Aunties (45 - 50 years)
  22. ART/PROP
  23. ART/PROP
  24. EDIT STYLE The reference is to showcase the edit style of the film. The film will always intercut between the reactions of different guests and the salesman so the pace of the film is always quick and engaging. *The reference is not for lighting and art setup Reference video
  25. MUSIC OPTION 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 Music will play an important part in making the film look funny. The film will be a combination of different funny tracks which will help to keep the audience engaged .