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Sales Growth: Five proven strategies (infographic)

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Sales leaders drive market growth by focusing on five key strategies.

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Sales Growth: Five proven strategies (infographic)

  1. 1. Sales Growth: Five proven strategies Sales leaders drive above market growth by focusing on five key strategies 1 based on survey of 1,200 B2B purchasers 2 “How some companies are using mobile to power growth,” McKinsey on Marketing & Sales, December 2015 Find growth before your competitors do1 25%25% 45%45%do sales planning more than a year out More than 2/3 invest at least 4% of sales budget in future growth operating margin improvement for B2B and B2C companies Leads to up to Put advanced analytics at the heart of the sales culture >²⁄3 USE ADVANCED ANALYTICS TO OPEN SALES OPPORTUNITIES LOOK AHEAD 61%61% 33%33% >40%>40% IMPROVE BACK OFFICE TO FREE FRONT END SALES TIME PAY MORE ATTENTION TO PRESALES BUILD MARKETING AND SALES COLLABORATION sales time gain revenue gain new business win rates +50%+50% +10-25%+10-25% Supercharge your sales engine3 Strong presales capabilities for B2B companies lead to win rates 10 - 15 points higher than those without strong sales / weak marketing 50%50% weak sales / strong marketing of companies with both functions firing deliver above-market revenue growth INVEST IN PARTNERS FOR MUTUAL PROFIT channel revenues 10-20%10-20% cost of sales 5-10%5-10% In practice, “overall sales experience” is 3X more important to B2B purchasers than they say.1 Sell the way your customers want2 3x3x USE MOBILE SALES TO DRIVE GROWTH $20-$30b$20-$30b Traditional players in retail, banking, and travel can win back $20-$30 billion in annual sales currently captured by e-commerce pure players2 FOCUS ON THE SALES EXPERIENCE The best management invests enormous energy in managing performance. Stakeholder alignment is essential, as is a clear vision of how to prioritize the transformation effort. +75%+75% +80%+80% Focus on your people4 Lead the growth5 CASE STUDY: 90%90%of change programs succeed Best practice leaders: ~30%~30% Average: of change programs succeed per team member European Telecom Operator per week Contract valueOffers closed