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Tourism in Bangladesh

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Presentation slide on tourism sector in Bangladesh .

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Tourism in Bangladesh

  1. 1. Employability Skills Prepared for- Marshall Hall
  2. 2. Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh Presented by: Moazzem Khan Emdadul Haque Mohammad Tarequzzaman Israt Jahan Md Masud Rana
  3. 3. Overview of Tourism Industry • Has become one of the foreign currency earner industry • This industry created about 800,000 jobs which is almost 1.4% of the total employment • Expected to contribute 5.7% of GDP or $998.2 million Percentage of Total Export Earning 2008 - .43 2009 - .45 2010 - .48
  4. 4. SWOT Analysis of Tourism Industry Strengths 1. World’s longest beach 2. Best quality of service at reasonable price 3. Unique forest like Sundarbans 4. Security is very strict Weaknesses 1. Cannot utilize all the tourist attractions 2. Limited capital 3. Lack of transport facility 4. Lack of modern technology Opportunity 1. Number of natural attractions are there to develop 2. Government Support 3. Climate of Bangladesh is attractive for tourists 4. South-Asia is already known as a place for tourist, so no need for extensive marketing Threats 1. Political instability 2. Natural disasters 3. Weak implementation of development policies 4. Corruption of the officials
  5. 5. Cox’s Bazar • Laboni Beach, Kolatoli Beach, Inani Beach • St. Martin, Mahesh Khali, Sonadia Dip • Himchori • Radar Station
  6. 6. Sundarbans • Largest mangrove forests in the world (140,000 ha) • Inscribed as a world heritage site in 1987 • Home of Royal Bengal Tiger • Famous for collecting Sundari wood, honey and beeswax
  7. 7. Chittagong Hill Tracts • Combination of hills, jungle, river, lake and land • Only hilly area of Bangladesh • 50% of the people are tribal people • Visitors can experience the tribal lifestyle
  8. 8. Sylhet District • Tea gardens with rubber trees • Hill station in the border • Shahjalal Dhorga • Madhabkunda waterfall
  9. 9. Lalbagh Fort • An incomplete 17th century Mughal fort complex • Square shaped water tank • The tomb of Bibi Pari • Diwan-i-Aam is a two storeyed building
  10. 10. Ahsan Manzil • One of the most significant architectural monuments of Bangladesh • Official residential palace and seat of the Dhaka Nawab Family • Construction of this palace was started in 1859 and was completed in 1872 • Enjoy the feeling of the lifestyle of the Nawabs of Dhaka
  11. 11. Mahasthangarh • One of the earliest urban archaeological sites • Mentioned in a Sanskrit text of the 13th century • Located 11 km (6.8 mi) north of Bogra • Things to notice: Coins, Ceramics, Sculpter, Terracota Plaques
  12. 12. Shat-Gambuj Mosque • Largest mosque in Bangladesh • Most impressive Muslim monument • The mosque has 77 squat domes • One of the world heritage sites • Situated near Sundarbans
  13. 13.  Tourists must need to apply for visa for entry  The best time to travel in Bangladesh is in Winter season from October to February  Currency in £ is £1 = BDT 120  Daily budget for meals: Low cost £5, Mid-Range £7- £12 and Highest £50 to upwards
  14. 14. Travelling Route Internal River: Launch and boat service in over 250 rivers and Bay of Bengal Bus: Through Bus you can travel anywhere in Bangladesh. Train: Bangladesh has got very good service in train journey through whole Bangladesh. Air: Domestic Air Service is very time effective to go to all major cities in Bangladesh.
  15. 15. Accommodation  Accommodation service maintains international standard  Got five star hotels  All major cities have the Hotel service for the international tourist  Has some luxury resorts  For accommodation Info-Visit:
  16. 16. Expenses ROOM CATEGORY RACK RATES Standard Single/Double US$ 141 Executive Single/Double US$ 148 Deluxe Single/Double US$ 170 Junior Suite Single/Double US$ 196 Executive Suite Single/Double US$ 230 Deluxe Suite Single/Double US$ 281 Extra Bed US$ 15 Meal Rates Breakfast-Buffet Luncheon-Buffet Dinner-Buffet US$ 8 US$ 10 US$ 15
  17. 17. Conclusion •Potentiality •Govt. needs to step up
  18. 18. Thank you for being with us
  19. 19. Finally, We would like to invite you all to our beautiful Bangladesh.