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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy in B2B services company majorly in ER&D t addresses critical needs in key sectors – infrastructure, construction, defense, hydrocarbon, heavy engineering, power, ship-building, aerospace, electrical & automation, mining and metallurgy.

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Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. B2B SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  2. 2. Setting SMART goals for social media • Strategic measures – Increase brand equity : CSAT – Improve reach and so leads and sales • Tactical measures – Share of voice, sentiment • Operational measures – Fans, Followers, Shares, Contribution – Site referred visits, leads and MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  3. 3. Choose Your Social Networks • Discover where audience actively participates on social media to uncover biggest area of opportunity • What Networks Get The Most Traffic? • What Networks Are Most Popular Among Competition’s Followers? • Consolidate Your Preferred Social Networks • Create a master social media accounts list that makes sense for your business that includes the networks where your audience is already active. • Make Your Social Media Promotion Plan MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  4. 4. Short-term (12 month) Strategy Create Visibility: Look to expand Intuit’s footprint and presence. . . Create/nurture social properties across relevant channels Engage existing and potential employees/talent Brand L&T technology services Ltd as one of the best companies to work for Grow Engage Leverage Generate Traction: Build and nurture a community of well engaged fans, in the form of employees and potential talent. Develop Brand Persona: Implement campaigns that will entice the TG and will position Intuit as one of the best places to work. MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  5. 5. BRANDS Demolition & Scrap Products Services Agriculture Products Services Construction Products Services Forestry Products Services INDUSTRIES Marine Products Services Mining Products Services Oil & Gas Products Services Vocational Trucks Products Services Paving Products Services Power Generation Products Services Rail Products Services Quarry & Aggregates Products Services Recycling & Waste Products Services Landscaping Products Services Support groups like parts, rental, used, financial, etc. will participate in these industry channels DEALERS Areas of Focus: Brands, Industries, Dealers MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  6. 6. Your Efforts have to have a PURPOSE MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  7. 7. Where We’ve Been Social ChannelAdoption at Brand Level Enterprise Social Strategy, Tools &Adoption Digital Strategy Activation for Industries & Dealers You know your audience and business goals. • I need a FacebookPage. • How do we make something viral? • I need more followers. • What should I publish on my page? “ • My best performing content is animal pictures. ”MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  8. 8. Social Media Strategy: Capabilities to Build Customer Relationship MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17 Social Listening Promotion Thought Leadership Customer Support MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  9. 9. The Value of Listening in Social Social Listening  Deeper insight into what is being said about us, including: –Who is talking about us –What they are talking about –What our competitors are doing –Key influencers (individuals and sites) – Tone of conversations: positive, neutral ornegative Includes social and business networking sites, content sharing sites, blogs, Wikis, discussion forums and many more digital communication channels. Forum MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  10. 10. Social Listening 78% 11% 4% Social Media Volume by Media Type Twitter Facebook Blogs Videos News Comments Forums Other MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  11. 11. Promotion 2 Promotion > What it is: Connecting with our customers with the right content and channel to increase our reach and move them down the sales funnel > Goal: Reach a larger audience with relevant content focused on our Brand, products, services, and engaging topics relevant to our diverse audiences MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  12. 12. > What it is: Establishing ourselves as a rich source of information relative to our industry > Goal: Provide information where it’s missing or inaccurate, help customers solve their business problems , establish ourselves as experts > Benefits: Customer insights, visibility/reach, press coverage, direct conversation with the customer Thought Leadership 3 Thought Leadership MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  13. 13. > What it is: Supporting our business model better by addressing customer issues and requests real time via social media > Goal: Address complaints in a timely manner, be more efficient, identify product issues and integrate with current processes Customer Support Customer Support 4 MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  14. 14. Focus on Moving Customers Down the Sales Funnel Recommend Content Typesand Responsibility Valueto Customer Partner with Brand Marketing to identify inspirational stories that drive to lead gen activity. Brand Awareness Inspirational Industry Consideration Valuable Selection Product Factual Acquisition Lead Generation Transactional MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  15. 15. Come to our event! Register page on Dealers Customize Content for Their Needs MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17 AND / OR Interesting story Story on www.lnttechser Register page MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  16. 16. Measure Which Metrics To Monitor MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  17. 17. Know What Your Competitors Are Doing MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17
  18. 18. In Summary> Assessment > Why Social Media? > Put your audience first > What do you want your audience to do? > Implementation > Content Calendar > Cross Channel > Measure and Monitor > Goals that are important to your business MDI, Gurgaon Mayank Kashyap, EPGPM 17