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How to create digital content with confidence

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Content marketing is a necessary tactic in your digital marketing strategy, but many organisations fail to get an ROI on their efforts. I have developed my own 11-step formula to get amazing results.

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How to create digital content with confidence

  1. 1. Create Digital Content with Confidence
  2. 2. “Content is the fuel that ignites your digital marketing efforts. So write with love and your community will thank you for it!”
  3. 3. Digital Goal-Setting
  4. 4. “How do you know if your content is working, if you don’t have goals to benchmark against?” “What are your digital content strategy goals? Are you clear on what you want to achieve? If not, don’t write or publish a single word.” I want to be known as the go-to expert for digital transformation for communications professionals.”
  5. 5. What are the objectives of your digital content? • Brand awareness • Brand positioning • Competitive advantage • Attract a new audience (not currently served by your on-air content) • Lead generation i.e. email addresses • Conversions i.e. app downloads, sign-ups, subscribers, downloads, registrations, entries, listens • Social reach and engagement • Increase on-air listenership • Increase web traffic • Increase online community • Generate leads/sales for advertisers • Other?
  6. 6. Digital Content Strategy
  7. 7. The Content Strategy Process
  8. 8. JSB’s Digital Content Recipe
  9. 9. What’s in Your 2018 Digital Content Strategy? Programming Schedule (Social & Live Video, Social Channels, Blogging, Podcasting, E-zines, Added Value Freebie e.g. eBook, Infographic, Checklist, Webinar) Automation (Chatbots, Sales Funnel, Email Marketing, Social) Ephemeral Content (Stories) News-jacking (Snapchat and Instagram) Influencer Marketing / Collaborations
  10. 10. You Need a Digital Content Calendar!
  11. 11. JSB’s Digital Content Vault Opinion How To Comparison List Expert view round-up News-jacking Resources Profile Reviews Checklist
  12. 12. JSB’s Digital Content Vault Interviews Infographics Exclusives News Event reporting / round-up Roving reporter Vox pops Highlights Take-aways Niche
  13. 13. What Metrics Matter?  Reach  Engagement (comments, likes, shares)  Views  Klout score  Domain authority  Page authority  Fans  Fan growth  Email subscribers  Podcast subscribers  Podcast listens  Social proof  Web sessions  Web page views  App downloads  Goals in Google Analytics i.e. sign-ups, event registration, e-zine sign-up, purchases  Online advertising sales i.e. sponsorship, native content, social ads, comps, event reporting, reviews
  14. 14. Content Creation is a Team Effort
  15. 15. Digital Marketing Strategist SEO Executive Web Manager Graphic Design Videography Social Media Marketing Digital Copywriter
  16. 16. Your Digital Roadmap
  17. 17. Do you want access to JSB’s digital content creation process? • Audience segmentation: Planning content for my niche • Micro-moments: Understanding my customer • Keyword research: Producing data driven content • Planning: My digital content calendar • Long form content: Smart content production • Bite-size content: Re-purposing for increased engagement • On Trend: News-jacking tactics • News junkie: Digital PR • Own don’t rent: Building my digital audience • Mobile-first mindset: Test on mobile always • Optimisation: Search engine and social network friendly • Social advertising: Testing and building audiences
  18. 18. Want to Develop your 2018 Digital Content Strategy?
  19. 19. Want to Develop your 2018 Digital Content Strategy? • Live Workshop – 29th November, Dublin with-confidence-workshop • Online Workshop – from December 1st with-confidence-online-workshop
  20. 20. Take-Away Resources • JSB’s Checklists: My processes: repeat, repeat, perfect  SEO checklist for blog posts  Blog promotion checklist  Social media optimised graphic checklist  Live social video checklist  Social advertising checklist  Digital content calendar template  How to edit shoot and edit videos on your smartphone (Samsung and iPhone) tutorials • Video Tutorials: Access to ‘how-to’ digital tool videos • 30-minute Mentoring: Follow up with JSB (email, Skype, phone)
  21. 21. Want to Develop your 2018 Digital Content Strategy? • Live Workshop – 29th November, Dublin | €360 + VAT with-confidence-workshop • Online Workshop – from 1st December | €240 + VAT with-confidence-online-workshop
  22. 22. Thanks for joining me today! Don’t be a social media stranger Connect with JSB ⬇️