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English to Bengali dictionary

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English to Bengali dictionary

  1. 1. 1 m& Bran! 9Jail flfl
  2. 2. H-iyv*> QassJBKJfc*7 - Book ti-^-5-A*-
  4. 4. • of PEEEACE, iCncouraged by the favorable reception of the preceding edition of the JDictionary, the revision of which had been entrusted to me, I cheerfully accepted the offer which the Committee of the C. S. B. Society did me the honor of making to me, for revising it a second time. I have spared no labor in availing myself of the changes in the signification of words which the gradual progress of the Bengali language has since introduced. I have also endeavored to convey a clear idea of English words by means of simple Bengali terms t for the benefit of juvenile students :fot whom the work is 'chiefly intended. Cr. K. MlTTERo
  5. 5. DICTIONARY. ABBREVIATIONS EXPLAINED. substantive: a. adjective: p. pronoun: „. verb: ad. adverb: pr. preposition: pa. participle: c. conjunction: int. interjection. ABH A, art. before a consonant} <£G,(.M^ Abaca, s. *T«l f3t*r^ I Ab'acot, s. gffiffa^rtSF *[f1> I Aback, ad. *f*5fre ; ^#1 *f rr*T i Abaft, ad. f^C^*f*&Ts<Wrfac<5f) Abaisance, s. £^,£^1%,*^!?- I Abandon, v. «tt?^jT9T ^, t^T£ ) Abandoned, a. $j^ ; ^g^TsT^t I Abase, v. ^*% gs, *VV, *j <P I Abash, p. c?fe^ ^ ^»T£fWW I Abate, v. •jrsr <^ 37^ cw? ^^ , Abatement, s. <rT*f, fJ^^C^T5f I Abb, *ff|?rTjr, £f^5fT^t ^|Abbe'ss, s. ^TfV<PTf?qt Abbey, s.^,%f^5T^r^ Tsrt^t^ I Abbot, s. vtwjw, ^rt«*r$T*rr<fh Abbreviation^. ^C^*f,^gf^,«^t^ Abdicate, v. *fT* *ff?3JTsT Ss 1 [35^ Abdomen, s. *fa, ^<r, v$^«f^ | Abduction, s. ^*is;?[% w^m j Abed, ad. *KrjTsf$, *mjt? 1 Aberration, s. fwtfSfSR, ft^TT | Abet, v. *T^T^F$1 ^, ^T^7j cif I "* B ABO Abeyance,s.^rf^ft%,^fsf3 ^ft^^Tt Abhor, v. ^1% ^ <g3 ^^^1 ^ Abhorrence, s. ^vmml, t^JWJ 1 Abide, v. f%t% ^, 3T*T ^, *TT<5 l Ability, s. WS&I, m^fj5 W31 I Abject, a. sfte, fte, ^sq^rar, f^<TT*r I Abjure, v. *t*i9t*£$<$ $j-ftf ^ 1 Ablac'tate v. Ui?$Jt$f *$?£] 1 A'blative, a. ^^fTwfaTsf 1 Able,«. "^ir^T^f^, *R5f,*>r^ , ^j Ablegation, s. Tp-CWC*f C2f?T«l ! Ablution, s. ^fa, c*fts ^^«< 1 Abnegation, s. ^^toTST, SJttf, Aboard, «rf. C^<^T#?T ^^fC?" I Abode, s. ^T*T, ^3T$r%, ^T^1 Abolish, v. Cc7t*f 35, <rf$$ g» 1 Abolition, s.C^M,f^i«i,^^T;T f Ab6minable,«.^6jt^,^WJ, ^Sft^ Abominate, v. "5r«i1 <P, ^sjaspSil ^ I Abomination, s. *T«11, "SftT^W I Aborigines, 5. CW*V§; ^Tt^TTCwft^ ^ Abortion, *. tfgsffif, tfl^rT?; J
  6. 6. ABS Abortive, a. ^^fsf^TSitlJ, l^^5 ^? Abound, «.TOT^> ^} £f^ ^ l About, pr. ^frf*vtC*r, *T^C*f;1^OT About, ad. £jT?r j tvS^^S ; %fy$ I Above, pr. ^*fC?T, ^Cf, ^f*T<5i Above-board, ad. gW^J^W,^- Abreast, ad. *ft*fT*TTf*t, ^t^j% I Abridge, v. *TC*F*f 3S, "^ ^ I Abridgment, s. *vC^*fl^ I Abroad, ad. 1%C*fC% *Tfe?TI Abrogate, v. ^>RjsH ^> ?rf^5 3> I Abrupt, a. ^ftfiiTpvtG^fafhf&l Abruptly, ad. ^^JTte, ^1A I Ab 'scess, s. (?EpTt>*F, 5^* jq | Abscind, v. .<FtT>, C^t 3?, WTT> I Abscond, v. ^TtHC^ft^^ ^ I Absence, s. ^rs[*fJ%1%,*fC?rT3?3l I Absent, «. ^$*ffe, ^T5ft9f5 I Absolute, or. * T*ffa ;*F*£«i^5r*jtf I Absolutely, fld.f^T^f^*^?^! Absolution, s. "Jjf^, *fT*fC3rf5«*, Absolve, v. z$f& tff, *F*Tl 3» I Absorb, v. *RI *f1, c*tt*, *ft*T ^l Absorption, *. c^ir, C*tT^«l ; C^TW I Abstain, v. f^|s "£, *FH ^ I Abstemious, v. ^Te *tc^t*ft"»fstet, ^t Abstergent, a. *f1?^T?"^, C*ft*T^ I Abstinence, s. f^C^Ttf, ^tf% I Abstract, 5. ^t?Tt«f, TTC?Tt^T?r I Abstract, v. 7JT?T ^^ ^ ' ACC Abstractedly, ad. 4j9fa?JK*f, 1%3- Abstraction, s. ftf%3re1 ; ^r^j^r^- Abstruse, a. ^?5^, f^*J7, T[tf5i? I Absurd, a. ^r*r$r$, ^5rftCT5*P I Absurdity, s. "srf%J frsp^l, ^*T- Abundance, s. 3ls[riT, ^tf^T^J I Abundant, a. f?T^?T, fiflgT, ^TC^^ I Abtise, v. ^f^ ^", ^TJ^T^* ^ f Abuse, s. <r.T|feS *ttt*r, ^*J*^T?T I Abusive, a. f^f3>, f^^T^I" I Abut, v. ^^TOf ^, ^^ ^ I Aby 'ss, 5. ^T^cT^f^f <t^ ; *?3> • Academical, «. ftjnT5T?r*TC^Y?r I Academy, s. dt*fT^, *fTfc*ft*I1 Accede, v. *!*!§ Cff, ^fW<T 3> I Accelerate, v. *ft^[ ^s, ^a^"1 ?p I Accent, s. $?e ^35t?"«i ; ^1?T«j C«- Accent, v. #<F ^&T?r«l 3* ; ^T35T?"«J Accept, v. 9T^«I <P, *f f?gr ?p I Acceptable, a. tfftn, 9f^^t?T sTOSt- Acceptance, s. *f1?$t3", ^STtWl^T I Acceptation, s. 9f^:«i ; ^fiTsSt^f I Access, s. £fra*fTipr!%, STO31 I Accessary,5. ^c^r^T£f*rfa*rc3 5t?ft Accessible, a. ^t^T^?"^"?,^-^ I Accession, s. ^f% ; *fe^>T; £jtf% I Accessory, «. ^C^J"^" ^f^^ t^t%^5, Accidence, 5. ^jT^WSK^rlVt I
  7. 7. ACC Accident, s. ^^T* TTlfal ; $q I Accidental, a. 'frf*, tfRt?^ I Acclamation, *. ^tws^C^ %RRt*f l Acclivity, 5. 3p^T*f§ kfiffil %m I Accommodate, t?. ^rig^jsrj <p i Accommodation, s. 2fC?rt«(^t?J?n ^TT5;<C«l ; $*f<ST<T ; faft ^$3* I Accompaniment, 5. ^1 t^ "$TT?T| Accompany, v. *z$? sfsr^ 9 1 Accomplice, s. fwfr^^Kt, <£- Accomplish, v. tt*^ <p, fS^ <g | Accomplished, a. $«iMf«, £f^ 1 Accomplishment, s. *flgf j^sj^cj 1 Accompt, s. sHstf, tt^t^ I Accord, s. f^, 3R, te^l, TFS I Accord,*?. fa*i, 7f j%f%v$ ^ ^3 ^ Accordance, s. *ra *%,«$$j, ^fat?T » According, ^r. ^sj*rf?ft, ^r^T? Accordingly, ad. ^^Tc^^gCT I Accost, v. ^T^TT^f ^, Tf^t^ ^ I Accouchement, s. ?{%fc $**ffrR, £f*T<TI Account, v. >S?TJT ^ $ t^^t*T CW Account, 5. $r«R1 ; ft*$r«J ; ^T|r«j I Accountable, 0. WTfl", 3]T^!f^ I Accountant, s. $f«RT^*fi, SJ5^T, thrift 1 Accoutre, v. J^grl <s, *f@Sft^ 3> I Accoutrement, 5. *rW, ^ft?5^I Accredited, 0. £WsYf3 ; gf^f^fV B 2 ^ ACQ Accrue, v. fo*ft ^, ft% ^ 1 Accumulate^.Jf^ir^,ifsri ^,^lf*t^ Accuracy, s. 3^51, ^MTsfr I Accurate, a. f$&, ^, WTsf I Accursed, a. ^f%*T% "W*nj, Accusation, 5. ^5i«T*tiF,^rJ%reT*f I Accusative-case, s. ^^ *fpf 1 Accuse, v. ^f^reTsf ^, ^«t?rt?- Accustom, ». ?TJ^^t?" <F,^r vjt^r *S I Accustomary, a. *J^TtW,^rejt*I Ace, s. 4WT3 ; cl> <S$1 ; C<rj, ^«l ( Acerbity, s. ^Tj^T*f, ^t^*fJ I Acervate, v. 3"Tf*f 31 4<frs ^ 1 Ache, s. c<r?R1, *m, *ftv?1 Achieve, v. ^^TMa- ^, <5>^T*f ^ I Achievement, s. ^^t^Tj«j f^?1, Achromatic, «. ^Vto.^W^fWs I Acid, a. ^Rf, ^<f, «r|^1 Acidity, s. ^3^ ^3"?T*T, ^I Acidulate, v. ^^" 3s, ^^^1 Acknowledge, «>. ^fapf?T & I Acme, 5. jf^raftsrl, gfte.gtfVSi Aconite, s. fa, ^trT^ ^1 Acorn, 5. 5^JTf<[t^3: ^tlf 1 Acoustics, s. *ffi(^TtJl 1 Acquaint, v. ^t^5 *F, ®T^1 I Acquaintance, s. ^rT^Y?T ; *f©5? I Acquiesce, v. 1^15 ^", *ff?T^^' I Acquire, v, ^«ttWk ^, £[T^ ^ I
  8. 8. ADA Acquisition, s. cT^pj, £ftf% » Acquit, s. ft5T<T¥T?r1 fac^te ^?T«I i Acquittance, 5. TptJ-iT^ I Acre, s. f^ t^"STl ^f^fr ^ft?^! 6! I Acrid, 0. ^, 1%^, ^rtcT, vgfa | Acrimonious, a. ^^f*t, spi> i "* Acrimony, s. <&<5#TO, t^jA Across, ad. <b{(.5, ^Tv5*TTC*T I Acrostic, 5. ot cStOT<T gfrej^ SJ- Act, s. ftF?n ; 5ttT> retrain Sfa?T«l; ?TT5fT^3l, ^ft>T I Act, V. <$?& <5 ; ^jfert ^ I Acting, s. sftfj <5<T«i ; ?TT^jferl for another, v. £f1%f^f>r ^ | Action, s. ^^ ; ^T^t*T ; ^I Actionable, a. ^f^CTTCsnr C*T*TJ I Active, «. aftf^ ^MT^, *rwf I Active-voice, s. ^«%T5J i Activity, 5. EW^t, *F5^31 f Actor, *. ^ci, 9t?P$; snfol Actress, 5. ^^; *PTf?tel i Actual, a. ^stttf, £f^5, f^*S? I Actually, ad. f^5t¥, t^*6?^C^f I Actuary, s. ^><fr, ft?TTC<r<r <5T*fj Actuate, v. ^^^ £ff1% ;§i^fl 1 Actuated, ^«. gfrflfe, ^Tt%^ 1 Acumen, s. ^t^T^r, sWsfs I Acute, a. ifap, 2Kj, 5^3- 1 Adage, *. gftyfa $*ftff*f <5sf1 f Adamant, s. t£^$<$, ^<j^Ti ^f«t 1 ADxM Adapt, ». 7r*r?j- ^ ^c^rt9f <g 1 Add, v. ft^ cw, ^j% <p, ^fpsrsrw ^ 1 Addendum,*. C^ra^c^Tsw^Th Adder, s> 3T5W*f, C^^^?1 *fT*f 1 Addict, v. Tn^Tf^C3"*f t$ 9 W*IW5 I Addition, s. rafalf, |f%, *rc?T*f l Additional, #. ^ww, ^f^fa^ 1 Addle, v. *fffc*1 ?1, c$TC^f ?1 I Address, s. fa«£|jj f«fC?Tt^T^1, Address,??. "^rT^rfwc^W^ 3S,^T* 9 Adduce, v. ^5JT^?5T *, 2ft%*f^ <p 1 Adept, a. ^*ij, Wsr^^^^T, ^f%^- Adequate, a. V%*iW&, 3"scTJI Adhere, v. 7iTr& ^, fertfV 1 Adherent, s. ^sfTsft ; a. n^w 1 Adhesion, s. *T5r$|"51,l7f$?i *f?rsi 1 Adieu, s. S^TR^^t^ ^T^tWT* 1 Adjacent, a. f^T^^f^TSTmrfsf I Adjective, 5. S^TTS^, fac*rs«i 1 Adjoining, a. *T*r?f, ?T#h>f?€f 1 Adjourn, v. ^f$p5 ^, fa^T"5* ^1 Adjudge, v. ^5T?tS3l £f<ST*f ^ 1 Adjudicate, v. f^^f^ gs, R«f?T ^ I Adjunct, s. •jt*t^ *i fstf^ra 337 i Adjure, v. 'Wtf ?p, ^j 3> 1 Adjust, v. ^ffe?ri ^rr«r, ^r^?i, fsr^r Adjustment, -s. f^^flTf^, ^T^ I Adjutant, s. C^^T^f1% ftt*ra I Admeasurement, 5. *Tf^"STT*i, "STt*^ I Administer, v. TfT*l ^, OT?fl, ^T^l 1
  9. 9. ADV Administration, s. *pT$F5t5T"fa I Administrator, 5. sn^jf^F^r VCTtf- Admirable, a. £f*r3Tafa, ^«,^"?j> I Admiral, s.^^teT«ffir«JC"^T 'WJ^ Admiration,s.^I^fr5rT5T,£f*T*n, Admire, v. ipr^l ^Tt^TO" C^t*T <G I Admissible, «. *fTSJ^ft$Tin:srT*fJ Admission, s. ^T$fSTW^T ^T«prt§ ; *IJ%S5 fc^C? ^t<Pt?" I Admit, v. ^?RT*rsrCT?r ^Jjsrt% CW l Admixture, 5. firfaste ]pJ I Admonish, fl.^^CTtif ^^W^C* Admonition, s. ^*f3"f*P*f,§<TO*t 1 Ado, s. ^, astir ; ^TO I Adolescence, s. c^ffa^T^I Adopt, v. c*fPO*J? ^5 tt^l *' Adorable, a. «Jlf3ft?r, ^^ff?r I Adore, v. *jlf1 ^ ; ^t% cSt^T * t Adorn, v. c*TTl%3 3>, t^»flre ^ I Adrift, «c?. ^^"fa^CS ^tf*nr1 l Adroit, a. f^*J«l, $^*T3*, W^ I Adulation, s. "^t%, fSTsrjl £f*f7fl 1 Adult, a. cSfV, 3"?IS£tt^r 1 Adulterate, v. ^ItSf CW, fsr^tcT ^ l Adultery, s. *tJWJT9 <Dt%5T?- Adumbrate, v. ^t?T3"* ^fif <PI Advance, v. ^rtf*^ ^ ; 3^ ^ • Advantage, s. SfT^, Tp*t • sjtsfftrji AdvantageouSj^.fT^lfJT^cTt^^i Advene, v. 1VSJF ^ I B 3 ^ AFF Advent, s. ^TOT^T, ^Wt, ^¥ I Adventitious, a. twjT^€t?', ^f^- f*53 I Adventure, s. I^TrSR^ TT^^I, Adventure, v. ts*f^C*fr 2ff 3" ^, ^T*TW faf*rife $TC*fj t^W ^ I Adventurous, «. ^T^'ft, f»^ri Adverb, s. f^?t?T ftWsq I Adversary, s. ^t?, f^^f^F, *t^l Adverse, a. St^igmJfW%*$& f Adversity, s. ^*ff^,p^1,yi(*t1 Advert, 1?. &SK ^, ^5^1 ?5 I Advertise, v. t^^T^f^; 3>, ®T^1 I Advertisement, 5. R^M^Wa I Advice, s. ffTTftM 1 , *T*rT&T?r I Advisable, a. ^f^T^^fJ, ^sniF Advise, s. rfj]^ CW; *TTTtST?T C? I Advisedly, «cZ. flrc^Wl *£&& 1 Advocate, 5. Sj^t^^, «W*Twt I Adz, s. *£$m%, f^I JSgis, «. T>f«T, *P*ras I AeVie, 5. 3TtS? *Tf^T *t*fl Aerial, a. ^^T*fter,3T?T§F,C<f5?r I Aeronaut, s. OTWTlfYjWasrnttl Afar, «d. Tjcir, Tp^tc^, ^T3c<r i Affable, 0. STf^fTf?*, ^t*TT"ft I Affair, s. f<nnr7*jT*n?r, *5T*J I Affect, v. irc* ^Tjf^CSTTfes * ; Affectation, s. ff&V SJ*^T?WI Affected, a. ^f3^*firf*T$ ; ^S-
  10. 10. AFT Affe'ction,^ffo*. mrf 3>t<T I Affectionate, a. cg^ft, «TWT?ft I Affectionately, ad. <r^ «j^" i Affiance, *. tW^^T ; S$$r$ Affidavit, *. *f*W*ra, *[ffw^ I Affiliation, *. c*?fa7*£q <&<r«l • Affinity, s. TT"*r<f, f9f%3l, ?re^ i Affirm, v. T^c*T <j>^ ft*S?T <F Affirmative, a. ^teT^reT*^ I Affix, 0. ^C5Tt?r <5, ^to <p i Affix, *. <sr$TO, Stc^tsf i Afflict, v. ^of, c#*r c?, st*n i Affliction, *. ^-<r? t^9 ^-jTc-srt^ I Affluence, 5. Tf^fe, a^f^ ft97 I Affluent, a, s^<rftr, vff, ft^t I Afflux, s. &m £fate, c^t3 1 Afford, v. CW, Tft^T <5, ?pft"<n tff | Affray, *. TTT^T^tft, ^T^t^Tt% I Affright, v. ^3 <$>, ^ tff<1 1 Affront, v. ^n^^> ^ ; ^-s^irT* ^ 1 Affront,*. ^*nTT3^5rral,s5reTW?n Affusion, *. T>T*R, N$rf%C^ ^r«| 1 Afloat, ad. ^T^T"srt^T, £fl>f%3 1 Afoot, «d. ^fPfJCSf ; S^raFfa l Afore, pr. ^csjr, «Jp£ Aforesaid, 0. «Jp£T^, *J4faj>to 1 Afraid, 0. €te, *fj%$, 4^ | Afresh, ad. *{*^T?r, ^p«5 I After, pr.^-tt^tfzjiad.^iiptfzji Afterbirth, *. ^f^"t"?T, ^p??, ^ctT^ i Afternoon, s. t^T^TsT, ^^T^Tl^* I Afterthought,*. ^WTSf^^^^H Afterward, ad. *TC3", ^S^ | 5 AIL Again, ad. *gX<6r$, *£*<rt?r I Against; pr. ^z%, ft*f?fto5 Age, *. <r?s^sr ; 35T*T ; ^^ *f$ Aged, a. 2^, STtftsT, ^51, *tf1 Agency, *, <RfW, ^SfoT^rera l Agent, *. ^w^qI, ^^^t^^i Aggrandize, v. ^f% <^ ^1 , Aggravate, v. £g«f <fl c^ ^, Aggregate, *. c*TTl>, 4f^ ^tf*t I Aggression, s. fcc?rT*r WrT?TW ; Aggressor, *. g^ ^TapsT*!*^ I Aggrieved, a. 5Tf*T$, $*T2R5 1 Aghast, 0, 3rTl^*, ?T&f%$, 7^3 1 Agile, 0. 9TRFW?ft, *TW?r, 3F3 l Agility, *. 3^3751, 5T*f*IJ I Agitate, v. srt?, ^f%J ^, ^^g- Ago, ad. *f$, ^srefo, ^ *pafr Agonize, v. *3fa1 *f1, ^jfas ^ 1 Agony, s. W3J^ ^«i1^^ cwfll Agree, v. $&j ^, c^ 5",*TO5 ^ j Agreeable, 0. ^f3^r, ^TTJ I Agreeably, «d.^#< sj#3S;x5T»rjfrc*fl Agreement, s. ffrsre ; ft?rcr»f3r I Agriculture, *. <f>j%<5Tft, ^ftftffjH Aground, ad. $SU &*$) I Ague, *. ^^f ^[<r 1 Ah, int. ^rT^I, ^Ts I Ahead, «tf. ^rcg, «J_?T^K,^?r5^?r 1 Aid,*. ?Tt^rj, ^TT^ipTT, ^*^J l Ail, V. ^Jj%5 ^ vflvs! *fl ,
  11. 11. ALI Ailment, s. *ft$1, *jTf*T, *TtC*rte I Aim, s. ^rf%£fT*, 5te*f*fj j TO, Aim, v. «T^j ^, sfa? tf, 05^1 ^ I Air, ». e*j<$ cw, ^T^tC^T 33$ ^ I Air, s. <TT^, Wt^t*T ; ^J ; ^fa I Airing, s. ^HJOT**, SnrftTT?T I Airy, a. <rt?[ *PS#to ; sna, ?"fw I Aisle, «. «SRT*rc?<T wj*T$T i Ajar, «dL ^^f*[^, ^WWTtsfl I Akin, a. W*t$fv, TOttfcto,^*T7 Alabaster, 5. ^ 2T53" |^c*t^r I Alacrity, s. TSfJ s§*Tpsj, ^WJ*T I A-la-mode, ad. <fte}»[iTTC|r ! Alarm, s. *53*fff^, ssw^TT; aft»ri Alarm, v. ^?r c**M, *5fo 35, ^1^1 Alarum, 5. fr*fTf 53 f*f3> "5T«i?1 Alas ! alack, int. *rt?T ^t¥ I Albeit, «& *nfjf*f, silfanf* I Album, s. gtfSro 37t%^W3T "5""55T- A'lchymy, 5. <RT*TC fcw)1 I Alcohol, 5. irc^J<r *TT3"T*t I Alcove, s. *r«f*tT5Tl, ^<T I Alderman, 5. WC?T^ ^*TJ*F, c%l- Ale, *. "SRSfto Ttfij) ftt*ftn Alembic,s. C5T?f3"*T?r ^fTajfrt*^ I Alert, a. *iV<f, *IC53»rt ^T^^TT^T I Algebra, 5-. *tsi$ffa"3, ^R^sifsj-si Alias, ad. ^^1, 1%^1, ^Tsf*rl 1 Alibi, ad. ^T^TM" ST1>^1 ?f^c? £ 4 7 ALL ?rTf*r sif^ c^r $s<r cm 1 Alien, a. fcc^ft, ft*f#te 1 Alien, 5. fccfpfhr *JJ%J I Alienate, v. *TC*TT^;3"«i 3? ; 5j|?f ^ 1 Alienation, 5. Trc^T^^T^ ^«J j Alight, v. ^T*r, ^3"?sn> ^ I Alike, ad. ^SfR^TW, ^J?W, Aliment, *. •sfftTJTpJ, ^rt^t?" I Alimony, 5. ^qOTWTctf sftsRI Aliquot, a. ^TT^v^j^ *r$n t%^s Alive, «. #ttt$, ^fasf, ?v^i Alkali, s. tpT?T, ste^Tf 1 All, 0. 3F^*T, Tyi$t $t**, w1 Allay, v. 9I1TT1, ^T^ ^, t%^5 <5 I Allegation, 5. f^37TteT,f^*&?re$f1 Allege, v. TJ7?K*T ^, fk*5J( & 1 Allegiance, s. 3rTBi**Tl^55l,«j%S Allegory, s. %*nr1, 3WJRTW Alleviate, 0. ©Tf^T^" ^, W*f*r 3» I Alley, s. sff%, ?T^H*r, 3jfH"*f I Alliance, «. ^[%, r.^c?, f^f%^1 • Alligator, 5. ^^t?", ^^^f^HT^ I Alliteration, s. ^I^Stm, W**m I Allocation, 5. C^TT^f ^1 ^1^^ ^?Tej I Allot, v. ^Ttf Cf ; ^fT^ ^,t%W«l ^ 1 Allotment, *. ^T*f, ^i*, l^TSfl Allow, v. ^1^1% ^ ; Tt^T<T ^ 1
  12. 12. ALT Allowance, s. f^ffcfs ^^ ^^ Aiidy, 5. «rrtfr, €m j^i Allude,?;. *CT3 *s, ^^"5r ^ 1 Allure,^ ffcstWq *, «^t% w*fl l Allusion, s. TKTSsrs *T*j, fe?K I Alluvial, a. *ff§r, §fcTM%3 (^) i Ally, s. ^W^ftF!?, ^t?, vwi Almanac, *. *ffa?pi, sft^ , Almighty, a. *p£*rfWr»n Almond, s. ^tWT*r 1 Almoner, s. wWtfjflF, f^l^l 1 Almost, ff&£fftr,ftffc*3rj*' 7^^ i Alms, s. Tffa, f%TP1, frs^i Aloes, s. ^W^- Aloft, ad k^ZJ, ^cf I Alone, «<?. 435^, 4351, f%fifl 1 Along, «<?. yftt^, S«t?T t^1 Aloof, ad. Tg#f *smr^ *srrrsfa*i 1 Aloiid, «& ^t^s^c?-, T?k35Tc?r r Alphabet, s. *«ftrT5rt, w^ttT^ | Alphabetical, a. ^W^ff?;^ 1 Already, ad. 4«R, t^T?T *Jt# I Also,- ad. ^^"5 ; S^fM ; <<m , ^5 Altar, 5. ST33 OT^, C^W ; C<r1fN>1 Alter, v. ^J03r*f ?p, ^^jotf $ j Alteration, s. N5RK1, 3Tjf%3p!sn Altercation, s. ^ftfT^Jf, favgsl Alternate, «. *fT*iTspTrr, 4C<J5<r Alternative, s. ^rej^CSWT?, f?r- Although, c.TOf*T,*rf*,*r1^xijT*l Altitude, s. %W^, ^f$1 I AME Altogether, aa. n&gQ, yf^X3t- Alum, ,. ^ftfl,, [mot l Always, «tf. ?r#?1, j^ f^^ j Amain, ad. 3F3?rc*T, CTOf, 'c3C«H Amalgamation,5.5ft^^rT^;^l Amanuensis, s. t%f*r^T<T<5, ^TOT^T Amass, ». jf^^r 3^ ^ffwf 9 , Amateur, 5. f^f«tTt^ fsffjTfSf? I Amatory, a. *£5fT?T fir*TO t Amaze, *. 53^3 35, <siT*Kfj <S t Amazement, s. *sr**T?r ^, Amazingly, «£ <5rmfr?K*n Amazon, s. ^*i1|fl, f*5^n f Ambassador, s. T£5, 3TTbt£$ 1 Amber, 5. ^n<T<Tl, *hf** i[ c*nr i Ambidexter, s. *r*J*TTl?t, PFS>Tf%*n, Ambient^.c^^^tft, reenter i Ambiguity, s. «TT?rT«f, fjtf f Ambiguous, «. ^jsfa. ^T*?s^ , Ambition, s. ^"S^mj ^fwcTT^ Ambitious, a. ^W«TWTl%^T^t I Amble, v. $$ * f]^f ^jf% ^ 1 Ambrosia, s. n5T^$, *£$fy *flw | Ambulation, s. £[P?f%«|, N»lf«l l Ambuscade, j *. ^ff^, **, *rs[<r Ambush, j ^c*WT? $n1%<rT?r Amelioration, *,^«p^sr, CSffc-^rq, Amen, ac? . ^ *r$ ^^P,^t^ I
  13. 13. ANA Amenable, a. PfTrl", ^feff^ I Amend, v. §*f*rsf *fl, ^j l Amendment, s. c*ff*f5T, ^% ^T«| I Amends, s. ^t% CTTSR^r^^^Tfii i Amenity, *. ^731, *[«4il3re53 I Amerce, v. ^rfvfa 3», ^f^FS 3» I Amethyst, s. te$3t%) «c% ^ft t Amiable, 0. fgft**, CS^Tsf I Amicable, a. £TTO,'bra^T^r Amidst, p TOCT, ^T^j^c<T I Amiss, ad. ^*J??&c% CffTW^ I Amity, s. ^T^t?^1 ; f^a|^1, gftt§ I Ammunition, *. *rc^|T ^fsrsft I Amnesty, s. ^1, cWT^rc^TtW^ I Among, "| Amongst, jf- *«T> TO«?j Amorous, #. ?PT^5, Cfifat*^ I Amount, s. c*rTT5, «i)^ I Amount, v. 4[f^ ^, <T57tT* ^ I Amoiir, s. £f*ri%*, ^1%^ I Amphibious, 0. "^SFcre?" I Amphitheatre, s. STt^Jt «T?^"C*t^" I Ample, a. £fF^,ftW, *$,£t*n5 I Amplify, v. ^®tf?T3 ^,*T^»TJ * 1 Amplitude, 5. 1t^t«f5l, *$«fe1 I Amputate, v. ^"SfC^PR ^ 1 Amulet, 5. ft^T*TTsf <^S,*rT^«r|" I Amiise, v. ^tC5TtW ^, C^l^ ^ I Amusement, s. ^TtCSTtW, C^t^P I An, «rf, de/ore « vowel, *$&, ffifo I Anachronism, s. 3T*rerep',*PTc*?fe|3T Anagram, 5. CSfa £{W I 9 AN& Analeptic, «. *rtfesi^*|1©*T?fts Analogous, a. *T^*f, *F*f^f?T I Analogy, s. *Ttf*r$1, *nsrefa i Analysis, s. ^?[ ^3- ^|«fl ^>T c*r?r *wfeji Analyze, v. ^TV«tTVT ^t??1 Anarchy, s. ^TtSWSl, CSfT^TsT f Anathema, s. ^3Tf%1 *fT*f 5 Tnjj i Anathematize, v. *Tt*f CW, ^J 35 I Anatomist, s. 37?TCTSrcr t^WJtsff I Anatomy, s. *JTO5* ftwjl I Ancestor, s. *jpfr*j?^, *silft*&Z I Ancestry, s. <jScT, ?r*f, ctfrift I Anchor, s. *T9T$ ' Anchorage, s. viW$ C*Ffwtet«J Tt*n Anchorite, 5. WTf, t^T^t, 3*fa I Ancient, a. gftSt^, *jjTte* I And, <?. <i)*, v8, ^H?" I Anecdote, s. ^5*fKJT^, S*IW1, Anent, pr. ft^C?, *reC3F ! Anew, ad. ^R^TTO, *Jf*5t *f*^T?: Angel, s. ^sfi£3, *t?fta f3 I Angelic, a. ^$ft[3^?F*f I Anger, s. c^t*, <^T*T, ^^1 Angle, 5. ffpfa, C^W, ^5 I Angle, v. f%9 c*$m, 3"5*ft £^*f I Anglicism, 5. ^sjTsft ^W<T ^PT Angrily, a^CSPTSf^TOT/^t^f^C^fl ^ngry, a. C^t^MW, ?"KTf%^ I
  14. 14. ANN Anguish, s. ^t^*T*T *Ttof*FS *TT- Angular, a. c<5T*IT<pt% I Anhelation, s. |T*TT5T, ^t^Jtsf ' Anility, s. aft?" gflsfaTT^I I Animadversion, s. ^T^CSTTsf, «(• *R1, CWtt fff«* I Animadvert, v. cWt"?T C?, ^^C^t^f ^, ^Wfl 9 Animal, s. W-%, £ft^t ; ^§fW I Animalcule, s. ^J^ ^ll> ! Animate, v. *f®fa ^ , ^T^T C«f §C3FSR1 ^ I Animated, «. *rc5^T, *TC5® I Animation, s. C53^1, ^TSffa'Sa I Animosity, s. t^Wfa, f$?Tl Anise, *. csft^t I Ankle, s. ^«^p, *TTC??T tfttitl Annals, s. ^T«T^f^"^ t^3"«| I Anneal, v. w ^^«iT^ $tt * I Annex, p. ^c^ *JOTsf ^ I Annihilate, v. C*TT*T ^, *rtfaf*T ^ I Annihilation, s. C*TT*T, *T3fat*f I Anniversary, s. C^T^T 3"jT*ftC<T<pT Anno Domini, s, **ft?ift?T *f^ i Annotation, s. "f^«t«t^t, §}^1 Announce, v. *retW CW, C^TT^II ^ I Annoy, «. <TJ"^ 3», ft<j:*F ^ I Annoyance, s. 7rj"S$1, t^^o^j l Annual, a. *rfa^lft<r, 3"TWP f Annually, ad. £ft%**3TC*T I Annuitant, 5. ^Tf^ ^j%C$t*ft I 10 ANT Annuity, s. ^tftfe |f% Annul, v. c5TT«T *P, t^<rof<5 <$ 1 Annular, «. 5^tf1%, **J?Tf % I Annunciation, 5. c*rfa«l1 ^^r«i 1 Anodyne, 0. G*JRTf^TO3P l' Anoint, v. fo^TST*^ ^f%C"?r<S ?5 1 Anomalous, «. <ftf^f^|r;$ | Anomaly, s. *5tfftm, 371%^ I Anon, ad. ^3, v5I<rT? ; <5-*R * Anonymous, a. tsRT^t, ^tsnftsr I Another, a. ^su^TfT 4<s, ^*f?r I Answer, 5. $^r, £f |§3rfaj I Answer, v. ^j tff, £f v£ Js^ 9 1 Answerable, 0. ^^TCSTTsfJ, ^f 1 Ant, *. f*T*ftf§te1, f*f*ft^i j Antagonist, s. £tt%*W, t^^f^F; Antarctic, a. wfwwsffa I Ante-, pr. ^Ttf, *£.^"> ^T*rJ I Antecedent, a. ^TSfsfrsft, ^TSjT^f I Antechamber, s. ^"TTsfl, ^fTPtf3" Antedate, v. *J# 5Tf?<r CW I [>£fc*ft Antediluvian, a. W^^pi^m^ ' 5 J- Antelope, s. <^*TT?% ^T*PTT?T I Antemeridian, s. ^^"t^ I Antemundane, a. "^W^ *pfo^f I Antepast, s. ^Tfr ^TT^^wf ^ttf*, Anterior, a. ^pfal&Y, ^$p"^f I Anthem, s. ^^f^T?* 5TR, Anthology, s. <sf?r3l T^, "$*
  15. 15. APE 11 Anthropophagi, s. ^pKl^t^l i Anti-, pr.fttt, ft*T0S ; vlW I Antic, s. €t^, ^fvS, *P5?r1l Antichrist, s. ^t«F **fHi>, *p^t© • Anticipate, v. *Jt^T ff^6 ! *& I Anticipation, s. ^wrg^«l, ^t*f1l Antidote, *. fr^^ ^*f I Antimony, s. *pftl, ^RHR I Antipathy, s. ^T^tfr^ *ft1 Antipodes,*. *rsr*j;3*rp5f%3,^5rQ- Antiquarian, s.£ttffa 3*J*IgT^ Antiquated,0.*£grT3*,^»I*n*^t*fj i Antique, a. 9J^j'Sl^lft ' Antiquity, s. «J*foT*r, £tt£to5l Antistrophe,*. sfTW?" ff^?r S?"6! I Antithesis, *. *TC^J<T t^^fteJ I Antitype, *.£t^frfa5l^?r,^T3:1?r Antler, s. ^®«j"»jCW?r *tT*T1 I Anus, s. #37 CTf^t, C*OT I Anvil, *. f^sTat, f^T*ft, f^t^ I Anxiety, s. kw, ^T**1, ffcal I Anxious, a. ^tf^3,$ff#,$*sf%3i Any, a. c^T^, C<p3;, f%^ I Aorist,*.^t^f^i^teT*Tl5TOf3RrT*fF Aorta, s. ^f^fCQ-gr 4^ ^tft I Apace, ao *ttg 5P@?1, 53<n?r I Apart, ad. f%s, ^33, *[<^| Apartment, s. SfC^"?" <i)9 ^jfc^ft 1 Apathetic,a.^C53^f^f^3,f^C*st>* Apathy, s. *P|«fF$rtft3J, ^TC5v5*[5l Ape, s. ^ftj, *rf*f, *t3M> I APP Ape, v.^^vf 35 ;c^rl,©^ffi*f sp I Aperient, a.^fc*** *©t<r53s,<:w*Pl Aperture, 5. ffejj, CWW, 3"U, "*pT<5 I Apex, *. ^5T«r, ^*r, -p-J, N5jf»T1 I Aphorism, 5. *fc*F*f $1%% *J4 I Apiary, s. *rS£srf^T?T ^T*T? 1 Apiece, ad. ^C^^MT^f^sR I Apocryphal, a. ff^rsr, ^r£tT*rT«iJ I Apologize, v. 3[ff ^faT?" 3? 1 Apologue, *. 3lf^$n,f$reT*ftff*n Apology, s. wrgftsfal ; ^*T 1 Apophthegm, s. ^cftir *"foj,S?F- CTTTf^l Apoplexy, s. ^sfc^Ttf ©C*t^ I Apostasy, s. ^IWSfrjJTsf, *P&- c*rt*r 1 Apostate, s. W^nsjTsfl" I Apostle, *. CSiQ'S <SjfW, T£3 I Apostrophe, s. c^t^T ©XC<r 3"*F31 ^1%^ cf^J ?P©?T1 ^*R$ *tr.^ *icw3 <i^4ter fw? 1 Apothecary, s. ff^pl^, *T*lT<ft I Appal, v. ^3 35, ^<j £fw"*f ^T 35 1 Apparatus, j.^gna^lM&I^TSsn Apparel, s. *fftr*5Jf, w*ra£Sl 1 Apparent, a. 2faT*T, ^ ^, gf^J^ I Apparently, ad. <0*r?frc*T, "^D^S, Apparition, s. jf*f^, w*rj^r ; ^t?1, ^5 I Apparitor, 5. &T*T?rT*ft, ft^T?:-
  16. 16. APP Appeal, s.t^src^fTOTTcTCir?"^^- fej A^C¥ ^*flTf ftsTjT- Appear, v. £f$T*T *T1, w4* Of I Appearance, s. Pf*f^, ^W?",?^! Appease, v. *ft^ ^, *$X% ^ I Appellant, s. ^Q% f^t^TcTCsT «t5f?T5T?r £ft^ I Appellation, 5. srfa", *T331,^Kj1 I Appellative, a. ®Tt%3"T5^ I Append, «^src3*TC*rT$r 91 [^J^T I Appendage, s. §*tfw, C*W*T,*T- Appendix, s. C^t?*f3f, ^*f£T I Appertain, 0. tt^T 3", ^rf^F^i Appetite, s. ^*p, TO?F1; 3"H|1 Applaud, v. £t*r*n 3?, arsri <p • Appladse, 5. St*f*i1, sttsri, ^ 1 Apple, *.pWF5T;5^ *£sf%,^*R «W 1 Appliance, s. ^t^cttK, cTtsfT^i Applicable, «. 3TtfFTTSFJ, %*rsr^5 , Applicant, *.^t^,^tWP,te!TOI Application, 5. *rc*rTsf ^J*l ; fo. Apply', v. STttf/fffrr ^; ttTwI <& 1 Appoint, v. f%w& ^, f^<£fpf«i ?p l Appointment, s.f^csT^T; ^sSr/*!" Jf Apportion, 2;. froffi 3», ^r*T 3> f Apposite, #. C^TsfJ$?f5nF,£ff»5 I Appraise,??. ^Tfsft' 3>,"3pof^?5*T«| 1$ Appraisement, s. vV f%*r ^J« I Appraiser,s.^r5*Wnr,3j"5Jjf^?fr*f«|- 12 AEB j Appreciate^.^f^cJ^r^^j^tTfj^ Apprehend, v. %$, ^^f^m <5 ;^f Apprehension, s. c*T*T ;*f^1;*<^«ll Apprehensive, «. ^rt"*TOT*T3F l Apprentice, «. ^frf*t^TC«f C*T Apprize, v. 3H*R <F5 *T*rT*T?r c* I Appn5ach,*.f^CT>^TtyR,$*f*f^ Approbation, 5. ttsst^ ; ^f*f srffi Appropriate, «^sar vSJfa ^;<T|^1 l Appropriate, 0. JTSfS, $*T?r*F l Approval, 5. ?T«r1%, vgi^, ^pfaT<T I Approve, v. srwrtJite <p, gr^j ^ I Approximate, «. f^T? 3*^f I Approximation, ^.^T^t^J, t5T<FT> J I Appurtenance, s. *rf^^>3"^,t^w?r, April, *. t*rit?r ***rc?r?r u^«f Apron, «. altera zm frc*r^ 1 Apt, a. OTfrffiW, 3TfI3, £f^3 I Aptitude, *. ^*fC*TTf*T5l, 3WJ3T I Aquarius, s. ^3"Tf*t I Aquatic, a. SfSfB^lFSTlJjSfSTsfaft I Aqueduct, 5. *T*lTfcc*re,SfWttf I Aqueous, «. 3fwra"*,®5??r1,*fT»rcTJl I Aquiline, 0.^COFTWf^rC$W?r Arable, a. *F%9 C^fsfT^tr^M^s* I Arbiter,*."*?^, *rtf§f*T,ft5T?T^1i Arbitrarily, «£ C^*^l ^3fa I
  17. 17. AUG Arbitrary, a. ttcsT^^ ; ^l^lfsns I Arbitration, s. "sr^l^T^t, ^tt%^t, Arbitrator, s. "srsfj^C, t^^Tt?^ i Arbour, s. f-%, t^f^. ^*TfiN»1 Arc, s. *fftf*(T 4<$ ^TVT, f-ar^T^ Arcade, s. *T3T1?C15 ^T^t1?^ *f$T I Arcanum, s. *fl>f^"3ir, g^rfsror; Arch, s. f<f5Tt^,^f?rfV?"'^?W,r f I Arch, a. C&tt&l, ?T^, TO?Tl Arch-, 0. £f*<ffa, C«& I Archangel, -s. ^sflfa St^TT^T Tf5 I Archbishop, s. SfsfT^ V^TtfJ^F I Archer, s. *f$C?r, ^TsraTSil I Archery, s. Ssf^RWJI, *r«J<CT**TT?T I Archetype, s. ^5y5jf?f, ^T5r"«f I Archip^lagOjS.^-si^^fc^ «Jq TfS^j Architect, *. ^iwf^rte),^'^^ Architecture, s. ^ifi* t^^t^f^WJl I Archives, *. Stfftx f%<^|1^ ^^1 Arctic, a. ^e3X3»"3pir l Ardent, a. §&% Sg^T*, ^Tjst I Ardour, s. ^M^w, $st*f, §Ws] l Arduous, a. TJSTtfsa, f357T, 5ft^ Area, 5. §fcfa,c?T««rT?r^rs*fSC^g- i Arena, 5. "STSTsngtl^r C^^ I Argent, a. <jf*fT<r ^TJTTT Argue, v. WfaW^, f*3$1 « I Argument, 5. «5t?T«j ; $*FfinS*f, 13 AKO Argumentative, a."*rf%iKfl"c ? T,f3:5T?r f<rf*PS> 1 Arid, a. S33>, *$&, ffgfajSl Aries, s. c^, gf^sr ?"Tf*T I Aright, «d. ^WW, ^fasuw I Arise, v. ^fc, sfiC^T«3Ttt ^ I Aristocracy, s. <£cffa CSTtWSp ; Arithmetic, 5. ^rei^FJl,*fttl$rf«K5 Arithmetician, 5. *i<rjtCTOl, ^^ Ark, s. ^*C^te1 ; f*i*Jj3 I Arm, s. 3?^, ^SJ j ^TTeT ; *tf^ I Arm, v. ^T^<ft^:«l *5, ?piw1 3H Armada, ^ Armament,) '•**«**«***? Armillaiy, a. ^WI^TJ,^?!^ 1 Armistice, s. ©ftfc* ^TC*J3" ;§f5TJ ^t^f1% l 1 Armlet, s. ^^«j, 3tSf ; ^5 •STM l Armorial, a. *T*f5*,C*m5ttfc^- Armory, 5. ^T3Tift^T; *V«r ^rxTjt- Armour, 5. ^TCSftlTl^ ^, ^"S I Armourer, s ^^f^sfrtsl ] Armpit, s. ^^3 *T^*[*r, **r*T I Arms, *. ^gt3 ;f*!ta «fW^5^ f&^ Army, 5. tiapT^S, C^T*^ I Aromatic, a. *[sfi%, ^3"TPT$ I Around, «ei E^f^Sf,*T35TtoTC?T I Arouse, v. BiT*te ^, *iC53^ ^ I
  18. 18. ART Aroynt, int. ^ •$&, *rte * I Arrack, s. v5|5t, ^^Ttitre £F$5 Arraign, v. ^Nt*f ^,W%C*rt*f^ Arrange, v. *TtSi1, C^«Tt 3> I Arrangement, s. f^*T«i,1^T5r f^- ^3f, c$$t ^m^ <rt«*m i Arrant, a. ^1% Tpff, ^rt% ST5RJ i Arras, s. faf^a ^n3T«i ?rs i Array, 0. ^f%3 9 ; C*R1 C£t«ft * I Arrears, s. *OT?1, *T#t, *^t I Arrest, v. 5f?r, ^TT^Pl, *rfaT3 ^ I Arrival, 5. *f .5^, ^srTsfSR I Arrive, v. ^*tf%$ s, tf^Jg 1 Arrogance, s. *n£,W^rT<T,TO,W*f Arrogant, a. fff^re, ^sr^S I Arrogate, v. *T# 35, ^5rf«^TT«T *P, Arrow, s. *fa~it?r, *t^, ^tStf 1 Arsenal, s. ^ST^T?: I Arsenic, s. *nj[*FT?r? ^f?5Te* 1 Arson, s. ^^Wt^t^f^t^T I Art, s. f*t«tfrol ; C^t*f5T I Artery, 5. 3r^*tf^ft f"tfc1 I Artful, a. V^J, 55, *ffc, <«? I Artfully, ad. ^o%T3>C*f I Article, s. sT^fatSTiJ^Jj^Tfirf^irsr 1 Article, v. fa?"5r 3>, fa^Nr 3> I Articulate, v. §E5t<re| <5, ^CW<T 3> l Articulate, a. «J*te *, *pH& I Articulation, s. ^T?"6 !; ^f%,f^T^"1 Artifice, 5. tf'gft, *T^3l7 "5^ t Artificer, s. ^tRr^?T, ft**^ I 14 ASP I Artificial, a. <Ff3rsr, <f.f**t;5 » Artillery, s. C$T*f*T*pr, ^5t5 • Artisan, s. f5«t^3^^t^t I Artist, s. f^3T?p^r, f*Jwf*ff3"5 I Artless, a. §ffT?ref?r3r, *T<STcT I As, c. wsm, ^r^«r, *r$n i Asafoe'tida, *. flsjr, ft^fa^rtT 1 Asbestos, s. iJC3n*TT?f<5 2J"$?T 1 Ascend, v. fe$$f*R ^, ^ I Ascendant, s. ^|J31 ; C2|&"31 I Ascendency, s. carfrsl, £fr*rT*J I Ascension, s. ^fsf^a", ^'Sffa 1 Ascent, s. ^$*T*R, ^TC<rT^«i l Ascertain) v. fa«f?r ^, f**f[f?T$ ^ l Ascetic, «. $*nft, TOJfft I Ascribe, 0. c^^JTT <5,^TC?rT*f <$ I Ascription 5. ^TTC^Wq^^fajStW Ashamed, a. effera, ^«ttl%^ I Ashes, s. ^^, '^T^', *TT*f 1 Ashore, ad. Ft$TT¥, ^Cl>, <FC*T I Asiatic, #. ^Tf*nrT#t*f ?IWt?r 1 Aside, ad. 4® *Ttrf, f^fe I Asinine, #. sp^TT^^Pt^r l Ask, 1;. f^mi *s, S1T, TTt^l ^ I Askance, «c£. 4$3Tc$f, ^T^C^5 l Askew, ad. d^T^CT, CT>?T5t?re*f, Aslant, arf. t%?rW, c^etf^f^sf- Asleep, id. t^fj^,- l^tjt^, ^^ I Aslope, a^. Tjrfe^TW, -vfff?!^ I Asp, s. ^t^^r^f ttc*r^" I [^^1 Aspect, s, ^*0«,Pf*f^^T^t?',^-
  19. 19. ASS Asperate, v. 3>^*T ^, ^Tfirf^ <G I % Asperity, s.35J53*^teH5l, ^t^*TJ I ; Asperse, v. fw^T ^ ; CWt^TT<^t«T <5; Aspersion, s. ^c^fsTT^jCSfT^*!1 Asphalt, s. ^Ttte^ H^sflir *[f%<f.1 Aspirant, s. WW^JtH", ^^5^ I Aspirate,?;. $?? 3^T<T«l ^ i [<W^1 Aspiration,*,wtafosI <T«i ;T|^|1 ,^WT- Aspire, v. ^^^fii ^iT^ti^Fl *P I Ass, s. sfHHSF, 9fT*<r1 i Assail, v. ^Tt3F*r«i ^, J>FtS ^ I Assailant, 5. ^n^'ST^T^Y I [^"^1 1 Assassin, s. 3"^"5TT3^. W^T'T^"^ Assassinate, v. 3"*J ^iT*iT$ ^ 1 Assault, ^WT^TH^TW^J^Trs 1 Assay, 5. *f3r|-^1 ; §*T3P*r,^pnT*i i Assayer, s. *T<ft3F^, SfT^'S'^s'l i Assemblage, s. ^TU, 1?*31,1%^I Assemble, #. 4$3 "§", ^fsrt9T^5 ^ I Assembly, s. *T«I, C*r*fl, ^"STt^ I Assent, v. ^fot?T <5, TfWS ^ I Assent, s. ^"^T^", 3T55rt%, ^r^"srr% Assert, v. f^*5?^C*f <5^, WM?1 *P, %?" ^1 Assertion, s. f^ntfito ^1, f^*5?- Assess, v. ^<r ^"^1, ^qr f^?j*f«i ^ I Assessment, s. <5<3" f^?f*T«i ; <$i£ 1 Assets, 5. f%$, 3r**rf%, ^5TT?r I Asseveration, 5. 1^37 *J3T^ ^^T, Assiduity, s. asfa, ^T^T, ^TOTtf 1 15 AST Assiduous, a. sftft, TOTTWsft 1 Assign,^.t^c?rr9r^,f%<r ^, f^w ?g Assignation, s. Uteres 3TCW3 Assignee, s. £tt%ftf*f3rc*f t^C?t- Assignment,*. f^c?T5W, ^5RJC* ^*fa ^?T«I, £fWT* 1 Assimilate, v. vgcTJ?&*f ^, irw*f ^ I Assist, v. yfT^t^TJ ^, ^"WT^" * I Assistance, s. *P£nT5l, ^T^^^TI Assistant, s. JT^I^ft, *reT<I I Assize, s. ft"5tC?T?r f^?frf*ra ^T«T Associate, v. C5T*T 3>, JTcrrT$f 3» I Associate, s. ^sft^Htjt^, W1 I Association, s. itej,CsreT; ^"^TllT, 3FHTTSM Assort, 0. Jtflfl, *f9fa* * ^ I Assortment, 5. 31^1 *rfsr*ft,*[$r3£ Assuage, v. $rT*fl^*f*f* $,*fte ^ I Assuetude, 5. *J*5T?T^n$1, ^ftr% I Assume, v. sf^«| 9 ; ^f%^to ^ ; Assuming, a. *f3jf , ^j%srTsft I Assumption, s. 9t^*l5 ^*[^; ^f^T f Assurance, s. ^?Th, t^*^1T C3l*T Assure, «>. t^*5?T ?K*f ^^", ^T- Assu redly, «rf. f^*S?, nsi^wfj I Asterisk, 5. f5^ftc*T* ^1 (*)l
  20. 20. ATO 16 A-stern, ad. ®Wc^?T *f*&T5t*f I Asthma, s. ^T^r^T^r, ft*fTf^T*T I Asthmatic, a. 1 £t*WTSf3' I Astonish, v. f^J{?T*f3" "S, 5W I Astonishment, s. 5*T<^T?T C?T*f I Astound, v. f^^HT^^ <F, *r$5 3? I Astral, a. •war^nrahr I Astray, «d. W^CU", ft*ftttf ! Astride, a^. *T1 C^MT^I I Astringent, a. SfT?re, ^TC^t^ftTT I Astrolabe, 5. g^T^? - ^t^^TT«l ^3 Astrologer, 5. *T«i^, br^T^, lito I Astrology, s. ^^if^" STt^T^l Astronomer, s. cs»JTt%Csfel I Astronomy, 5. CSfJlt%f^WJl I Astute, «. 5v£2T, £f«*r<T, vitSF i Asunder, ff<2. -sj^, ft^e% f%u 1 Asylum, s. ^TTsf?^*, ^^t^T^ 1 At, pr. fTO§, £ft%, C3 I Atheism, s. •TTf^31,^iaVa?ralJfi Atheist, «. mt%^, raifto^ranlt i Athirst, ad. V£f&$, f*T*fTf*T3 l Athletic, 0. 3*RliT, £f<5TQ, ^e? I Athwart, ad. ^TC5, ^-©TC* l Atilt, ad. *p-ft*?TC*f, C5W1 ?&C*r, Atlas, 5. cwr<r srtofba *rs^; 1 Atmosphere, s. ^T^t*! - ,^^^"^ i Atom, 8. *T?TrH ^ft*P1, w«i I Atone, v. 2ft?f*5c 3>, C5T5T ^ I Atonement, s. £jT?f*5!", *TT*T 31- *Rg <$?% ^ej 1 ATT Atrocious, «. *!T^?rF5rl,^r1% ^> 1 Atrocity, s. 3TC1 %ST3JT*T?r, ^1% ?^>31 l Atrophy, s. *WTf?t, ^sM^I ;.W Attach, v. ^TT^r ?", ^W^ ^ l Attachment, *. ^»[3"t?f, C3S; ^T- Attack, s. ^rTOT8 !, FSjS, *ft^J l Attain,? .£(T« 5",*TT^ ^*ffi£5 ^ I Attainable ,tf. £tTWj, *T«J; sfirj 1 Attainder, s. ^I*fsr*T, *P*TW, C*tI^ £t*rfa ^J«i 1 Attainment, s. 2jtf% ; W*ff% < Attaint, v. *re*pff <S, «f*R*T ^ I Attemper, v. J* ^, fwaf ^ 1 Attempt, s. ^um^^^^^^ i Attend, v. ^t**rtt ^ ; §*ff^ ^ ; *ff?T5T?rc*?" *jT? ic^r ^t^ i Attendance, s. ^fkss sTfa^ ' Attendant, a. *T3[5<p",*T^ ; C13"^ I Attention, *. TTWICW, ^5TTC<T*f 1 Attentive, tf. TOTTCsntft, ^nf^3> I Attenuate, v. W« &, ^mi ^ I Attest, v. *rW CW, 2J"srt«J CW I Attestation, 5. JfWJ, £f*rfa| • Attic, a. 355, ^fl%3 ; $«*r I Attire, 5. *ftt<^F, C**Tf;*1 1 Attitude, s. ^T^ ^TW, ^*f I Attorney, s. §<§t*T, 2tt%f^f%T l Attract, v. ^T^«l ^, ^T^ 1 Attraction, s. ^TTWl, ^tf^^^l 1
  21. 21. AUR Attractive, a. S5TIW%, TO*t^?T I Attribute, s. &% ftcf^6 !, %& I Attribute, v. ^5TTC?rT*f ^, 3>W?" Attrition, s. "5ra«l ; SR^M I Attune, v. ^LJ7[ C5T*T ^, ^J ^T*f I Auburn, «. *TT93"«f, ^T?T^< I Auction, s. f^cTliri Auctioneer, s. f^T^sl I [^P^n I Audacious, #. tTO3,JTo*Tte'PT^;f^- Audacity, s. PfOTT^iT, f^5?$1; t^- Audible, a. asfW, 3fa«ft?r I i*fel I Audience, 5. si^cj ; casfWTTC I Audit, v. ft*rfa t^<5T*T ^, ^«J*T- Auditor, s. tfsftel ; C*Wf«i?flWl 1 Auditory, 5. casfWT^S; ;2fa«iTfa I Auger, s. ^"STff^, 3"^1, ^?"*fci I Aught, 8. C^T^ 3"f , f%fa* i Augment, v. ^t% *p, *T$1 1 Augmentation, 5. ^fr, ^1% l Augur, v. c^eifT^I ^T^t t^X? 5f«Rl ^ I Augury, 5. c^W^I ^^"SlfTS? *r«rai 1 [ *m i August, s. ^sister ^i^Ur TO*i?" August, 0. "sret^r, *r5T*rft*r i Aunt, s. srtjft, f*mt, sfvst, srfiift 1 Auricle, 5. <f.«faf^Tsr,<r.C«tV «ft=3l Auricular, a. W.qfhl*$ ^^^t<T ! Aurist, 5. <P«ft?Tsri%1%^^ I Aurora, s. 2j«t$> ^^FCSTTO I C 17 AVE Aurora-Borealis, s. ^q^" C3»*£f- ^tcs ftfe £f^T*f I Auspice, s. "Qv^v ms£*l ;.^rT«t? I Auspicious, #. 3f^ srsfswssp 1 Austere, a. ^ftir, ^rirfTT, ^1 Austerity, *. ^ift^j, <g^T?"31 I Austral, a. Jffw«ft?r, wf^«i^ I Authentic, a. ?T3J, ^s^sr 1 Authenticate,^. ^T^J^^^^t6 ! *? I Authenticity, s. ?TT37^31, £fT*n«IJ 1 Author, s. Sj^s<fi, <p^1, ^**ftTf<as 1 Authoritative, 0. £pn«t ftf*^ ; Authority, s. ^mf Si[Bm^Jm I Authorize, v. <*&& CW^srel £Jf I Autocrat, s. C^^r&T^ SJ^ 1 Autograph, s. ^^f%f*f, ^[5^ | Automaton, s. "^^*5tf^ ^3 I Autumn, s. ^f^^Ts? I Autumnal,^. "r^^Tsftsr/tT^wfal Auxiliary, a. S*f«PT?ft, *T^T?ft 1 Avail, v. §*r*T?" Jf*h, TT^T^rj <£, Available, a. fitT^f^t?,^^?^^^; Avarice, 5. C^T^, f*t*f*Tl, *TT*T*T1 I Avaricious, a. CSTWfaT, t^^^ I Avast, int. oTT^T, QT"P5 I Avaunt, int. T£3" ^ I Avenge, r. Sft^^FcT CW, TF3 CW I Avenger, 5. gft^Tpc^Wt^i 1 Avenue, s. vfsT, ^^»t^f*T^ *f^T I Aver, v. £jsiT«l fff, ^?WC«t ^<«f I
  22. 22. AXE 18 Average, a. sfvF, (X^, ~%*1 I Averse, a. ^^^p^Ti^^,^^ I Aversion, s. ^sr^fs, ^«fl, fo?T3FJ ! Avert, v. f*F?r1, frg^f ^, <T*S1 I Aviary, s. ^^jTsfT^.fsf^W^I I Avidity,*. 5}-t*ffi1, Wf5l, ^^j I Avocation, s. ^J<7]^, ^jT*ff?T I Avoid, v. dlvpl, ^TJ%<!1 TTl, Tp 3* I Avoidable, ». ^Ttsfrs^W^TsfJ I Avouch, v. f^*5??re*f ^ Avow, ^.^^C^f ^falT ^,f^fct- *T*T ^ I [*** ' Avowal, 5. ^faT?", ^T^tW,t^*5? Avowedly, ad. TtoT?T ^^fo.^J^ Avulsion, s. W*, T>T^, *£T*T3t?r Await, v. ^5TC*nFl *$, ^r^C^TTM" 3? i Awake, 1 0. ®K<5, "£, SJW *P, Awaken, J f^TW ^ ' Awake, «. nT*te, 1C5$^, *nwf l Award, s. iWffe, *raT*T*, ^Tfaal I Award, v. t^^fflf *P, WW^T ^ I Aware, a. *tW, *TWfa, SsT^T?", Away, «tf. TW^C^T, TJCTT I [^T^ I Awe, s. ^TT, *T^1 ; ^for, 7)T£TT i Awful, a. ^ST^3>, ^»?T^<r, CSTf?" I Awhile, ad. f^f^^T^, ^t«i^ I Awk'ward, a. ^T^T^t, ^R^J Awl, s. v$7T*f*, ^1, dt® I Awn, *. ^Jfl, %, 1^1 Awning, *. SlW!?1, Sttfsfr, ^ft i Awry ad. *3Fi It^l, CT>?[J&T?i>C*f I Axe, s. <5ftt?T, fv5TJ% I BAD .4ixiom, s. f^T^t^ 3N1, *p I Axis, s. ^^?, c*r^, ^rWf Ax le, 'I 5. SC^ ^T*T, 3^1, Axle-tree, / ^5T^f3 I Ay, ad. |i, *ci>, ttu, ^^*fji Aye, «tf. 3j<#Pf1, ^TTfl, ^CT> I Azure, a. ifN3^ ^T^t*iW B. Babble,^. <r^X ^,f^<3"sfe 3SqH ^I Babbler, 5. 315T5T, *f**ft?fl I Babe, Baby, s. TfS&CMT^J f*t3 I Baboon, 5. s^TTR, ^f*f ' Babyish, a. f*P3*<*, c^f^tfr l Bacchanalian, 5. TffiJ*fT?ft, sf^T* Bachelor, s. ^t^tf^S *£&% I Back, a. «jfc, *fifc, *T*5T£t«n Back, acZ. ^pTTT?, W?f?1 Back, v. Ttfs'TO <5 ; *f*St<s. ^ Backbite, v. ^TfT^TfrS f^^l 3> l Back-door, s. *f**ratC$f<r ^t?T,S*r- Backside, 5. f^OT,*f*5TfW I [fT$T Backslide, ». ^JfpRtS ^, ^t*T I Backwards, ad. f*fCg;, *f*5TC3 I Backward, a. ^f^^3>, ^?"t^< ; Bacon, 5. ^C?T<r 5^*11^ ^33$ Bad, a. TT^f, ^, ^T^5T, W*t^dl> I Badge, 5. ft*fhft, f^3 5T*T?"T*T I Badger, s. ^^ I^C^^ ; *pj%<l1 I Badinage, 5. ST^T^J, 3T*rjT^
  23. 23. BAL Badly, ad. SW^C^T, ^Sf*f^^K*T I Baffle, v. ^TfCTrr^T «3f 3>, *re?1 I Bag, s. $rt*r<n, -^t«ti, c^rr?n i Bag, v. 9ff§r?n<r irc*<rj *j?r i Bagatelle, s. ^J f3x<r, f^-srt^ I Baggage, * *Wc^<T JSJTl^^T- *T*T« I Bagnio, s. Jffaffitg ; C^*0T*T? I Bagpipe, s. ^"faft' frcTO 1 Bail, s. fH^I^, ^nfifTrifTt^T i Bail, «. l**f*£f!%^ ^, ®Tt^3T *T I Bailiff, s. ffe^HT^, C^FT^tcT l Bairn, s. *tcre3 ^rf^, f*H3 I Bait, 5. CT>T*T, 5T?T ; *fC$T?T 4TTWJ I Bait, v. CI>T*T C^p^T ; ^T?^1 ^ I Baize, s. *T*tifte3 Rc^TS", *tl> I Bake, v. ^C^T *TT^ ^, C*l«s I Baker, s. <?^>8^T^1, ^t^M<f* I Balance, s. f^f^5 ; ^t^t ; *pTfii«T I Balance, v. 3"N*t *T*f1 ; C3t*T ^ 1 Balcony, 5. *T?W, f*f5l, 5T"$T*T l Bald, «. t>T3?*T51 ; ^w, ^r^m^ 1 Balderdash, s.^Raf^ ^T,2f^T*fI Baldric, 5. <$$ 3T3R ; Ttf*T 5TF 1 Bale, s. *^1, <Slf^, CTTTl* , *Jf^*n1 Bale, p. ®*T OT5^ «>, S?c? C*p5T I Baleful, a. ^rfM^T^tjCTfal?^ Balk, s. *T*T-*T, *PTC5, ^IT^T^I I Balk, 0. 2tf%^ <i>, 37sf <$>, 31^1 Ball, s. CSTl^TTf t§, ^f^1 ; ^3J | Ballad, s. S?tsf^C*T*, ^11 Ballast,*. CsWfTf^r^T^t^freM I G 2 19 BAN Balloon, *.Sf*f«i1^T?ft^-,rcJT^rfa Ballot, 5. ^•f^^, 3"fi^T*TT$ I Balm, s. $*T*rera5T#t ^*T; |W Balmy, «. *tTf%wr<r<5, ^Tf*T"3 Balsam, s.-5T*rsT; g}C«T*f,<OTfan ^T- *T1 tsjTf*" $*T*r5r<p|<ft ^T*f l Balustrade, s. *r?TTlJt?rl, QTT^T 5 ^t^- Baniboo, 5. ft*t, 3"V*fl [9fsi 1 Bamboozle, v. £f3t"3"«t1 3», ^f5l, Ban,*. ^f%*fK ;Tp1*r ; fcsW^ Banana, 5. ^sft ^^ t^C*^ I Band, s. 3Wh ^ ?WWT¥ I Bandage, s. *rf^ifr, *fft I Bandbox, s. CWl> f?T^3> f^C*T^" 1 Banditti, s.^T^ttC^^iffff^JJWWl Bandy, v. t^TS 5tf5 l Bandylegged,«.^^,^55v(Tf|^f*f^ 1 Bane, 5. T3X t^T*f, ^t*W?T Baneful, a. ^rK^ftTTe^^srf^SW Bang, «fc ^TT^v5l,^5!l7r1^v5l,^T- . uT3 <p, *TT?- 1 CfTT-^TI ; *JA^f^ 1 Banian, 5. ?f^, "ST^fli^ ; ^TSf- Banish, v. CW*fT^£" 3>, if?T ^ I Banishment, 5. C*pc ft^'5" ^^«t Bank, s. TT5:T®C3?: f^t ; ^fftst?", Banker, s. C^l^c, ^Tf^?1 ' Bankrupt, 5. C5^fc1, ^^^T^^" I Bankruptcy, s. (J[ ^f^T?!?^! I Banner, s. ^S«t"5T^1, ^Ifl, ^T'i1 I Banquet, s. C^T^f, ^"^TC^tSi I
  24. 24. BAR 20 Banter, v. *ff*t ^,t^Si*f ?P,*J$ ^ t Banter, s.sff^f^H^ljWf I Bantling, s. ^T*T<5, WTf*T<r1, f^tS I Baptism, 5. ^J^Tt^, lic^^T?: I Baptize, v. v&frs-*, ^RSfTf^S ^ • Bar, v. ??% i, ^£$1 tff, *T*1 CW I Bar, s. W*1, ^^ ; *T*T1, ^I ^Tt^; ^*f?rTt>r *jfew fttfUte C^ TTCVTJ C^tt ^I<T ; C*rt«l1*1 Barb, s. Wtj%, *J?1 ; *?*ft *1 *ft- Barbarian, s. C5t^t?,^T^J ^f^5 ' Barbarism, s, WTO^, C3^31 I Barbarity, 5. f^^Sl, W^S I Barbarous, a. t^^T j 4, ^I^J I Barber, s. 5^%^*^, ^ft I Bard, s. G% ^faj^, srffc I Bare, «. ^#. ^I^fe ; ^r1"4 I Barefaced, a. fSterssr, SSttJS I Barefoot, ad. Ht^V&W&t^&i > Barely, ad. STfTlM 5 $*, ^T3f I Bargain, 5. 5f^3 1^?^, f^fo I Barge,s. ^H*""1 *^*^^ I pU ^ I Bark, v. f33£<r?r 30T? *T^ *p, G^- Bark, s. *s^>*T, ^T*T ; ^j ^T^t© 1 Barley, 5. *<T, *ttJ fic*nr I Barm, 5. ITWJ C^Ht^T ^t?*T?T f^- Barn, s. C^T^Tl W> <T*rT?T I BAS Barometer, s. ^T?T ?" c^"5T^5 31 SJ'fRH' Baron, s. §*fffV ^C*f^T I Baronet,s. ^5T^t<r t*f^P S*fTf*f Barrack, s. fcRJSjT, t*TSU*tt*fl I Barrel, *. f*r*f1, 5#Y? ^Teftl Barren, a. 3TW71, ^T?P, ^"Spcfl I Barricade, v. 3^ 3>, ^^C?"^ <P | Barrier, s. 373"*rT*, WC?rT*r, C*^1 I Barrister, s. ^WvlttJ ^^t«T I Barrow, s. 5^Tf%3 ^5 *t^T> ; *$~ &T ; ^f%^t?: ?rTf*T 1 Barter, 5. frf^>nr, *f1?PfT^, Tt^1 I Barter, v. ftf^?r **, "5TT^1 ^ I Base, s. spr, c*rfi?1, v5*ri I Base, a. ^VTTT, C^?5 ^; TT^I I Baseborn, a. SFT<JTSF, t^liT^ I Baseless, a. ssrspra, C?TT5T^t^ I Bashful, a. cffi^, ^TOT?"1 l Basilicon, s. TTcTO ftc*^, £fC^^ Basilisk, s. ^T^f^ ^T«f ftc*!^ Basin, s. ^^ ^Tt^ ; l?^T*t¥, *£?$- Basis, s. "^cT, c^fT^I, ^TT^T?- Bask, v. C^t^ C*tm C?^J C3T7 I Basket, s. 3T#t, ^IJFt, ^?ft Bass, s. ^<[ ^fcittl ^; ^tT JJ Bass-relief or Basso-relievo,s. ^f i^T-
  25. 25. BAY 21 Bastard, s. SfT?TSF, SFfrffa, <£3, Baste, 0. WaW^S 3tf ; TTt^l l Bastile, s. TJ5f, *[$, Tj?!^ C*f*rt?r Bastinado, v. *Tfa$«Tl ^1 ^rfg^T^I Bastion, s. sf^^t, *?F1», TfcHr <rfss*rtt^ ^ *rfWT?r fi&ti' Bat, *. sftrf^ ^Ttfvp - ; vgfsSl, -JfWl I Batch, ^. ii)^ *5TC«f C^T C^fa <i)^ Bate, v. ^7* <g, *fif CW Bath, s. WKT^ TIT^TstI I Bathe, v. HT* *, ^resftfts ^ I Bating, pr. WSf, *jf$C<TC<iS I Batoon, s, ^t*t1, *•&, sn^ I Battalion, «. foc^T?" WcT, ^Tft^ft I Batten, v. arn>1 ^, *£% 3" 1 Batten, s. 3TT5l,*T«TT«ft I [3tf$?r ^ I Batter, v. 'srWS *5, ^Tf ^ ; <ftfct?ri Battery, s. ^T^T^CSf«ft ; <5T5rT* 7[h f<<TT?T ^ta ; 5^1*5 ; srtftf^ 1 Battle, s. w%9 ^tffsr, *W£" I Battledoor, s. $f*i Trff^T?" W3 I Battlement, s. FC^f^" ^SW 2tt#t^T I Bauble, *. c«Wfl» ^^^t^ J^J ; Bavin, 5. ^rt" ^f^t I Bawd, s. s^TTjJTI, ^^ I Bawdy, «. G*TT551, cT**tl> I Bawl, v. C5Sl,£te<5T?T *5 I [t^C*t^ l Bay, s. «4Tf^,«*rT5T;^fT^fac*nr; |^ Bay, «. f*fW*R<, *tT^f<5Tt^<i c 3 BEA Bay, v. -<g*m.J'§ TTJt^ C-*f^ * *F I Bayonet, s. ^Tsft^^C^ srKTTT Bazar, 5. ^, TtSfT?", ^Tl> I Be, v. "§>$, sft^, ^ 31 ^^v *rh§ l Beach, s, ^^5?" *T*Tfa $T>, 3FT*f1 j Beacon, s. *TorfF^,*T^«t , f^*tT^fl" I Bead, 5. *Tt*fT?" 3"#<51, "5rT«Tl 1 Beadle, s. £t^?ft, TrS I Beak, s. 5^, dhl> I Beam, *. ^ff^Ti" ; 1%f«1 ; WTl>1 I Beam, v. 1%^:«| SJ^TKT *5 I Bean, s. f*(^, f*p*t, <^ft I Bear, s. ^T«J<5, ^W3>, ai^l Bear, v. 33", *p£; ^*W^ <5 I •Beard, 5. ifTf?, W, ^<5f1 ; ^ZJJ Bearer,*. 31"^, *TT3"<5, lf5 I [^c=T I Bearing, s. ^5Rl%1%. Mf%; Bfal Beast, s. *P5, Si^i Beastly, «d. ^f^*T^, C^T^?T1 I Beat, v. £f^T?" *$ ; *f3"T®»? <5 I Beatific, a. "^?ff?r, %T^T, ^<W I Beatification, s. ^*iffjl ^^r^fT"^ I Beating, s. £W?r, ^Ttttf^f^ l Beatitude, 5. ^tf^^TC^T^fj^t^^ I Beau,s.^fr^t^,^t*t^1,"*p?T3"t* l Beauteous, a. ^il, ^?T, ^[?5*f I Beautiful, «. ^^?T, ^, ^f*f I Beautifully, «cZ. ^**r7T?&C*r • Beautify, v. ^^) ^, ^^f?" ^ I Beauty, s. csfi^f^fj, C^Tt^l • Beaver, s. ^li^5?r ^^ t^C"^^ I
  26. 26. BEO 22 Becalm^.^t^ ^,^[f^:?r ^f^FS ^ Because, v. £3?SR1, C^TC^^ I Beck, s. tm$, ^t?T, *ira<5 I Beckon, «;. ^fw^ <5, ^T^ 3» I Becloud, v. CSTSTT^TJR ^l Become, v. ^e; W^e^jCTT^I *f1 Becoming, a. ^raeSC^TTsO^f^S I Bed, s. *P*D1, f^T^Tl; C<5<TTf? i Bedawb, v. C*r*R ^/stf-sri^^ <$ I Bedding, s. *TO1, T^WT^I Bedeck, 0. "^^"5 ^, ^cTf3 3? I Bedew, v. f*rf*tC?T ^"ftf^, fwll Bedizen, s. ^"R15 3?, ^^T^S ^ I Bedlam, 5. ^TvpfTsttT -, *fT*t?Tl Bedlamite, 5. *Ttsf»T, t%^ I Bedrid, a. C^rTcsfCS *TCrjT*t"5 I Bedstead, 5. «*TTT>, •arjjl, *f*fj3? l Bee, 5. c^^lff, W^f^l,^?: I Beehive, s. c^^tfek ^T^T*T I Beef, s. C9iT*TT*Ti Beer, 5. *ref5Tf^3 ^WJ • Beet, 5. ^fT^ *Tte I Beetle, v. $*1??r1 C*fT<s1 I Befall, v. TTT> , *f5, TO, ^I Befit, v. t^*T ; ^t^T ^T?r, §fF5 ^ I Before, jw. ^Ctf, *TSTC*r,*TT^TS5 I Before, «e2. *Jc#, ^CT I Beforehand, ad. ^TK^ft, £WC*M Befriend, a. S*W?T <p, f*33l ^ I Beg, v. |%^1 ^, ^rT^1 ^ I Beget, v. W% ipar CW, ^^ ^1 Beggar, 5. f%^<5, ^T5^, £fTsf^ I BEL Beggarly, «. ^ ^1?J, C3;<r I Beggary, s. w1fJ3l, ffe^PlI I Begin, v. ^TTj^ ^ ^'K^TT 3s | Beginning,*. ^T« W,^T#,^*f;3^n Begird, v. *f§f ®Jx51, «"^ 3» I Begone, w»i. T?"<r tj-^i Begrudge, v. 35T<r«l<f.*fj ^, Wt^T Beguile, 0. £f^T?"«l1 ^, C»T*l1 CW I Behalf, s. ?J*T^ ; 5ST<T«|,lWJ,^r<*f I Behave, v. ^tF£"«i ?P, ^J^T^" ^ I Behaviour, s. ^3TT5<r*l, 5t?4* 5*R I Behead, v. *T"^C^f ^ I Behemoth, s. ^W~57[ CSf^'G I Behest, s. ^rteJl, ^TtCTf^T, ^EW*f I Behind, pr. *f*Ste, 1%^ I Behindhand,^. *T*FK*fvR*pfo I Behold, v. SlftlM tf*t, Tff^ ^ I Beholden, a. ^•[^WT^I 3lf*T3 I Behoof, s. £ttf%, ^T^ ; f^f^s I Behove, v. C^T^D ^, ^TO* ^ Being, s. ^t1%^,^* ;^,gJT^t I Belabour, v. £t^T?T ^,*rt1?f*n> <5I Belch, v. d<£J CvSTeT, ^^T?T ^ I Beldam, s. ^, ^-Ml MY, ^T^^T I Beleaguer,v. ^^C?:T^ ^,C^"^^ ^ I Belfry, s. ^^T^^, *r«t>T*fT?r I Belie, v. ^WC^",C T ^, f^^]1 ^ I Belief, s. £f:OT, t^tm, ^^1,^^" I Believe, v. £f3J¥ ^, ^^TT ^ I Bell, *. ^«i>1, $%$ I Belle,5.^^^t ^^t ^t,^-C<r*ri 3ft Belles-lettres, 5. ^^^1? t%^Jl I
  27. 27. BEN Belligerent, a. ^MfX, ?"«i*ft*r I Bellow, v. fc*7r *jT?T 9FS§fa ^ I Bellows,*. ?TSr^l331,^T^1,TT>8ir1 Belly, s. ^QJT, C*TT>, ^J I Belong, v. '^T'C wfwt<r ^ I Beloved, a. fgf ?r, ?"?*"», t^ I Below, pr. *fc5, ^ItfS, W*T,«[J^ I Belt, *. <5#?r^, *T^1, *f^t I Bemoan, 0. f^cfM" «P, C*tt^ ^1 Bench, s. ^rirt*R ; fast?TT*ra I Bend, v. CTfirt, 3"^ *F, ^3 3> 1 Beneath, pr. 4te,^*TS; ^C^TT^J I Benediction, s. ^MWfff,, ^SfcT, Benefaction",*. Tft*, £f*TTJF,3*f *T?TI Benefactor, *. fss^t^, 3*f^lTl, Benefice, *. SCCtfT*fCTf*TC^?r ff% I Beneficence, *. ^TfaJ^I, JfT^33, Beneficent, a. ft^$t<ft, *5*W<ft, Beneficial, a. f^SIR^ "Sp^WHr^, Benefit, *. f^s. $*r*sT?r, *rm I Benevolence, *. *f3rf§fc5JT3l,^*f1, Benevolent, a. f^fo^t, W?t*fhT, Benighted,**. ^T^^TC?"iryf,^^[5T I Benign, | a. ^*[?r$;*rN, <j>- Benignant, J ^ttc^l Benignity, *. ^51. f *f1, ^?F«l1 Benison, s. ^T^fWtW I Bent, a. 3"^; *. T»TS, ^^l^f&l c 4 23 BES 1 Benumb, 0, ^Srf?3> 3>, H^^ ^ I I Benzoin, s. ^^^, ^"sf, c^T^T 1 Bequeathe,tf.TT^^TC*TWTW4ftTl Bequest,s. Tr^^TsffaTTR ( [WT^T ^ I Bereave, v. ^fj%Tr1 *T, ^fW^ ^? Bereavement, *. W3 T^, ^ft^T I Berry, s. ^HpFcT, £"fi> *p*T I Beryl, s. ^«r<s> ^If^Tsrfq i Beseech, v. ^T^f^t^t^/srlSpl^! Bese'em, v. ^*fW $, c^TT^TJ ^ I Beset, v. c^sr 3>; t^rs^i [<SI Beskrew, v. ^rJ%*iT*rcff,*r5 ¥t*T*Rl Beside, pr. f^CT^Tc^ftstfC^ I Besides, ad. <1^ZJZ<$, ^rfV^l Besiege, v. C^^ 3*, ^^G^T^T <5 I Besmear, v. f%*£ ?p, TT5T5T <5l Besotted, a. ft^?r, *^Wl%, 5T«, Bespangle, v. 7{^^^<[ ^TC«|^" Bespatter,!?. f^t^?1 *T5,wT?f CW ; Bespeak, i?. ^rTSTl ^, ^WT ^Besprinkle, v. fg[TM, "^f^ll C*e*Tl Best, a. ^rv^jij^r,c3£rtr5^r,T<^c3«f4r i Bestial, a. *&%*>,wftj ^Jf?, *r*[- Bestir, v. *[C53^ 3>,C5^1 «t1, W- Bestow, v. gfafa ^, fts-er*! ^ I Bestrew, v. fc$1_, ^^1 Bestride, v- «T1 C^^Tt^^l T?f I [^ I Bestud, «?. mf$V ^,^t%75 ^ ««ffi?^
  28. 28. BIA 24 Bet, s. z1®f, *T«i ; v. ^t©Y ?t< / 33etake, v. ^^^ <js, £f|g ^ i Betel-nut, s. #st*s, 3ui, ^*lT<ft I Bethink, v. ^1 ^, ^C^T^T *, <5t- Betide, v. •%$, ztf, ^Tf%?1 *fp, Betimes, «<?. *T3>TC*r,^'J; 1'^lF*f'3IC*l'? Betoken, v. c7^«i ff*fl, ^f%2tt¥ F*f1, ^tfc *Hl I Betray, «;. f^T*mT^"5l ^, C*TT*f- Betr6th,0.fa3rT^rew*,*T*fWR3 I Better, a. $«*r, C£&3<T, ^>5$?" I Between, ^pr. -src^TJ, *FTC3T, ^3- Betwixt, J Jim I Bevel, s. 3-T®f^#t?" *rtT>t*T I Beverage, s. ^Tsft? jsrj, *TR1 f Bevy, s. «t#t?T ^6t^, 3t3, ?T^T I Bewail, v. fr*rr*f <P, C*TT^ ^, ^t? ^T? ^ I Beware, v. ?[T3"*rR ^ *rcraf "^ l Bewilder, 0^Sl,^$|^Frt;ftsr«tS ^, *R1 ^Tt^f I Bewitch, v. Oflfkv *P, ^ <5 t Bewitching,a.'5rwT^?',^rc^T?"^^ I Bewray, u. t^fWTS^Sl ^, ^£f- *T*ttf*mr ^)^ <5 t Bey, 5. ^<5 GK*r$ WJ*FI Beyond, pr. «tfc^, SWCtf, *fC?T, ^f*r<i» i [**tr srT?r i Bezel, s. wsjftrir C^T ^TOT *rft Bias, «. TOtt*T^|1, «W*fT3, ?Ff& I BIN Bibber, s. *nfJ*fTfY, ^t3t*T J Bible, s. *r3fr«£s^ i Biblical, a. *nsr*£^ *TWt?J Bibliographer, 5. ?p£ t^^CH f%^ ! Bicker, v. 7P5&f$ <&, ^3"fW 3> l Bid, v. *mxm ^, <r*r, f^rsq ^ i Bide,v.f^1% ^,*TT*;*TT ^5 *T57 ^» Biennial, a. wt ^tJ mft I Bier, s. *t*TO:=nr <tt *1 fr^ 5 Big, a. <r^, gfafJ, *P#f5; ^f f^4t Bigamy, s. ^t gt f^^T^" 3>3"«i I Bigot, s. *r<r*r3C5"?ft, C*ff^1 I Bigotry, s. ^£3 <W*ft5, C^ftvSt- Bile, 5. -f*re, TTl^l [f^i Bilge, *. ®t^:tcif?r ^J] t Bilious, a. t^ffe^s, f*f« tt^t?" I Bilk, v. £fa*Ml ^, ^1, t<5^<r-<f» Bill, s, ^st ; *fTfsf5tC^C«^ WTa1 ^srj c^R?"Tsi*isnrcsr ^R^tir £W* "**; ^^; wi ; 2JT*fj ^T<pT?t Bill, v. *f#t?RjT?r c^T^ m^ft^lf^ Billet,s. ^5 ^^, f5^> j el%,fPf1 Billet, v. ^T3TC?T ^t^f « ^C^^* Billet-doux, s. C2t*T?n?nr ^^ I Billiards, 5. vfl^tcT C-^T^I ^C^f^" I Billion,s.'5re;t's? f^l,'* ooooeooooooo Billow, s. ^^r^r, a>%, ftf5 1 [st?" i Bin, 5. STRJT^ ^W^t^T^^^fTeTl^t- Binary, a. vf$, ff7T5»i, f%^«i, Tpr I Bind, v. rif^ ^. *TT*r, ^T^, ®51 Binding, s. <TW^t, ^T^1, ^I
  29. 29. BIV Binnacle, s. c^T"*rtOT?r ^Wtj I Biographer, s. 5l?3T<nT<r^ I Biography, s. ^C'^'J"?' 5f?5$fa[ I Biparous, a. ^Tsrs? I Biped, s. ff*Ff , fr*fJffcf*f*> S^ I Birch, s. <T^F ftcTO ; C^T^1, ^T@ I Bird, 5. *f*pt, *TT*ft, fa^HT 1 Birdlime, a. *T#t 5ft?^T?T ^TT^I I Birth, s. mm, ^*ff5, fstjCSfrifil Birthday, 5. ij^rfifar, Si^f^'f^T I Birthright, *.cifjtrff%r^T?r,srarft?ri Biscuit, s. 5t^i ?F§t, *J*T 1%C*t^ I Bisect, 0. ft *r9 *5, ?J*f * I Bishop, s. *r^T*FJ^ ; *mj ftc*t^ I Bishopric, s. mstf^K^J *TW l Bissextile, s. ^f*re«JT3",5Tf?r *A- Bit,5.^p^1,-«r!3;^l%<it^t,^^'»f1:c^. Bitch, s. ^J55 ?ft, C*fef*T?Tf^ ; 3ft- C*TtC<5?r Ij^W SfCTTtSf^ frc*ft-«l Bite,t;.Wt?T ss.spftrcr ; £fa$*1 <P I Bittacle, s. «t^tClf?r *t*&<K "fitt^s 1TT<1 ^T*r i [r%^-^T?r^ i Bitter, a. ^y,^j c*Tfaif, f^ftV, Bitumen, s. C^T^^T^eT, t*tsrif I Bivalve^.^^T^tttf^T^jCW'C^CcTJ Bivouac, 5. "^ci^Ccf^" C5tt%, Z^<Z 25 BLE Blab, v. 3"**<rT^J *J^*,*T*^ ^ I Black, a. <35^«f, ^Tc^T, ^sraF^TfP Blacken, v. <^3"«{^; J^re *?, Blackguard, s. Jf^r^T, Pf <rTFf?T, C§[- Blacklead, s. cWV^Tsf^fal 1 [f*T^ ' Blackmoor, 5. ^^%^, ^T^fft, Blacksmith, s. 3>W?", ^^^t^T, Bladder, *.c#T^,^T>^1,^"«fl,W^hr Blade, s. ^C5^ *ft3l;^«l*rajTTC3Sf Blain, 5. C*pT?1,*«I, ^sft I [*jf^F I Blame, 5. CWT^", <p«n^, f^M Blameable, a. cwf^t, f^fsffar i Blameless,^. f^vtt"3% t^?T*nrf*Fl" I Blanch^. n& <5; ^M Wljl^fl <5 Bland,tf. ^, C^i"ST«T, ft^5, fs^6 ! I Blandishment, s. R^^J, t^TST, Blank,a.^,*J*J,^nrer«*ri I Blanket, s. W*T, «Tt ; TPff ftt*ra I Blaspheme, v. W^fR^I ^ I Blasphemy, s. ^N?1^j1,*frag3l I Blast, 8. Jf*^l ^tXtT ; l[?rt3" sffft i Blast, v. ^T*T ^, 3T* <P, ^^ <F I Blatant, «. 7TTl[C<r?" ^3T? *Hf*5T?ft, Blaze, v. gf s^f%^ ^;, 5f^x^1 Blazon,^. £t<^t*r ^, (P c tT»1<5,C^rt^'«l Bleach,xV. Sf^'c'T ^, ^i>' ^ Bleak, «. tt«rT|^, ^ti^ I
  30. 30. BLO 26 Blear-eyed, a. c^c^Tsft, ^r *fjj y Bleat, v. c?rc^<r ^ ^ i Bleed, p. 3-^^:5 <$, ^rattF«| <fj I Blemish, s. spc?^, wT^T, f*3fl i Blench, ». ^C¥ 3TWTF5 s, *Tppp Blend, p.fSrfiste ?p,f^«n i [<r<f?<]1 $fci Bless, 2?. ^T~rWIff ^ sr§f «T £tT*f- Blessed, a. *rj5 i$ift9 ^T*?ts£fm I Blessing, s. ^>TT*Mftf, ^<T, *rT^ I Blight, s. |^t# ^s«>T<r<5 cjlst, f5CT> *f5l, ^<n | Blight, ». ^<*p <^ f^j^ ^ , Blind, 5. Tf1$c?T*r<i> ^ x5Tf5T*r i Blind, a. ^5TW, ^TtfSTl : p. ^% <$ | Blindfold, v. ^ 3^ <Pj ^w ^ | Blindness, s. nSIWI ; 3[*f3l I Blink, v.^ f^tfsfvs <p,f*^x * 3s i Bliss, g. ff^^^ ^TrU^Sf I Blister, 5. c^FT^H C*EFTT>C^H*TR^ Blithesome, «. ^fss&i$,*fafi&5 Bloat, 0. yjgft^ ^ ^r«fl ^ I ^<j> | Block, s. ^f^TfcjssfvrascT.ssrarcsl"- Block, v. ^3>, ^rec^T^f <gs i Blockade, v. ^j<r^T<T 3>, tfiffa 3> I Blockhead, s. *[*£ fac#T*f I Blood, 5. J&, ?pf%^T; ^*T ; ^$J1 Blo6dhoimd,s.f^T'^fW^1^cic r^" Blood-letting, *. sp^raTW, ^"$- Bloodshed, s."3r^F*ft3,^5Jl i [ctfT^I Bloodshot, a. JCW9}*!', ^Ir^q I BLU Bloodthirsty, a. 7[&9ft§t, *% ^T- Bloom, s. c<f}^, *£f5T ; f5^«j, <s>Tt%, Bloom, #. ^t%^ ^, ^^ %?[ ; ^ c^<rt^i stra «r i Blooming, a. C^mf^f^^ jTjSsrft'- B16ssom,s. c^ftsT.^J^fjTpsr I [f*P3> I Blot, s. WT9r,^«T^,^Twf ffc^ ; WWT l BlotjV.TrT^T 35,?T<5cFTW ^f^fc^i Blotch, s. ^ifE^T, c*pTSS1, ftsTffi I Blow, *. £t^T?r, ^ransjTpff*1 ; «^;- Blow, v. -^CPf, *T3t*T*3", ^l^ft^l Blowpipe,*. ^*fr$TC«nr ^iftt T? #- Blowze, *. *ffe ^«f fcf*Hi>1 ft I Blubber, s. 1§ftw;*TJ3" **T1 ; Tjsr- Blubber, v. C^v5 <$T?f?r1 #TW I Bludgeon, s. c^Tft C^H^1, c?lW^1 Blue, a. ^ftc^sf, ^T^T^f ^«Ti Bluebottle, 5. ^CTT^tf^tt^rp^l; Bluff, a. "^ST, C^1, C^T^1 ! Blunder, s. ^^r, ^r, ^^, ^»tf€ I Blunderbuss, s. ^"5^<ri^'P c T'^ ^"^^ Blunt, «. ^srcsfaF, C^T^1 ; ^r^^T I Bldntly,a^.^JT«j^5C«T, ^^^wr^C'T Blur, v. TfT^f 3>, ^^«f^ ^ • Blush, v. c^^SftC^ J^^«f ^ I Bluster, v&TS&WZ&t ^,Wtl%^ ^
  31. 31. BOL Boar, *. 331"$", '"JW ; 3t* I Board,*.*fTi>1 ; C*T5f ; •*W"fJ ; "3"5Ttl"; Board, v. ^T^Tli ^5lT^^«l 3« ; ^J #31 ^TH?r £tm ^ ; "3^1 ft^l Boarder, s. spjj wtC* "^RJ """!"£- Boast, v. jf<f <?>, w^ 3-, ami 35 Boat, *. <&fa9 "S^, $f?f I Boatman, *. *tl3^, *"Tf3~?r1, Ht#t i Bob, v. ^7^1 ; fcs?1 ; ^cT 3> I Bobbin, 5. *tT3>T~"" *JJ31, f3?3l zjft- *T?T 3RJ 351^ i Bode. r. "Sjmj f&"^ Tp*f1 I Bodice, 5. 3s*|3f§te1, ^t^f^T I Bodily, 0. twft^s. 3"tl33*,*TT?ftf33" I Bodkin, *. #i*Tp, "*[fs, csfT®' 1 Body, 5. *tft?T "3"S"5 ; ^T*T I Bog, 5. -WW "$T^, pf^rwf%?rl l Boggle, v. Esn$1 ; ""f^ "3", ff%T1 3? I Boil, v. m& f%"5i 3*, fain, ^sl"j%3l Boil, s. C3"E"?TT>35, 3«t,C3n"5l 1 [§fcl Boiler, s.- ^t^, ^1,Cv59f I [53 i Boisterous, tf. 3"v"rsr3, "^^T<fl2f- Bold, a. Tft^f5I3s ;t^%T,£N«?n» I Bole, 5. ^j%^1 frc*fa-, *fC^33: *f- Boll, s. xfl^1, 3tltf3T3" I B61ster,s.^^Tfi^,^Tf%3l,^t3l;T Bolt, S. «*ft"?T, "^T^fa ; 3"® ; fc^ Bolt, v. ^rsfa ctt, ^^1 *^> ^ C3C?f 3tft?T ^ I Bolter,*. 5t^r^",^t®#t,^t5r%*t^ I 27 BOO Bolus, *. ^^33" 3|1, £fa I Bomb,s.j%^t»<Tl CSfT5rl;9f^3:«t5t Bombard, v. C5T*f"CT?:l 5*51^ 3? I Bombardier, 5. C?Tt<?"**""Tl~, C3H"5T- c"R 3>q1 I [5T^T I Bombast, *. 3l*fTvp*3", 3^fs, C-5TT- Bond, s. ^f«1 3"^, f«r35^ ; <-$, Weston, <43"3-T3" iTtal ; 63!^ I Bondage, 5. 3^3" ^3^1, Wt^^ « Bondman, *. "#t"5 TfT^T, 3"f "f"t I Bondsman, s. £$!%"«£, "StTfsfa I Bone, 5. ^[f%, "^l""?. ^W I Bonfire, s. ^t%#f^1, *S"""9f»! SW- 3" ""Sfftf, ^5l?fJ«,3T3 Bon-mot, s. *j$f% ^s^1,C^^ 3T3>J I Bonnet,*. Slc^tC^?" T|*ft I Bonny, a. ^?rt;^3>^1; ^JX%1 Booby, 5. faC#T35 C3t<5l,*ITF ; *?#1 Book, s. *^*s, $pj, *fc 1 Bookbinder, 5. *CteT?^C5"cT""f$f?r I Book-keeping,*.^<nf?r-ft,f^T3| Bookworm, *.*f^"«4TtW3s ^t; *£"§- 3SttfT3"*f"3 Sfl 5>"£*l1 *n*£35t<TC3| Boom, *. *ftt% fr'$t?r 3^feT3" 33lft- *{ftj ^3 "it?" £Tt^ fn^.^r 31 3^rJ ^J^ 3ST5TT- C*3" *Hf I Boon, 5. ^1^,33"; a. ^313*31^,^11- Boor, s. "5tTl, -S[-J,--5"*3^J I [CSTtwt Boot, 5. F"ferf§"1 5 e"iT"», "**pT^S, 3t- Boot, v. cfft'S" 35, StTfe ^fl/
  32. 32. BOU Booth, s. 3r*ffr,ci>t, fff?1 ^T<r I Booty, s. cjf$$ Tpj, cp i Borax, 5. OT^KI I |>c? I Border, s. f%*T?r1, ^1, *fTft,^r- Borderer, s. ^ffaTf^l^ I Bore,*, f^j, ^^, ?T^;*T*; Bore, 0. ^Sf5 c^ff^s, fg;j ^ I Boreas, s. ^q^<t 3"t3T*T Born, a. m^S9 ©fa, few* I Borough, s. t*f3 tff*fter *f?TWl, £ftW*Tl Borrow, v. 3>^f<js, 5ft?" 3> I Boscage, 5. ^WJT^r, 3"*, ^Jjcjj I Bosky, 0. ^cijinr, ^gg i Bosom, s. ^s^*r, c^t5, C^m, Boss, s. Tjfcvi'g "SpST ; ^55?frC*T ^ff^vg Botanic, a. ^j%fTOl *rewter ] Botanist, s. ^feJWTW I [vj^" i Botany, s. S%f5W3l, f^Ft^ *H5 Botch, s. 3% ^Tn>c?, fft5f ; ^T*T- Botch, v. ^ff¥j ?fC*T TTf^", Tr5 ^?^ Both, a. §&?[, W$, ??T I Bother. 0. 37^ ^, ft^e1 <P I Bottle, s. tfTert, fH1S ( c^ej ) 1 Bottom, s. ^Ij^^T^c^Wi Bottomless, a. ^sfT^T, ^T^cTTpf^f1 Bough, s. "*TT-«n, ^C^<T ^T«T I Bounce, v. ft^t??I1 Sfc, 5}TO #^1 ^; W<f 3> I Bound, 5. jftsfl ; cTir^ I 28 BRA Bound,v.r^] f^*fcj ^j^rtTN* ^; Boundary, 5. jfh^ t^ ^33^ , Boundless, a. ^^ftsr;^!^!?",^^! Bounteous, "la. Wto'Th?, ^tT^79 Bountiful, J wt^1 i Bounty, s. Ttt^*fr*T3l3 ^fT^T^I I Bouquet, s.^^£^reTF<n,^<5| Bourn, s. ^fal, ^^ ; gf^|^ I Bouse or Boose, v. ^*TT^ I Bout, 5. c^*f, -Kmi^T^^^iri Bow, s. %T£<P; SHl^T, ^^T<T; Bow, v. 5tsreT?r <3>,£f*jrsr * i[*rtoi Bowels, s. ?HfN[f%,*Tft ;C*rK^ B wer, s. ^^ , ftf^g, srs f I Bowl, s. > §f farnVj^Tcfc? ^TS1 Bowl, v. ^fvFtt'in CW, ^itl C«T*T 1 Bowling-green, s. ^Tl?TC«r»lt<rsrTfcl Bowman, s. 5rT^^, *ft*[3a?t I Bowstring, s. *f*[$Sl, f£^l, UJ1 I Box, s. fsfyp, t^Sfa?" ;<$*1, ?rjt>; Box, v. ^JWi ^, ^t^0 35 Boy, s. 3l*T<5, ^Tt^?1 Boyish, a. ^tW**, fk^fsfl I Brace, 5. C*TTS1, srsff ; ^^^t | Brace,0.^*r,*gra ^,*T€;*R TfJ *s I Bracelet, s. *fT«f1,*r^, <P^r«i, ^5l Bracket, s. J^j^^t^f ^t^T5fT?* 1 Brackish, a. C^T*!!,^^^"*!,^^!^1 1 Brag, ». ^3;wT<r ^^mi ^,^ ^1 Braggart, 5. «T^T^T#,^T^^Tfft<
  33. 33. BRA Braid, v. "S^T* <$, <TC«i1 *5 Brain, *.;srs§M,3rn^55,3TW WT' I Brake, s. ss«ihp**, s&T^T?" C^T^ fa<rT?r c<r<n i [frc*i* i Bramble,*. <i^^,~rxr<pT ;*t^t Bran, *. ^f^", ^pT Branch, s. 5T*T, *TT-*rl ; ^fa I Brand, s. *r*TT*T, "8^51**1$ ; ^T*t- Brand, v. "JfTsf CW, *T*P3re <& 1 Brandish, 0. ^13 *Tjr1, *ffa tff I Brandy, s. ITWJ frc*I* I Brasier, s. ^T^T^f^K^TRf^;^- Brass, s. f*f^*T ; f^*fev5l I Brat, s. *ft CWt%*1, C5^51 I Bravado, 5. ^T^^I^T^Vrl? ; ^? Brave, a. ^tTU3"fa , ft^sft, *J^r 1 Brave, v. 1^»% 3", ^t*P/Vl 3> I Bravery, s. cWfcfj, *taj,*lT3;*T, £f- Bravo, 5. c^^tfT^t W1 ; ^T*T *, Brawl, s. <5**fcT, ^rwl, 7f|5f1 Brawn, *. *t^C^^r *rT^T% Brawny, a. *TT*I*r, *£§>, TO^fa | Bray, «?, ^C^^^^^jCK"^,^^^ I Braze,^. f*f« ©T'srf^^ ^ ; t^cf^f ^ 1 Brazen, a. m^f^f^T; f^*fe,1^- Brizenface, s, f^cf^f 3l|% I [^?r I 29 BRI Breach,*. ^tfj^t^l^T^W; *fl£R i Bread, 5. ^, f*f^1, «J*f,^T^T?" Breadth, s. g$% 2t*f$$1 , d}5t^ ' Break, v. ^tt ^,^,t^C^W<5;"»tT Breakers, s. T5^TC5 ^?f Cl?^ I Breakfast, s. £tt32^TC*T?" c&VSR t Breast, s. ^S^wT, 33> ; ^I Breastplate, s. ^P*TTT>1, ^t*f?Tt1 Breath, s. iWl^ £JttT, tt*T I Breathe, v. f^T*T f^*fo ^, t^^T^T Breech, s. f^<$^ CW*T,*Wt^Tsf;3»t- *TT&*jT 5vft<r ctfTSl Breeches, s. ^fTsTsn I Breed, v. ?T^ H^1, «r*T C*f ; *ft- Breed, s. ®Tr$, **f , ^rt^,^^t^ I Breeding, s. "^'^T^,^tl5?'«i;SiWT5r I Breeze, s. JS*% * Tt?, ^9ff%^ ^T- Brethren, s. ^>t^*f«l, ^T^T?1 Brevet, s. fc*TWJ?: *R fcc*mi Breviary, 5. c^rW* ^tC^Tt^^CTf?T Brevity, s. *TOT»f3tf, J^^1 Brew, v. "stf^TI £f^^ ^,^r<r®l ^?J Brewery, 5. 5TWJ ^t^^^ Bribe, 5. *p", ^^^T5, ^f^Ct 1 Bribery, s. "^ C^f^iT ?M ^^?T I Brick, s. td^, tt, «t%^«T I
  34. 34. BBI Brickbat, s. t^»*T9, ^rt*T5Tl ^T> i Brickdust, 5. ^H^1%, ^^c."5«Ti Brickkiln, s. *fTS?1, tt>«5 ^rfCl I Bricklayer, s. jimfa'gt, ttf3s?r I Bridal, a. fr^te ^#hr,t3TTit^1 Bride, 5. <awji, ^^R^tft^l ift I Bridegroom, s. ?r<r, ^"^^T^l Bridesmaid, 5. f^K ^C?T <TOt<T Bridewell, 5. *Pt3"t*ft?r, ^f£«l3l#h Bridge, s. ^Tra1, C^vj, *j*fj *Tf37- Bridle, 5. ^TT^TT^T, ^T^C^T^ 1 Brief, a. *TOT*T, *Tf^% ^ 1 Brier, s. <§TI? Wl", "OTf«T 1 Brig, s. ^ HT^ftpn^ Sft^tlf 1 Brigade, s. t*Rjff*T Rt*r^ 1 Brigand, s. ^T<5T^3, ?f3p,c|CT>3"1 I Brigantine, s. ^5 Hts t®i 1 Bright, a. ^SS|*T, fftfwt^, •ifjt- Brilliancy, 5. ^^*T5 tfSlfS, ^tf% I Brilliant, 0. C5CS?Tsnr,CJnit*n3rT3T I Brim, s. "ST^TfWT ^t«|1, SfT?", ^^ I Brimful, a. 3Ff Sfr*f*fj^ ^1?$ I Brimstone, 5. sfw^ I Brinded, | a. f^S^fs^^S^j^ Brindled, J ^ l Brine, 5. cn<«fTo* ^*T, *ra"*it^j Bring, v. ^rt^ST <$ t cTt^l ^T^i Brink, 5. 1%«it?n, St?", W1 l Brisk, 0. ?imi, STH'fthn, *f^l Br.sket, s. *P5<T <TC^TCW*f l 30 BRO Bristle, s. ^pc^t *jcfc"?r c^ftsr r Bristle, v. c*rt*rT$e 3:, sfrfnM fff» Britain, s. ^*T«3 CW*t I British, 0. |d> ;} Or*f *re#t?F I Briton, s. ^F^T W"ft?! C*Tt^ • Brittle, a. ST^f^?"!, ^^» ^P1 • Broach, «?. c^W ^, C«4Tt*T ; 37«r ^, Broad, a. C5T31, £t*ti, fiffitltsi Broadcloth, 5. ^T^, «t*r^t^3l Broadside, 5. liT^TCSF?" <i)<f> ^t1 ^- ^tc3 5t** CSfTSTl f^CSF^f I Brocade, 5. Jff^^tyif f?T ^T^t^C«iVc Brocket, s. Tt; *C^T ?TW ^t?«t Broccoli, 5. ^f*f *Tt<5 fcc*ra I Brogue, s. 5ft srJ <j^PTv5 ^>T5l ; 5^" Broil,?;. ^fWs ^,^^t 1 [*ft^1 Broil, s. 3^3;, *r^5l, ftrfa I Broker, s. TfTeTtST, ^T><5, C^tt^tl I Brokerage, s. Tft*Tt5?t I Bronchial, a. ^«k ^^HlT I Bronchocele, s. staffs, 5frd *rt5Tl I Bronze, s. ?r/t ^ 3t¥?S;fSte sfTvgl Brooch, 5. wfyi^t*?, TOFt^T8 ! I Brood, s. TratSR"^, *ft^^3 v£)C<5- srtcf *r3 *rfa*s ^*nr ^¥ 1 Brood, v. ^Z'$*[ ^^f^"t^7T; ^C^C^ Brook, s. ^^ ^, ^ C^tTS I Brook, v. 3^J <5, ^Fff^^33l ^ I Broom, 5. ^5 ^ t^C^T^; ^T^1,
  35. 35. BUC Broth, s. C3tt»T, W% l Brothel, s. C^JT^,^T>JTc! T?,Pf^- Brother, s. ^C^TW?T, ^T^^»T31,^ Brotherhood, s. ^t^^5 ; Tjsni?,^ Brother-in-law, s. *ttt*Tl ; ^F3?r I ft'ow, s. ^ ; ^^"ts?" 1%«lt<n i Browbeat, v. ^f#fT?"1 sfWl I Brown, a. ^t^«f, f^f^f c^cfI Browse, v. *ft3l 5731 ^^«l ^ I Bruise, v. c*ra«| <5,C^T^ ^tjtj^J- Bruise, s. ^T*?f*t?1, *T1, C5T^ I Bruit, 5. 1R3R, "f^^W^t I Brunette, 5. f*f3f5T*cfl 3ft I Brunt, s. *Tfa$1, C^T, C^T^s I Brush, 5. vprt, ^f5 ; 55t43 I Brush, v. ^f5Tf?Tl 3Tt5; C^csf S*T I Brushwood, s. <rqj sfTC^T 3C*T C*r c^T^s sue**, cw^ c^T^f i Brutal, a. f^f?. ^^ ; *f^^ I Brutalize, v. f^f? 3S, *f3J?r* ^ I Brute, s. *>f% -§T^ ; *f33"<5, "^^T^ Brutish, #. *H3**, W3T»J l [*j1%J| Bubble, s. BfwT^, <[^Pf ; ^£RT?T31 Bubble, v. TO^nr ^j1?T $fc; fcf-l Bubo, s. ^jk, ^T-vfT I [c^ff31 l Buccanier, s. ^rTCTrf?<f«1 CW^it? C3*T- Buck, s. ^f?«i.*1 ^K^WTtlfcT; Bucket,*, <TI?f1%, ner ^>t%3T^ <p1- 31 BUL Buckle, s. ^5I<T ^TT^vgl Buckler, s. T?t57, ^p*T^, ^"S^" f Buckram, s. 3»t*f$ ftcTO I Bucolic, a. <rT«*tTC*nf ^t^fj ^¥5»l Bud, 5. f1%, ^f5T,5Tlf1,^^^fTf^ Bud, v. "Sl^fwra^ I ("*W l Budge, «?. *l5, &*r, ^T?T I Budget, 5. $ff*r?t, «t^t»5f1, ^H^ Buff, s. srf^c^ ^; ^r* *?te- ^«f; c*RT?r 15^: ff¥frc*r?r i Buffalo, 5. nf^, sr?T?r, €t^" i Buffet, v. 5t*Tv£ *IT?", 55 "srt?T I Buffoon, s ^T^ ^6, ^T^<T1 Buffoonery, s. ^T5Tf^, ^T^^Tt^ I Bug, s. WT<TC*fte1, ^T^sri Bugbear, s. ^^, ^ii £fPf*f<5 ilf^l Bugle, s. -sj^niT^ ^<ft ftc^^R- B%gy, *• trap *tT#t f%c*ra Build, v. ^ sfTtf, t^W|«i ^ I Builder, s. tfTsfa, sjTfr^^lfi I Building, s. ^^Tf%<&1, Tr^r, ^ Bulb, s. c^^^, cstteTW?" ^^ I Bulbous, a. C?ff^?l1> |8t^ I Bulge,v. Tpf^<f1 ^fcjc&TH 1,1557 ^ t Bulk, 5, ^^^5, *f^t«l ; CTT?^ I Bulky, a. J^, ^T^Y, ^^^|^- Bull, 5.5^, ^v?; trvt^r ?:tf*f;^f Bull-baiting, *.^T^6f<^f.?"?"^i I
  36. 36. BUR Bulldog, s. "SKW ^JHF ^M^- ft- Bullet, s. £f^, *155T, *TT£fT I Bulletin, 5. tt^ ^ifa *?3, ^TT®W Bullfinch, s. vf5£tftc*PT I Bullion, s. Wjft*D?" 3lT>J Bullock, 5. z*W, *^fa*t" l Bully, *. WTt%^ *jf^, 1^t%?1 Bully, v. J?$*T*p7 ^, W^ ^ I Bulrush, s. ^cr ftutt, c^T** I Bulwark, s. *fF, ^fj^F^gfT&fa I Biimboat, s. ^ fcCTO, <t*tJ J^J Bump, s. TpcTl, 3#lt% ; ^T^Tte I Bumper, s.**ff?*[«f *TT**fT3I i Bumpkin, s. 5W, *[?, W^JI Bun, s. f*ro<p" t^c*r^:i Bunch, s. c*TT*1, sfrft, ^5**p ^I Bundle, s. 4t®ft, *ffe *S?t^1 Bung, *. fnVt?r CW *1 f&*ft l Bungle, v. ^T^*t5T?5C«T ^^ I Bungler, s. ^T*tft, ^^J Bunter, *. sfT^ «T«F01 3t I Buoy, «. «W?"?" *pT5*1 I Buoyancy, s. ^Tl^H^a I Buoyant, a. «t*RT*, 53"«l*fta, Bur, *. <83£p1 ^p*T I Burden, s. «T^1, &$> <^tT> I Burden, v. C^W^ ^, «t?T C*r Burdensome, a. ^"5, Tp<mTlT<p- 1 Bureau, s. t^R^T? ^n^I^t I 32 BUS Burgamot, s. 3£Sf1% Tf^j ?r1 WT Burgeois, s. mtf]j[ csrfa, *t^C<r?: sf ®1 ; ^mt<r ^rw frc*ra i Burgess, s. WC^ C*TT<p", ^T^f?T I Burgh, s. c*r w?r •Wlffa *fTl^ ^s <IT^1 *fTt?ncf: i Burglary, s. C^faj, f^Nsf?" I Burial, s. c?TT<r, f^<*^r, ^Tftf I Burial -ground,*. CSfT^R, 'SPTOl Burlesque, s. *f1?teT*J, fcnj?1,*JW I Burly, a. £f<pf3, "^sf^t? ; WTf^i Burn, v. W^ 3?, C*fTv5l, S^t^l I Burning-glass, 5. ^T^*ft 3>T5 I Burnish, «;. ^"^T^ <K9 %WSK*l * I Burr, s. ttfa *ft^1 I Burrow, s. <$rtV*t ^SJTft ^[J Burrow, v. TrHftCS *Hf "*^ ** ' Bursar, *. C5i<TTft?r *R1*T7^ • Burst, v. TpT^, ^, ^t ^ I Burthen, s. c*t*n, ^t?T, Ft*!", *$l Bury, 0. C*fT3, ^^<T fff, *Wtf5r * I Bush, 5. C^t^, C3H*f, ^"^JT I Bushel, s. %m;*j<r ^f^*fc^c?-^ Bushy, a. *R, ^T^fTsT, ^t^tST I Busily, «<?. ^J^ **?1j ^J^^^ l Business, s. ^^,^^?, tV&$% I Busk, 5. #CW?" ^1%?" 4T5^FI I Buskin, s. U^J C^T©1 t^C*TC ; ^T-
  37. 37. BY Buss, s. c*fa»1 1%c*re ; l|W I Bust, s. £F5<n#ftf*fr5 ^%qfis Bustle, 5. 3t^T3Tl%, ^tfT^ Busy, a. <PC^C3 *J^,*W$rfihl1« Busybody, 5. ^tfel?15^,'5 i<3*- But, c. 1%^, *T?^? ; <?W*T, TTt^T I Butcher, 5. ^*rr<Pt, tt^?T^f *f#- Butcher, v. ^%T <P, *TT?r, 3/3J1 ^ I Butler, 6-. "irt^t^l, ^T*$tfh Butt, *, *r^j ; *r<r?rj ; ^<5 f*r*T1 ; ^c<r ; ^srW1 ^3T^ i Butt, v. 1^1 *1 srsi *rt?r I Butt-end, s, rffal W3? ; "^*!T*f I Butter, s. TSTt^R, ^^3, A Butterfly, s. £t©T*[1%, ^f^Wt^T^t I Buttermilk, *. CSTT^T, 3^ I Buttery, s. -snwjTsfTjr, »W?n Buttock, s. fa^^TO,<5#C£tK I Button, s. ^f^ «5^J1, W1 I Buttonhole, s. *rih"3?:i, ^rsi?n I Buttress, s. C*fW,cfc*T, ^3"^ I Biixom, «. ^fw^^tj^TCTTl^tl Buy, v. ^sT «*, C^*, ^m t^?1 er l Buzz, v. *r«r*j*r ^, WSH'S I Buzzard, s. CTJ^f^ftCPS"; *[*f By, _pr. f1<T1,?P€ *s, 3><W; ftw$ I By-and-by, TO*|^ ^T*T ftcrc* I By-end, 5. ^tf%^T?^^ sr«wr I D 33 CAK By-gone, *. sf^5, ^5T:$te I By-law, «. §*f*JTOl, ^T«jftf*T I By-way, s. *ff§*/fJ^CST^^fsTl By-word, s. J^l%, ft^WT^J I Cab, s. ffWF «ftv?t frc*re ; *T*TJT- i^<r 4<5 c?[<f ^T5 w$1* *rf?toT«i i Cabal,*, f?T3WJ W&,C$r?Pt *^1 5 Cabbage, 5. 3sf*r*rT$ ; c# I Cabin, s. «tT3tC^<r <j?^j} ; f1%<J1 Cabinet, s. T^TTvrt^-, ^-qst Jpn ?rtf<*t?r ^rt^^Tt? ; ?rm*i"»i Cable, s. ^W?T, «*tWt, ^5F1 I Cabriolet, 5. ^ 5T^T?T ^5 9ftf^- Cackle, v. Jtm^Z7J *fff^ <$ I Cacophony,*, <£*faf,ra3fTft?r1 *Hr I Cadaverous, a. *tc^?T ^rjt? I Cadence, 5. *fTfcspftfaT?T ^ffS, C"5Tt- Cadet, s. ^5T^"«f ;C*RT*ft^CWJ TTC^TJ Cadi, s. g<^ CW*I% ^tf®f I [sfwT I Caesura, *. *rf%,^t^3T?" 1%C^Ff *j[3", Cage, s. f*T^?-, 4T51, ^Tstt?"! Cajole, v. Wml, <5*t1, 3"Q^1 ^ 1 Cajolery, s.Vt^, £tW^, £fa«1l Caitiff, s. ^mfa li^T^j ^jfe1 , t^^cri Cake, *. t^^T^, *£% m^^^T#T,
  38. 38. CAL Calabash, s. Sft%, *§4t; WrtS.^f I Calamitous, a. FS-sft, GFTOT, Calamity,«.Q'*nf,, «lT»fT?,y8'«r,C35 *f Calash, *. *f!5t frCTO ; 3J •TO* ; Calcareous, 0. "gC«lT**ttlFS, *TT^? Calcine, «?. ^^ ?p,c«rTf1,®T?",TP?r CaIculate,t$feRl^,*T«D1$,f$'tt*5P Calculation, s. «f«Rl,*r4rj1,^[3rT?r I Calculus, «. *fT*r^, ^'tf <ft ; ^*i^l Caldron, *. 3PT?re,C^,"^v$1,T*5n ' Calefaction,s.^e** S»?rq,f*rsi <p?«1 ' Calendar, s.*ffa5$1,*fT«ft ; *<1® ; Calender, v. *rC3[ *Pt*fF SSlK Cf i Calends, s. £*!% TriC^?T gfsTsr 1fo ! Calf, 5. ^T^?T ;*TTC<J?" fWST; C<rt^1 Caliber,*. 3*fj^<T Ff§f?" *if?*rte| I Calico, s. fetf , M^3 *3 Caligraphy, s. %&% W$f§ff*f I Caliph, *. wtiroilr ^|i?r *T?r art- CU<T ^5rf3^, c*T*f*nwTf*r*rr% I Calk, v. ^T*iT*fTiY ^, *fT>8^1" *& I Call, v. ^T<5, •rffi tff ; ^T 5 ^*T ^ I Call, «. 5T<P, ^tWtTST, ^Ttff^t l Calling, *. ttmt*&t*tVf&H&tt- Callous, a. <pft*,<&5M3l 1 ffi&U Callow,0.*rT<rT*t*,CSttfo* I [*Tt31 Calm, a. ^<T, t*$^,^fa?T, ^t?T, Calmly, ad. 3rfe<nSC*T, *fft<T I 34 CAN Calomel, *. C*fT^^t?r1,(Trtf ^) I Calorifie,«.^^[5r;w5,^$Ts^r35,;5^f Calumniate, v. f^**?1 ^, #Tf^f <$, Calumny, *. ff**iT, f^*JT, gftf^J Calvary, s. C^T *f3fo5<T $*TC?T "jt- Calve, v. *T1p" £fl^" ^, *f?F &31, Calx, *. ^5^t^5 3^T, WH^WT^, Calyx, s. «^«Pf <rftsc*FT^r, §*f TO i Cambric, a. ^OT tfpffa *T^ <T3 • Camel, *. $3^, ^ I Cameleon,*.^^,^?'?,*^*^'! Camera-obscura,s.^;ft ^f?*TT? ^3< Camp, s. f*rr*?r, ^reft, *t**i Campaign, s. ***TC<T?r TTCVfJ *T5 Camphor, s. 3s*jV> f*JlT« i Can, v. *ft<T, fsr^ ^ ' Can, s. <TtW^f^^ *fT**TT3| I Canaille, s. *3?T C*TT<P, ^"5 C?rto I Canal, *.<T^,®^W,^T*Tl,3«U*ft I Canary, s. ^STfrc^PT ; W Cancel, v. C*TT*T?P, TJ51,^1,^T^ I Cancer, s. ^"STC?" "511, ftt*J^ti? 3S 5 Candid, a. ^itf, ^Tft?T, 1?T5r, Candidate, s. *Wfa*Tl^t, Sft^ » Candidly, ai.^T?-^T?RC«> f,t^55*fC^ Candle, #. ?T#T, TSt, *tf§^1 I
  39. 39. CA Candlelight, s. £f;ftC*f? *1 *TiV?r ^TCcfl I [f*T*PIJSf I Candlestick, *. Tft^TT^rt?:, ^"^JT%fT^", Candour, s. ^erei, ^"Ttasi, Candy, v. ftwft ^, ?"C*T C*?5T, Cane,«."g"ft, *f?r, C3"35: Sagar-^? I Canine, a. ^^j JgrT1 ^? I Canister, s. C<^T>1, fo*1, Fl ^Ttt? Canker, *.5§tT^5n*F^;|C*P<j" C?TT«f Cannibal, 5. TT^^T^t^t, ^37TW I Cannon, *. C3T*f, *T5TT*, *T3Tjt I Cannonade, t>. C3T*ffTfTl ^TSTtS ?P Cannot, 0. #r1 oft?" I [c*fal Canoe, *. ^J 1%*t, *tt^lY,C^TTI, Canon, *. ?TJ^1, fiftf, *r^*r3pT« f^?*r ; fcrt%**rc*?r ^rafters i Canonical, a. ST^TTTaT^T??!", 37- Canonize, v. TT<r«iTC$ f*ra^(?FC^ir Canopy, a. £tC*ta1, &^T$*f, ^3 I Cant, a. <PI*^^<P <lN1, fct?T, **fl> Canteen, a. t*T^TOf?r VOT "SHfJ Canter, s.^rcJ^^ssfsr^j^rs^rf^ Canticle, a. sftfrfc^a* *TH 1 D 2 35 CAP Canto, 5. <Ft^$t<3" W3 I Canton, a. cwct^ ^r*r, sfcw^ l Cantonment, 5. tlWJ?" ^T3l^, Canvas, a. ^T®T5, C*tT«I^C3ir ^"3 Canvass, 25. ^5t?T «, W^T?"^; Cap, a. T|*ft, sr^PSTffsr 1 Capable, 0. *TT?T*, ^T^srof, TT^Tr 1 Capability, a. *fT3~^5l, iT^'ofj I Capacious, a. £f*T<5, <f^, f^^efi Capacitate, v. ^fTTT^ 3>, ^f^ir ^ I Capacity, a. *ft?"<i*5l, C^Tt^fT^I ; Cap-a-pie, ad. Wr*ftfF*n5Ctf ! Caparison, a. S^ST ^t^TW^r ^ Cape, *. CT>CP?T "arT^TI, ^I^T I Caper, s. sjspsFsrw, ^ff^j "«IT^T?" Capias, s. C^t^T ^jf^C^ Ctf^T<T Capillary, 0. CW?" *jT?r ^J^s s. Capital, a;^Tf,St5it^.lTryTr^^; Capital,*. ?TTS?*n^r ; «£it ;*Tsr*n; ^ ^^j 1 Capitalist, a. TT^t®^, ^«^T«f 1 Capitally, «d. ^*r?5C*f, Rcn^«i?&- Capitation, a. "STT^fT^f«i J$t ^SRJ Capitulation, a. ^ft*^* 5f$ ^.
  40. 40. CAR Capon,£3T^f^^rt^^Ttf Caprice, s. ^sif^r ^*51, WT'SMj, tt93STJ I [HC^Tf^ I Capricious, a. ^f^T, ^5TT*slT>f, <tl- Capricorn, *. "ST^ <"tf*f ; "5rfap<Pl I Capsicum, *. *W5rt?T& t Capsize, v. ^c^i^l CW, v5?T3 ^ I Capstan, *. W^T £f^f% OHl? SFT- Capsule, s. ^Nc^tS" I Captain,*. IjRTWJ^; C^Mi^ I Caption, s. %r^r«i, s^H" ^T6| i Captious, a. fW^TC^Tt. f^frnrt I Captivate, v. 3"*ft%3 sp,csrrf^5 <p ; Captive, s. *OS *TO *1 p *jf^, Captivity, *. ^t^5^Sl, *P*Tt*r 1 Captor, s. H<I<PT<r^, *[^t?7P, Capture, *. W&U5 ^"5 ^?T«l ; *p Car, *. ?-«r,9ffv?t,TJ^^; *T?n*£« l Came, 5, c^t^ CW*ft*T ^* ©T- Carat, s. ^C# £tt«T 5tf? J^ *fft- Caravan, *. *v5 sftvfl"; "^T^W^, Caravansary, 5. ^tvSTSl, *j<n^", ^~ Carbine, 5. ^5 **%® 1 Carbuncle, *. sitf* <p ; J^^«T <[«1 I Carcass, *. *P3<T *TC, ^ *fffV ; Card, 5 5T*Tjft*T3«l *&l v- ^T*fT- Cardamom, *. visits, ^l^Tf5l 36 CAR Cardinal, a. ffsffc, £f*tST, ^ft#: *• Cardinal-points,*. ^^,*Tf*&*r,^Qf, Cardinal-virtues, *.*ff|r«iT3rtff*f3l, Mt?r £f%rts $* 1 Care, 5. «T**1, *TWT*31 ; f®*fl ! Careen, v. ^TcTT^Tt^ 3>, sft^f^ ^ I Career, *. tfffa, 5f r%, ?f.?fca£tqY I Careful, a. ^t^U, %f^t ^^H I Carefully,«d. ^Rsnc^/sj-WtCTftSf, Carelessly, ad. ^r*TT<rSfTOT I Carelessness, s. ^^T^T^TII 1 Caress, v. CH^Ttf <$ 9 c^ «j | Caret,*. *rt%3 ^^gaT*T^ ^?T- Cargo, *. SH^TCS??" C^Tt^T^ I Caricature,«.^"JW^t^t S£fr,fj*f*F5- Cark,' s. f5«1, $CWSf I [^^ Carle, s. TI?, 4<5€hl1, 5t*fl I Carman, *. ^tjfoT, sfTraT?!^ I Carminative,a.^n£3"5$,*T?Rt, W Carmine, *. ?TtW?[W, '^e1 ^! Carnage, s. T^"5""r<r,i^*rT3,$C'5 ^f I Carnal, a. ^lictf^, ^T^ 1 Carnation,*. irTVT ^"I f,^^ti^CKT^' 1 CarneouSj Carnous, a. ^t^v^,^gv^ Carnival, *. C^T^R ^TCQn!%<PCWJ
  41. 41. CAS 37 Carnivorous, a. TrTS^T^^KTtW I i Carol, s. ?t^ir, ^Tt^itCW^' stt^, Carol, v. ^T^t^T 35, sfTJT *5 I Carouse, «?. WMC**f ^WJ^T^ 3>, ire ^ i [u<^j ^c*ra i Carp, v. *tffT$*T* <5, CWTST ?f^: s. Carpenter, s. ^G'tiTT. ^3t?T, ^^»^ I Carpet, s. Tjf^Fl, STTM51 1 ORi^ Carriage, s. stfft, 7$$^ ^W$, Carrier, s. 3lT3>, f^i *r#?rl I Carrion, s. *fFl TTT*T I Carrot, 5. SfTlf?" t Cany, v. ^5", *r^?r *T1, 5T5T1 J CaiV-^T^T^^Tfs,^f,n^y| I Carte-blancke, 5. 3fCt^re* ^TM- Cartel, s. ^i ?nrC¥ ^»¥ ^^H Carter, s. 9ftC3T?T^ I Cartilage, *. 5*fTf%, C^T^tfe I Cartouch, s. C^TWf^ I Cartridge, «. 3"T^r3l%£" C1>TT>1 Cartwright, *. *T<i>T^f^rT«l^?fj I Carve,^^l1^Ti> ,C^TW;TTtwn> I Cascade, s. fawj^W,^^ 3H£«i1 Case, s. c*t"S, «fT*f ; ^^1,f^?T ; Casement, s. SfTSTtsrl, ^f^T^P I Cash, s. ^T^fPf T?T«>1, C?"T^ l Cashier, 5. ««rt©T^t, C?TT^f?¥l Cashier, v. ^Tfri5T"3 ^, *WJ5 3» I » 3 CAT Cask, 5. pf*ri, <&iWt3 ftc*r^i Casket, 5. c^fsft, ^^T^j, c^t^1 Casque, *. f*T?TS, ^^f^' Cassia, s. OTqTsf^WT^f&ift Rc*t^" I Cassock,s.*rTS?C$?r *TTT<^wt3t*T3't Cast, «. fcw*f W«t ; -^TC5 TFTSR I Castaway, s. "^tfT^J ^jf^ ! Caste, s. UT^, *<i Castigate, v. W& tf, £f^T?T ?P I Castig.ition, 5. fife, Sf^t?", *Ttf% I Castle, s. TJ ?f , *f5, C<pT!> , <T®^ I Castor-oil, s. CS?Tt$T<r fo*T J Castrate, v. ^^C^TfST *P, W&&Z <$ I Casual, a. ^f^*ftf?rv5, tw* I ["5J|>J I Casualty, 5. tw^"5T^^1, tw^tj^T^T^ Casuist,*. ^^^^f^TOrVtaTS^ i Casmstry,^tf^t^TO^Tqrt*Tl Cat, s. f^T^f, m^r^r ; C^tvSl I Catacombs, s. -|t%^t?T fvlSZJ *t3" Catalepsis, s. ^m^T?", 3[f*fC?"T*f'l Catalogue, s. Tp^f ©-fa, f^^ I Cataract, s. f^ST, C3tf3"1 ; ^tsft, Catarrh, *. C?W, ^Tp, ^1^1 Catastrophe, 5. lfSn>^1, ft^fPf I Catch, v. %r?r, *fk«l <*>, ^T%j5l I Catechetical, «r2jC^TQ#t? I Oatechi8e,©.SfC*PTC?rfT?T1 PT^MCJfl Catechism, s. gfC^TGfl" ^/^^ i Catechist, s. ^C^t^CW^^ I Catechumen, s. ^Z^J ^jf*r^TJl Categorical, a. f^ffa, 5Pf^, ^^ I
  42. 42. CAY Category, «. **f, *J^T1, *fw I Cater, v. ^^jTC<rT§?^ ^1 Caterpillar, *,^?lC*fT*1,8"fi>C'stt*Pl I Caterwaul, v. fttymj ?TJT? C5&1 I Catgut, s. H^, ^twj^t:^?' si ?r i Cathartic,^. C^f<5, C<3"5^,ttc?"S^ I Cathedral, s. ^5 fsfWl i Catheter, s. in^C^^^ fcfV, *T5fl I Catholic, «. 7fT^"f3^, ^^wr?"*! ; Catholicon, s. 7T#C3"tsRT*ra ^3"<fl Catling, s. ^^fowjIT ^f?Nl, Cattle, s. c^ndr-g-TW *f^?f«i I Caudle, *. ajt^T-STK;?" ^tc^TT^C^ <^r cm^cif>s?ri ^rr<r I [c<p*rr*?r«i i Caul, s. *5mji£ UT5T; Sfc^TC^ Cauliflower, s. 7p:T3>f^*rT^ I Causal, a. ^t^«i ^^#t<T I Cause, v. ^fl, ^]y ®*ri i Cause, s. c^, «T?T«l ; CSTT^TOTI i Causeless, a. ^raT^rq, ^r^r^fo i Causeway, s. mw^, C*^Z^ I Caustic, s. ;§^T«Tt3>3" <5 ^? ^T?*^ Cauterize, v. ^renn, ?fS& 3>, wT^f 3> Cautery, s. ^q^ c^lW 31 C^T^T Caution, 5. *rT**TT3F5l, *T"5*T51 Cautionary,«.?^t^^^,c^^S[T§?^^ I Cauti°us, a. 7[^'< T^T, T^CS}^" ' Cavalcade, s. ^5T$r$BG$$t I Cavalier, s. ^{tffiV C^TI^I I 38 CEN Cavalierly, ad. WTfw^il^C** I Cavalry, s. ^T<&1> (WPSM I Cave, *. Sf35fT, sfe", 3"^1, *s*sf?r I Caveat,*. 2f3JTCTr*T -sf3f;t^"C^r^T"Sal I Cavern, s. sf^T.r, *T3ft."3"£ ^^?" • Cavil, «?. fwjl ^5TT*Tf% &, CJfT^ m **m^^ l Caviller, s. f^tfjl* ^Jt^ffs^T^*<5 I Cavity, s. sf^ f¥J, ^$<r I - Caw, s. mK&J ^T^ I Cease, v. ^T*g ^, f^j* ^, sTT^I Ceaseless, #. ^^3"3"$, f^fT&gTl Cede, v. 3T*r*f«i 3?, ^*% vSJT^r ^ Ceiling, s. f&5j[ ^7-5 I [^t<5T?T <& I Celature, a. C^TlW^T^t t^TJl i Celebrate, v. ^SHC^I"^ 3>, JT^t^R <p, *TC~TTW1 <P I Celebrated, a. t^DT^, STHT^S Celebration, s. 3J stTC^TTS", ^t^T Celebrity, *. T*TS, 4tf&, <TTf% I Celerity, s. e^sf, ^^sf^T, ^^1 I Celery, s. *ff^ f^C*T^ I Celestial, a. W»?f<r3 ^rT^T*ft?T I Celibacy, s. ^T^Tft^^a, ^f?^1 Cell, s. ^Jjf?, f^fft, 9f^^ I Cellar, s. C^T^T^ *fctj ft?ft, Cellular, «. «^^sr?r I [ttwjT^TT?" I Cement, v. %W, ^Ti> , SFsrfT* ^ I Cement, 5. 5fT^C^r?" IT 5TT5T1 , IfSTT^I Cemetery, s. ^Wtf^S%U9 a ^T' c TT^r i Cenotaph, s, ^TSTJ^TC^ ^^5 ^"jf^^T
  43. 43. CM Closer, *. Qi£, gMfft^t Censor, s. 2fT5fa*TC*r ?F*r <WT Censorious, a. CW!^TC?TT^C«l ?T$ I Censurable, a» if 3"«lt<r, f^f^Tt? | Censure,v. CSfPtCWjOTa^l^fl ^l Censure, s. ^^1,»^T^1,^rijC^"t5f I Census, *.C5TT^T4m,C5nra3"SlTsr Cent, s. vi)^*r^, *ra$in Centaur, *. <5T*J "TTES?" ^f^CS f%S ?rTf*ri?c*fin Centenary, 5. *n5*J«rj1, *Tv5^ I Centennial, a. v<l*P*t3?r^far I Centesimal, a. *T5^TC*f3" 4^ ^t*f! Centipede, 5. fa^1,ffw,n3»fTft I Cento, 5. sflsfl <KU%$ ^T?" 1g^ *1 -sr^ l Central, a. ^T^jf^S, TTT^Wfen Centre, 5. Tr*rj,^T^j^ ^cr.c^g- I Centrical, a. ir*n^*ft?, TTW^of l Centrifugal, a. 3T*rj"5jTsft, C^M- Centripetal, a. "spfJTfwftft 1 Centry, s. £p£^t, 3-^35 I Centuple, a. *F5Cfa, *f5<n?r I Centurion, s. Cc T'STT^CW?' "STC^J *T$ Century, «. 43s *f^ 3TVT7T I Cephalic, a. ir^C^ ^^*ft^ri Cerate, s. ts^Ts1 C^TCTT?" 2fC*T*f | Cerecloth, 5. C*nsn^3,OT*n?T*TI I D 4 39 CfiA Ceremonial, a. %T^^t% ^T^^tt^ 5 Ceremonious, «. ^f§f*f3>T5t<fl" I Ceremony, 5. PTOTM<T ; *fT<n *T- Certain, a. fofv&sfivttfifs ; OT^, Certainly, ad. f^*5?T3re*f, f^St^ t Certainty, s. f^*&3§1, f^SSWl, Certificate,*.£Wq^,1?ta*faf%f*T Certify, v. m*i^ *, 2f^T«l (X. I Cerulian, «.^5rT3ST*t*«i^fa* 3ft*re«f Cerumen, s. «jc| ircTI Ceruse, s. 3JCWI I Cess, *.fc^<n*ptT^t *?T,«^;^tal Cessation, *. f^jfa, fc3"l%,f3Tf*r ' Cession, s. 7f*r*f«i; ^t^5 *TW$jTsf 1 Cetaceous, a. "ST^^" TT^^TT ¥1 st? • Chafe, v. 7*f$1, -STTO?: lt?"1 3>s^ Chaff, s. ^ft, ^ft^Jt#?T C«TT^1 ; Chaffer, v. SFirf^C* ^5tcT 3> I Chaffinch, s. *fTPt frcTO 1 [§*^ I Chafingdish,s. ipt^Twfcl, C^TcTT- Chagrin, s. C^l^jt^rfe1 , $£$1 Chain, s. " i J$T*T, fW3, C^ft I Chair, 5. cs)1%, COTf$1, ^TT*R Chairman, *. c*5T?1;TOT*f r$,£fT- Chaise. s. J<$ £W?~ sttft I Chalcedony, s. SfJ srfa 1 Chalcography, s. vStg ^tf*1 f*f-
  44. 44. CHA CMldron, s. ^WKjJt ^mfk^ )r Chalice, s. 3Tf^<5l.5fT§rsiir ofT^T^" Chalk, s. «rmrt^, <r.TW#h Challenge, s. *p^Tsf ^T^T* j Pft'S- Chamber, s. 'ffc?f>, wTsft^. c^fa I Chamberlain, s. <nif$teT*rj^ i Chambermaid, 5. ^f?5Tt?c.l,^TT¥l Chamois,s. *f<^5t?r ^T*m ^C^T^i Champ, v.t^q ^ WC^?- ^T«F1 c^^r, ^T*S1 ! [?T1 ftc"T* ! Champaign, 5. irfr, C3«fT^^T; *U- Champion, s. OT^1, ^T^^WI Chance, 5. ^, «t*tt; tPf^T^T^^I Chancel, s. fsi^tfj *tww$i Chancellor, s. £f<iTST t^Sf^cl I Chancery, 5. tcT9 C*f*T^ Jf#l- Chandelier, *.?rT^<r-^rTv5,^t*fTSfT<r Chandler, s. ^T^t *J**TT^, ST^t Change, s. *tftttf, t3rc7*?«iJ ; "^j $5p ; <rtfasFreT=T 1 Change, v. *ff?fa?f;r ^, W*7<*{-1 <5 | Changeable, a. 533cT, wf%J I Changeling, s. ^T^^W^^^t; Channel, s. C^tZITC *f*tf 2f«lT^t I Chant, «?. ^fsa-^fT^T 35, wl"^ *P I Chanticleer, s. 3»?5$>", ^3>yl 1 Chaos, s. ^rercfeW, ^J3^1, 40 CHA Chaotic, a. ^^t<^t^, Sc^c?, fa- Chap, s. TFf^l, ;fr* ; C5T?m ; C*T^1 Chapel, 5. sr«wmw, srf^ <r, f%£i I Chapfalien, «."5Tf^r^^n,^S!^x<n Chapiter, s. i$t^<r iri<rff I Chaplain, s. *rctfT*fCTfW, «£c<TT- Chapiet, s. ra<n^5^ irmi, w- Chapman, s. ^utoFf, *refs[C3U Chapter, s. ^#,^mr,^,^rTSrl Char,*;. C ft0m *toi ^ ^wt?r Character, s, sfe, *p*rg • ^W<{ ; Characterise, v.cifT^ *1 &q £f<pT*f 1? Characteristic, a. ^•T»ti<^e«]^5^ Charcoal, s. ^WT?-,W3n&,<i><r~n Charge, s. wtUf% vaiWr ; ^T?rT- Charge, v. c*fpr c*f ^asrtSal <i> I Chargeable, a. c?TTOTT*rj ; csrS^T Charger, 5. *TC^ ^*f ; <tft*rl 1 Charily, «<?. ^ «f<£%*f, JTTWC* I Chariot, 5. 5fT^1, <T^T I Charioteer, s. 3"<*ft, ^TT^fof I Charitable, a TfT^*ft«T, W?Ts^,t^- Charity, s. f*H, c^, ^ftari^l, Chirlatan, s.^t^1%¥1 t^?fJ;^^?J3^ Charm, «;. c^Tf$3 ^, ^1^^^ 9
  45. 45. CHE 41 Charm, «. ^^, tti, #«i, *rt^ I Charmer, s. rjTT5"*s, tf^t, ^TT«|1 • Charming, a. TOTT^T, ^"*TJ I Charnel-house, *. ^"tt^jCTlTir^R, Chart, s. T^ftf^ *Titl Charter, s. *R*if, «?rT®T58'h'T3F I Charter-party, s. UT^TSf ^TvSI ^3"«l Chary, a. TfT^T^, ^^ *ff?f*3 Chase, s. 3j*f?n, ^SJTJ, ^^rfasri Chase, «^sf?r1 3>, *f*6>te W^Rr I Chasm, s. f%j, tjvrt, ttWT?T I Chaste, a. Jfvst, TTT^t ; *rT*T, ^i Chasten, ) v. *nf^ CPf, Tf3 *, *- Chastise, J tr 35 l Chastisement, s. *r|f%, Tpi, Pfsr^r I Chastity, *.*n5t^,f^*RB,*nsr<sa I Chat, *.^f*T^t: sf*sf,^T5TsN» Wl Chattels, « ^ntf*?" 3^1%^r^jft Chatter, v. 1%5f^5 <p, f%j%f^fFJSP Chatterbox, *.<rfSljWTer^T^ra Chatty, a. ^T^T^, ?f«^ft<Jl I Cheap, a.^wj, S5p*?3pj, j{%) Cheapen, v. *rgi sp, srsrj ^^] Cheat, «?. £f5T?T«l1 ^ 2f**{8^i *p Cheat, s. gf^T?T^, fcsf ; *5l^f) I Check, s. t^|f%, wsr ; ^«it I Checker, v. f53ff^1%3r 3> t Checkmate, 5. *t^rfr$<r "srK I Cheek, s. «fT*T, Sf3GW*r, ^C*rm I Cheer, v. *tf3;*T cw, *TP§=*1 $ l CHI Cheer, s. c^TSf, ^TC^Tiff, H?^f^ Cheerful, a. ^f^%, ^T^f^vS I Cheerless, «. W?rf^5, f^?TR**F I Cheery, a. ^, ^Rf*n^,^TfrT3 I Cheese, s. ^t^J,^^^ ^55$ FR1 I Cheesemonger, s. *Tf^3" f^c^Sl i Chemise, s. ^fft^TC^ir ^if^ 1 Cherish, v. c*fT^"«l «s, 3"j% ^| Cherry, 5. ^pcT ftc*f^ I Cherub, s. ^^Tf?I9f«i f<C*r^| Cherubic, a. "Wf?r, ^f^H^i Cherubim, s. ^9pf<i w$<?f«| i Chess, 5. "TS^ c-sr^l, ^5T^^1 1 Chessboard, 5. n3<3X^<r W<5 *1 Chessman, s. *f^jz^j ^1 Chest, s. f*f^; ^s^cf I Chestnut, s. ^c^Rc^nr ; ^fa«fl Chevalier, 5. ^iTTW? t*Rj 1 Chew, v. s<ft«| ^, W3ST31 c^f¥ I Chicanery, ». T>T*roi>tc7, ^t ; ^r. Chicken, 5. 3>WT>)-?r ^1 1 [sffsft I Chicken-hearted, a. €t?F,^?r*ft5T I Chicken-pox, 5. ^lfc<r^ 1 Chide, ». ^<jr1 <$^ ^^c^rt^f 3> I Chief, «. 2f*rR, caifc, W*m I Chief, s. ^^w, c*nb <nf#l Chiefly, «^. ^CTTXS, ^1^^^ I Chieftain, s. ^rf5fn, WCcTT ^Tsftl Chilblain, s. f^sr^T^ CSPI^, t^- Child, s. ^t^pm^T^m^M I
  46. 46. cao 42 Childbearing, s. ^^TTJ«l, *I3T* Childbed, s. 2^* W*T1, £f*re I Childhood, s. t*Pc r^T*T,^rT«i nT<r; ^1 Childish, a. *TcTC<5?C *JT?T, ^1*rm, Childless, a. fWT3t^, ^5R*f3Jl Children, s. ?T3"R*T3t%, TT^sf*! I Chill, s. *fT$, 3TfS, ft^T ; f*T^1 Chilly, a. -"TtoT^ R^T3?T I Chime, s. "^f^^ireT^; ^«^T?" Chimera, s. ^^f^5 ^T^l, fsfaffl Chimerical, a. ^TfW^j ^J^jTO, Chimney, 5. Sf srft'jfo ^t^T^^pf I Chin, s. QtJS^, fssp, WTf^ I China, s. Ifac^SfaCWC'n^Wf I Chine, s. *fC$?T WK51, 3^*^ I Chink, v. 3l^tf^ *t^f 3> I Chink, s. f^J, d^fl, TFtSI Chintz, s. fw$ ^t*fF I • Chip, *. ^51, «*T3, C5571, 5Tt1 Chiromancy, a. ^"$$f«R1 ^1 *Tt1- Chirp, 0. f¥f£ *t^f 3S,-*f*Fta* J* <S*i Chirurgeon, *. ^^ tyf%<$,*T<P, ^3 Chisel, *. ^Ttt^t", *fT^r?Tl, f^U I Chitchat, s. Sf*«T^**T, W«fft*f3l Chivalry, s. ^T?&3 ^ ftffJI ; T[- Choice, a. TTC^Tsffa, ^^pS/Ss'ST I CHR Choice, 5-. ?rT^l, 3l^C*3" *FTO1 Choir, s. *T3rfa$ 9fTTr^ F5T; ^t^?" I Choke, v. ntm?n5i 9, ^*C?TT*r <? I Choler, s. C^Ttf; f*Hf, f^f^fTT ! Cholera-morbus, s. ^srt^fcl C <TT^T I Choleric, a. C^T^t, <TT*ft, $*f I Choose, v. *1^Tt 3>, *rc*T^3 ^ 1 Chop, e>. CW?* *, C5T*f TffT?T I Chop, «. «rs, ThF?fl, ST*f, C^^f l Chops, *. *T^r^T ^*r I Choral, a. *rtW Jf9? ^^#tH,T#t^ Chord, «- 3t?T, 6"«l, ^1, Csfcffi I Chorister, s. 9fT?T^, *TOtaf^T?T3n Chorus, *. SftcS^ Wl ; 9fT?^ W*I I Chosen, a. TOTT^, 3"Tp|3 I Chrism, s. *ft^'^t^'S t~5cT I Christen, v. -J^W ST^T^TC?" Christendom, *. ^ifte^rTsrprsfSt Christian, s. •gt^^T^T^^T^t l Christianity, *. «jH£te *W I Christmas, s. *pC3>?T ©W^"5* i Chromatic, a. sftsrrf^ *< *f^#? ; Chronic, a.FYsf3>T*T^T¥t;3r«;35Tf^l Chronicle, s. ^f^TT^Tfite f Q"N Chronology, *. <FT*rf^3>*f«1 t^Wjl l Chronometer, *. ^l^ffi^ ^^?"5rT- Chrysalis, s. *f?TC*ft<Pl, £^C*fT<l5l I Chry 'solite, a.^^TS *rfa,*fl""5*rf«|l I Chrysoprasus, s. cnf^^t? ^rf«l I
  47. 47. CIP Chubby, a. : 5lt?sjj'*r1, Ft*y'*[j:««ri Chuck, s. f^C5F*T ; ^Wlfa 5T?5 • Chuckle, v. ^i) 3>f?nn ^T^C^S 3> Chuff, s. ^f% ^T^t#t irrfT&f&fa Chum, s. *PlT*JTfr, *re*T?ft, >T*- Chump, s. #i%^T&,^5pT?" f**r1 I Church, s. *[t^ftoT* *TS#, f«Tlil l Churchyard, s. f^r^Tr^T ^«T?f WJ, Churl, s. ^»*fc| ; girrjiR, ^Tf*f^ Churlish, «. ^f*T^j,^T7lB7,^t<r I Churn, v. *p£;r ^, ^tC^T^ar 35 Churn, s. TPjR^fT^, CSTTSTO^l^ I Chyle, 5. ^T^lT^f, *fT^> W3^ I Chy mical,«. ^JFrftRf^f)! *rwtir! Chy mist, s. 7[*iWW RWJf^a I Chy mistry, s. Tr^THR f^WJl I Cicatrice, s. ^vjfs"^, TtfJ ^531 Cicatrize, 0. WV 3*55 <5, "5T1 «J?Tl I Cicisbeo, s. ^*f*tf%, ^first *Tsft" I Cider, s. f*r<r^*r®?t^ *r*fj frt*t*r f Cilicious, a. c^TtST f^fsfr^, C^T^TS?, CPftstf~S I Cimeter, s. ^f^T, •STSjJf, ^"^T*? I Cincture, s. *f1> ^1,3^^5^ ^Tf$£ / Cinder, s. S^fTsft^", W^WII Cinnabar, 5. f^-$ I Cinnamon, s. Jft?pf£!Tt, WT^rfSifh Cinque, 3. *f^l, *f^ *T-9rj^ 1 Cion, s. ^TgjT, *fgK 1 Cipher, *. *frj ( • ) j ^j/^S^t- 43 Cllt C pher, v. Ul^r OT, ^tf^^t^Jt^T ^ I Circle, 5. TT3*T, fWfaT?" ; *T51, Circuit, s. £fJff^s«l, C3"ra?$ Tfa I Circuitous, a. c^fateT, "5T"^f«t"?n I Circular, 0. 53FI$t% ; ^T^t?"^ *T3 Circulate, v. TT<r1 ; Jtffar C£J?*«I ^» Circulation, *."5g?*fr% ; £J*^*T I Circum-, 5^fcc?TTSf3* *Bf I Circumambient, a. ^f^P^f^T^f^ Circumcise, v. ^a^r^w <P 1 Circumcision, «. sa^C^W fs^STl I Circumference, s W^,C5RT,*f@f*r I Circumflex, s.f^"f%^ vT%$7? ^C<Tt- Circumjacent, «. 1^T>33ff, 5^- Circumlocution, s.frp^t*! TcT"^"t«i <St- Circumnavigator, s. ©TCTCIT?!" Tt <T1 Circumscribe, v. ST^t C%, C^^ 3S> ^tsrTS^^i [C^tWTsftl Circumspect, a. 3f$3>", ^rfc^T^, "ST- Circumspection, s. *ff?r«ir3Pff*f"$1, Circumstance, s. f^^fpTI^Qt^l Circumstantial, a. t^"C*T^",t^"^Tt?^; Circumvallation, s. C3FPT ^t«T 5£- Circumvent, v. ^<F1, Sf?T?P^1 ^ I Circumvention, s. 2f^T^«j1, ^«TI
  48. 48. CLA Circus, s. ^Jt^*ri, ^J^ t«wsr I Cist, s. c*n*r, <t*T ; c^pT^t^- $*r?r- Cistern, 5. Si^Tf&, C5*ft& CZ^ 1 Citadel, 5. 5T?nrsr*rjnF5 ljsfl Citation, s. ^IT^T^, 3^3" ; W- Cite, v. ^cT^^,^It^t^ ^;2jTrT«| CW I Citizen, 5. ^^f^T^t. •ff^nr I Citron, 5. <55TO1 c^T^i City, 5. ^sf?r, *m£ ^TTSftftft I Civet, s.^TW^ff cnt^" 9TW I OresTfa I Civic, a. ^9[7^<s ; 7[TS?W« H"*nT*n Civil, a. ire-sffffa, f*t^>, ^"^^ 1 Civil-court, s. ctTS?lTf^ ^TTfTcT'S I Civil-war, s. C%T^ C^C*t1T "STTTCT Civilian, s. CW^SUTi^ 373"^f33 Civility, *. fwf^l, TT*ft*rei I Civilization s. ^^J 3?<r«j I Civilize, v. 7r»J ^, f*T^ ^ I Clack, 8. c&5 > 31 ^* ^T^ftFW Clad, pa <3"3T^TW^, *>ff?rf53 I Claim, s. £tT*TJ, WTrT ; WJ%<p1^-| Claimant, s. TfT^tWT^T, ^^^T#t I Clam, v. ^it^TWTTl ^?T ^' Clamber, v. 3»Cfl> ^TC<nT«l ^ l Clammy, 0. ^TttT^, ^rtf, f#S l Clamorous, a. ^fi^?"!, ^5j^T Clamour, s. 3S5T3"*, C^t^T^^T I Clamp, s. *TTI, +i"$lT I Clan, s. ^rT, *V*f, S?tr$, CJtm i CLE Clandestine, 0. 3% ^STSWTi Clang, s. ^^*r *T*r, 3^ * *T*r I Clank, 0. ^IJRTk 3>, 3^«>^T<r 3* I Clap, s. 3 ^ST^tI *TO ; ^TSTra I Clapper, s. ^r«^T?T flTO, *L%ffi > Claret, s. TpT**TCW*fte ^e^ c^lrf ^<rT*f I Clarify, «. f^^of ^, ^^ 35 I Clarion, 5. ^<ft, 3re|f*T3f1, £5l^3f| Clash, y. *f «*W7[ 3T^Tf5lT^ ^ i Clasp, v. N5nt%^f?r ss ; ^ 3? I Clasp, s. ^f]«>51 ; ^tf^^^r I Class, s. ?[tf, 9i% ^f^TTCPf?" C^f-Vt I Classical, a. ^JTfitSPJ *PS^? I Classics, s. ettftsr f/^% ^ ^r^^TI Classify, 0. ©T^JipTTC?" *fQf<S <£ I Clatter, s. -*rTv$n> , <$*r$ •ftnar-af^T Clause, 5. *|Tf, £fa?"c|,5?r«l, f^TST I Clavicle, 5. <r«&if%, srtaTPi: 1 Claw, s. *r$*twr{fi??[ $m, Ti^ri Claw, v. ^C-tf t^WT^"«1 «5, ^T551 I Clay, s. ^fST«^fe^1, T5^*ni Clean, a. «ff?r«5T3 t^sarc'T, ^Sf5 I Cleanliness, s. f^^yf^l, ^^7511 Cleanse, v. f^sr<?r ^, ^f^^RPt^T ^1 Clear, a. T£*tf^>, ^^^ t^^*! I Clear, v. ^mH^ 5>, t^sr«T ^ I Clearance, a. WTffs^t ; *f1?^l7r I Clearly, ad.'*P^75Z*1,'%~51^&Z'si I Cleave, v. m5 ; ^T*r, ^vT!f "^ l Cleaver, s. ^TV^^l^l ^-l^T^ti
  49. 49. CLO 45 Cleft, s. ft5, ^pT<5, ft*T?r, C5^1 Clemency, 5. ^*fl, Tf?l1, ^?F«|1 • Clench, v. ^jS?^ ftTTI *T, C*Hv5, Clergy, *. src*frT*fCTT*WT3£S I Clergyman, *. Vfc^"t^CW*t^ I Clerical, a. STCtfTTofCW'r^TOfa I Clerk, s. C*T**r^, ^5?tj *fT^ I Clever, a. ff?F, $«i*T*, 5gT?n Clew, s. 3p,*rfi, C^,1^T,1^ I Click, v. ptrtf-T^ *1 T? TK *f^r ^ Client, *.Tgjrf^sr,2f5j«iff^«T®1€t Cliff, 5. *flv?, ^TST?, £f*ft5, ^$1 Climate, s. ^srcteTl ; CW*T I Climax, *. ^5?TT9T^ 3lC3>J?T $5531 Climb, v. 5S,^TUTW?'l ^nt^TT- Clime, s. CW*T ; SWT5PI I [$«1 ^ I Clinch, v. "Sjw 3?, TJT <P I Clingy. ©T*fftW?",^T^1%<n *?T! Clinical, 0. ^^31^^, C<TO I Clink, w. 3W35T?T *T^f <5 I Clip, v. WI^5 ^ ^• [c^1 I Clipper, s. TjHj "^ T>^T<ft,^T v 3 ; Cloak, s.^f^c^^w^T-sru^n Cloak, v. ^T^T*R 5P, ^T*T i Clock, s. ^f *T^t, "Sift <51 ^ I Clod, 5. c55fl, c*n§, ^f* I Clog, 5. c<5t^i, ^tt; "^t¥^; ^nssr i Cloister, s. sfa, £^ ^BRfrrnr | Close, v. TO <s,W^i 3> ; CTO 3> I Close, s. *T*rT*R ; C*T?T1 C^4 I Close, a. f^3>T> 5 "Si* ; ?ni^«& I Closely, ad. ^KW , W^L«t I COA Closet, s. c^Tt ffc^ft ; ^^ *$.U I Clot, v. sfT"? ^, M*fTO ^ i Cloth, s. *3, <pt^, *?f?^W I Clothe, v. ^3TJ%5 ^,*ft?*rTar <P I Clothes, s. *r1?5^f,*>ff!c*fTr,*3Ti^i Clothier, s. ^T^f5?1,<r3^J3"7n<ft I Cloud, s. c"5T"5T, ifsrsf^r, 3"Tit*T I Cloudless, a. c^^*j^J, t^^"^T I Cloudy, a. C^*n,"VTit*n, C*TT?n Clout, s. *fl^1,^Tf«i,C^Sl;Wf^ Clove, s. *R3f ; *T,, ?T^^r i Cloven, a. Tpf^l, ftTft«f, ^T$1 I Cloven-footed, #. fV<^rf^f*raj i Clown, s. 5VS1, ^^J 371% I Clownish, «. ^t^j, ^T^t^t I Cloy, v. -5rf^f<5 C^T^C^ fT^l &- Club, 5. *fW1, 5Tt^ ; ^"^FT^T I Club-footed, a. -C^S^Rf**^! Clump, s. <pT&-*T'J, 9fTCg;<r 3TtF I Clumsy, a. ^T*T5t, *5[* Cluster, s. <#1t^, $*%, C*tW, WF$ I Clutch, s. %r^q, ^T^S^ *|13> l Clyster, s. T>r5^Tf?r *T?1 $W?^ src^fj ^^"fV £tc^*r ^jt«i i Coach, s. ETfff St^T?" Sftil" I Coach -hire, s. 'Jrt^t^l^l I Coachman, s. 9fTC^T?T^", ^TtJ1% I Coadjutor, 5. ?T^T?T, ^^.T? I Coagulate, v. sfTl? ^, ^Tr^ I Coal, s. ^<I^1, SHwT^T £t^?" I Coalery, -5. *fT^1?Hl ^¥^T^^T^<5^r I Coalesce, v. Ttt& ^^r^^, fstep
  50. 50. COD Coalescence, *. *fC*rt*f,*TC?fa I Coalition, s. 3ffST5T»r, 7fcsrt$f | Coarse, a. CSJTTjI, ^5, ^T^T^J I Coast, s. *rec5?r $Y?r, $i> ,^*r^5i i Coat, v. JtJWV 55, *rT«T1, C*T*f i Coat,*. ^pft ^srw?TT-4ri ; C*fT5 I Coax, v. "SR 5f«m, sfcsim *, Cobble, t;. ^T*fT|?ffC»ffsi<!l I [TgTOli Cobbler, s. »t«f *fftf^1 *T^T$1; ^T- Cobweb, «. ^$t©T^,^t^5*TT?"srt5T I Cochineal, s. <p1?tfFT?n I Cock, s. &m$ ; *K*pSFt J T^ft; Cockade, s. Tvs?ft?r ^*T?W?T "SP5T Cockatrice, s. *T*f ftc*fa I Cocker, v.c^T^TC^Tf^ ^,ClW*T <5 Cocket, s. TTt^CcfJ ¥T5f&$t I Cockle, s. TO, far$*P, tffs5 I Cocklestairs, 5. C*f5T^3 f^it%, *TT^ Cockloft, s. Tfc^t^f^^; <&y<n I Cockney, *, c^Q^ arsnflu C*TtC^<T Cockpit, s, 33^3>CT> <T ^r^T^ ; ^Jlfi ^T3tc®»?r cancer?" ttJ%*$int • Cockroach, s. ^T^cTl, C3cT&TT>1 I Cockscomb, s. 4>4><&p>7[ f*t<|. c*rr?r$r ^ccT<r f^ i Cockswain, s. *F*j[ f^f%<T STtfl? I Cocoanut, 5. aifirwssj I Cocoon, s. 3"fi>OT[3st3" $H>t I Cod, *. wtj ftc*nr ; ^t^c^st^- 46 COH Code, *. ?-Tw}i% vr% I Codicil, *. wte^'C^iT C3Ft^*ra t Codle, v. *5%frr% <$ [ftW% Coefficient, s. ^Wtff*Z!>J 5J^1 Coequal, a. ^sr^crj, ^ttt^T^I I Coerce, v. TfSR ^, f^t?^ *P I Coercion,*. Tf s*t?T1 *R ^??T«l,C«fT?' I Coesse'ntial, a. Ji^fa", ^rsr^FTtfr f CoeteVnal, a. vgcTj ^r^ff^ w^TS | Coeval, a. 3ff^r^5f5t^Tft, *f5TC?^ I Coexistent, «. Tjsr^TtfT^t^t I Coffee, s. ^H5<r1 I Coffer,*. TjT^T?" ^!$<T,*RT*ft?" I Coffin, s. *rc?r?" pr^-3>, «r^t^rt^r t Cog, *. 5CdF?n?I5 *1 *iTf%; C«fal I Cogency, s. Sfrsrai, *tj%s f C6gent,«.^7, £^5^*7*7,^1^ I Cogitate, v. f%$1 ^, ^T3R1 ^ Cogitation, *. ffcsl, *T7T*, <S>T*RM Cognate, a. *i^"irto, ^®t€Y? I Cognizable, «. C&$, t?5T*fj, f^5T- STsffa i [>T*Rl Cognizance, s. t^Ff?T, *nft*Fl, f^"- Cognomen, s. *flf*t, %*itf*T, *P«T, Cohabit, v. *r*T*f ^, 3^-^^rt^f $ I Coheir, s. W&TGinfkiftft I Cohere, v. ^^^ ^, ^>^ ^l Coherence, s. ?ic«^1, ^M?r, T- Coherent, «. yT«: !?r,7TW^,^W I Cohesion, *. ^VC^T^f, ^"^^1 * Cohesive, a. ^i^TS^, 151?r * I
  51. 51. COL Cohort, 3. gJTgfa" C?Tt^ft?r *f3**13 Coif, *, ^vft, st^ts^t* I Coiffure, s. *nff*T*3M, raftnft Coil, v. Vnsft ^, 5T*T *ft<Pl Coin, *. t^I, csrT*?",T>to1 £T^ft% l Coinage, *. ^Jl f^|«j <P?T«i ; •TS* Coincide, v. fim,£ftfa X I [^fa> I Coincidence, *. CTr5r,*IVOTN ; Ji&- ffc*3l i Coincident, a. ifasj^i t^"f*f^, 4^- Coiner, s. wjj ft^rf<i93fl I Coir, s. arTltc^Csnr C^TWl I Coition, *. jtstst, tw^r i Coke, *. ^r^fw^ ^toi, *ffo<ft? ^reTt<r ^r^t<r i Colander, s. 5T*nft, ^tft^tJ «fT^ i Cold, a. *fte,*ftewr, ft^j, f$«$ i Cold, s. *?te*n&i ; csi^ri, ^tp i Coldly, ad. ^TOfTCWf^Jpfo, ISf- c<rte^<PJ ?rc*r i Coldness, a. *ft^5R51, £ftl%^|-rj$1 I Cole, *. ^fH*TT3s fcc*T* l Colic, *. ^T^tcT^T^*!^, ^*T?"*tcT i Collapse, *. »f^m *fv5,*T^f&-$ ^ l Collar, *. sfHfift, *ft^'i i "^ [s^rf Collar, v. *f«T^ *, Sf9HSf7T, ^re- Collar-bone, s. ^%*tTl>, ^%|f%: I Collate, v. ^lV5Xt 3*, ^5*R1 ^. «*f ^|- Collateral, a. ^f r«Tt9ftf%, ^TTrt^T *. i Collation, s. 2faT* ; *t*T* ; OBt« I 47 COL Collator, 5. srfai *f^C**?r i<EJ$3fl Colleague, *. ^^^^^^t^ | Collect, v. 4^4 ^,^ix?f«! ^ i Collect, 8. ?ZW*$ £fT*fal | Collected, «. |%^ir1s, Sffc I Collection, 5. *T*nr, Jtf«r, jfofl ; Collective, «. A&ftfQ, *T^st$ I Collectively, «<2. afn^fT?, ^^^ f Collector, *. *T2S?PT?"*,*r*rfWI College, *. ^WjT8TTr,C^*rT^tjjTs- Collegian, s. rcffjT*^^; ^j^ 1 Collegiate, a. f^m?^^ I Collier, s. *fT^fhr *?*TT«R* | Colliery, *. ^"?Tc?T^ ^Tte<r | Cdlliflower, *. Tprr3gf*>f | Collision, s. *iTl$, ^% *ft$$1, 2f3JTsrT3 / Collocation, *. ^foR*^, £ft?t*f I Collocution, s. *PWfT»teJ*fa ^«| i Collop, *. ?rf*r<>r . , cmi%OTT*i i Colloquial, a. ^TT^T^f*re$Y? | Colloquy, s. tfCsTWMr^^n^W I Collusion, s. £f3t3T«i1 3S|Tt«i <T ^fiffS Colly'rium, s. ^T^tt, 3>^t*t I Colon, s. *teJC«5ff*jp^fc^TTSt1(0 I Colonel, 8. CJRTnfS I Colonial, a. ttc?C*f 3^1% ^^"€t? I Colonize, v. •giTt cWC*T...^f^ ^ Colonnade, 5. c^t^^f "^W I Colony, *. CW*fTS?:^t%,^«ffap I
  52. 52. COM 48 Colophony, s. Sf*f, *tt1 Colossal, a, ^WT^Sl^f*^, ^r- Colossus, s. gf^Trs^'Vi [r§2W«l Colour, v. ftfl>4 ^^W CW I Colour, s. ^ ?"^> W**; ^51 Colours, s. *T5"PS1, *ff§P ' Colt, s. . srTi>C3»<r *iwi, t%c*rr?r Colter, s. cTT^C^T^" *pT*T*1 ^^fff I Columbary, s. *sft"?T ?TT?T *1 *jW?T Column, s. ^W ; ^ffare, *jfct?T 4<5 <•* | Coma, 5. f^Jfa^t, ^3*1331 I Comb, v. f&^rt #?1 ^sflWSl I Comb, s. fa<T«it; TpWI; ir*T5I^; Combat, 5. *T^j, ^^>fi J, <Fr3l^ I Combatant, s. c^TT* 1 , ^sftTP^in I Combination, 5. C^TlSf, JTOT5fl Combine, v. C^TTSf 3», ^57 s~ I Combustible, a. WT^WWa^wr I Combustion, s. ^rfyffte, §ftcHL?T; csrTersrm I Come, v. ^5rfe*T, wtsfir^T gs; ^ i Comedian, s.ST^^i,^ 1^7*11 3s<T,;tt> Comedy, 5. *f ^T*U^*fHT3> *tt- Comeliness, s. c^ft^tfj/Twl l Comely, a. ^W^TJ,^?",^^?" I Comet, s, Sf srws^F l Comfit, s. Sm f§^7^ fr"*t^ I Comfort, v. *iT^1 *g,2fraT*r 1>W1 I Comfort, 5. ^t^1,^ft?"t^, £iC3K I COM Comfortable, v. 7Tt^tWT¥^,^<W Comforter, «. gtrartf^gij^TWT* • Comfortless, a. JTP^I ^Tf^, t^- Comic, a. ^^f^t^J, C^^t I Comical, a. 3T*TJ ^*fiW^, ?"f?T3»i Corning, s. ^SfTsfsr*; 0. ^"T'JtT^t I Comma, s. *f7? l^C^t? ^"5^ f^, W1 (,) I Command, 5. ^T"^1 , ^fCW*f Commander, 5. ^Sfj^F, ^lf*T*f1% I Commandment, s. ^TSs^WfCTPT I Commemorate, 0.^<T«lTsf flp^fl 3> | Commemoration, 5. ^T«|T3ff3»?ri I Commence,?; ^T3"W <&, ^^^sir ^ ! Commencement, s. ^T?"5 ^, ^tfif I Commend, v. £{r^$1 ^,£t*r*rl ^; Commendable, #. 2f*f?(^jl | Commendation, s. £fi%in,£f*f^*rl I Commensurate,«,^, sr»Tf?'t^'3^5i ?TJ I Commensuration,s.^^fff"^T«i3><T«1 Comment, ^ s. ^$1, fi>**f:?t, Commentary, j 3"JT*TJ1 I Commentator, s. &t^T^T?T I Commerce, s. 3"tf«W ; ^T^t^" Commercial, a. 3tf«| ffj'reifar • Conmiination, s. *tTf%2f^>551, ^T- Commingle,«;.7rfit^' 5P,t%fa^ <5I Comminute, ». T?«f 3>, €?5l ^ I Commiserate v. TF<Tl 3>, ?P??«i1 ^ I Commiseration, s. fnrl,^W%<J*T1 I
  53. 53. COM Commissary, s. fow$ ^«PJtC?T- Commission, s. WT*TT*it ; c*5* Commission, v. f^r^? ^, ^j jff Commissioner, s. ^pfto, ^TTlf^«r Commit, v. ^<r, 3=rsr*f«| ?5 I Committee s. ^^"prTfit^l *F^1 • Commix, v. f^f^s ^, J.WG ^ I Commodious, a. ^*T*r^, £f*t"^ ^^ejj | Commodity, s. 3lf«|S?J Tpj,, *T^j | Commodore, s. ^%m^1m ^^J^fC ^w^? i Common a. *Tt*TT^J, jfte, ^rfSfT^ Common,*. TTT^TT^fl^sTvFl irfo I Commonalty, s. ^TirT^J C^t^^TT^I Commoner,s. ^r^cft^ttT^T^JCcft<P C6mmonly,ad 7VJft?[,Qv$^iZ*t I Commons, s. ^UlJ^f^Hj ; ^TSf- Commonplace, a. ^TsrT*J,*Tt*rT<T«1 I Commonwealth, 5. ^T^fT^6 ! &&& l Commotion, 5. ^r^, ^jT^cT^I l Commune, v. '^W^sf^ ^ i Communicate, v. m~§ ^,2f^T*f ^ I Communication^. f^STT^f^r, ^t^T^ Communion, s.W^TTMTSf;^- Community, f.gfSftetf, JTT*rT?T«|^r 1 Commutation, s. *fft«re3T,fcf^sr?r Compact, s. fJt?sr, sj%} f§tscT<r*j , 49 COM Compact, a. *ft?*tt^3<C*f ^/p" Companion, s. *n*t, 3^ f^g- Company, s. *r**pfnr, *PsVsYl Comparable, a. ^«fc^r?, v^snj | Comparatively, ad. ^pU?frC*T,3T<r- $*TJ ?5C«T I Compare, v. ^j ^, ^^] <j>. 1 Comparison, 5. ^Tl;3*f*n,T^r3 Compartment, s. ^*f ^f^f 1 Compass, v. c<H^ <^ £ftfas*> <$> Compass, s. c^iT, c^S ; W^^r- Compasses, s. <r^r c^rTsfe" ^3 Compassionate, a. toT*T, f^T^T^T I Compatible, $*f*^, civ*), nwil Compatriot, s. TOpflir ^jf^1 1 Compeer, s. *lTOrri^, 7^ I Compel, «. <r<?m?n <5<n, <rm ^ i Compendious, a. *rC^%3Tirt<r$ 1 Compendium, s. 7Tt?"*rSfXr, ^^ f Compensate, v. ^1%^, £jra"5«pcT Compete, v. £ff%csrtf^i <g [cw , Competence, -1 *rC3T3> ^f^t^. Competency, / S ' OT">nsl,^ir3l I Competent,^. *nT^,OT*fJ,$*f*r^ Competition, s. £ff%c*rTfsf3l, «^i- Competitor, s. £f r%*T^, £f r%c^rt?Ft Compilation, 5. ^Nsre, *T-^T?r 1 Compile, v. T{^ *F, Wl^T?T <p i Complacency, s. TfCSte", 2^1^31,