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Aerodynamics on car

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Aerodynamics on car

  1. 1. AerodynamicscarsBy: Nur Syahirah IsaMaziyatulkarimah Masrur
  2. 2. Objectives:• Introduction of aerodynamic of car and theprinciple related.• How is the aerodynamic devices works?• Is it the aerodynamic devices helps toreduce the uses of fuel?
  3. 3. Aerodynamics is the study of moving air orwind over a body in motion, & how thatairflow will affect the bodys movementthrough the flow.car aerodynamics make the car more saferand make it more fuel efficient.
  4. 4. Bernoulli’s principleIt stated that, as the speed of velocityincreases, its pressure decreases
  5. 5. What is the down force.• The term down force the downwardpressure created by the aerodynamiccharacteristics of a car that allows it to travelfaster through a corner by holding the car to thetrack or road surface. However it also inversesfriction between the tires and the road surface,thus decreasing maximum velocity.• It’s a force which arises due to the airflow overand below the car, which act verticallydownward on the car.
  6. 6. COEFFICIENT OF DRAG• Ability to cut through the airand the shape of the carwhich ultimately affect theoverall top speed• The lower the Cd level, thelower the drag, moreaerodynamic efficiency of thecar design
  7. 7. Here are things that can be done to reduceyour vehicles drag (air resistance)1. Make the shape of the car so that airflow together smoothly towards theend of the car2.Reduce the frontal area of the car byminimizing the grill making sure thatwindscreen is as flat as possible.3.Cover the wheels.
  8. 8. Cars can generate lift if designedpoorly.
  9. 9. Roof ScoopsRoof Scoops
  10. 10. Creates a high pressure area that “pushes” down the carGive stability to the car during driving on the high speed
  11. 11. FRONT AIR DAM• Limits the Amount of Air Passing Underneath the Car• Contributes to High Pressure In Front of the Car• Causes Low Pressure Underneath the Car10
  12. 12. UNDER TRAYS• To minimize the wind resistance or drag• To reduce the drag greatly by creating a smooth boxed inunder tray• Helps to keep the fuel or gas bill down as well as provide abetter top speed
  13. 13.  The aerodynamic of cars was related to Bernoulli’sprinciple. Overall the use of the aerodynamic devices greatlyincreases the performance of a car. The trick is to be ablegenerate just the right amount of down force whilekeeping drag to a minimum. By having the aerodynamic devices, cars can be morespacious, fuel efficient and saferCONCLUSION
  14. 14. Thank you