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Mastering Social Media for Government & Public Sector

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Understand how to leverage social media for government and public sector with my 10-point plan.

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Mastering Social Media for Government & Public Sector

  1. 1. Open and transparent government and public sector Let me take you into the White House. It’s January 2009. It’s President Barack Obama’s first day in office.
  2. 2. Trust is broken (but the gap is narrowing) Respondents want government out front in all areas of the pandemic response: o to provide economic relief (86 %) o to get the country back to normal (79%) o to contain Covid-19 (73%) o to inform the public (72 %)
  3. 3. Your role in flattening the infodemic curve
  4. 4. Your Agency Org Goals Pillar Content Plan Audience & Channels Implementation & Reporting
  5. 5. The 10 steps of social media implementation 1. Staff and skills 2. Budget 3. Content Planning 4. Content Creation 5. Social Media Management 6. Community Management 7. Social Listening 8. Tools, Apps & Software 9. Social Advertising 10. Reporting
  6. 6. Twitter for digital PR • Be the authoritative voice • Staff as advocates • Be responsive • Don’t fear the trolls • Repurpose PR activity • Create lists for listening • Leverage hashtags, video & livestreams • Audio Tweets (think radio soundbites)
  7. 7. Facebook for public interest messaging • Your citizens are there • Perfect public interest message platform • Targeted messages for specific audiences • Video (native, live, Stories) deliver results • Build up goodwill and trust • Useful platform for social listening • Enhanced website chat plugin • Taking on Zoom with Rooms • Stories cross-posted from Instagram Find your country stats:
  8. 8. Instagram for relevance and behind the scenes • Taking on TikTok with Reels • Commanding share of messaging market with WhatsApp & Messenger • Comfortable place for public figures • Behind the scenes content most engaging • Video performs (IGTV, Stories, Feed, Reels) • Advertising from Facebook Ads Manager 1GUIDE: DEVELOPING AN INSTAGRAM MARKETING STRATEGY FOR A GOVERNMENT AGENCY Developing an Instagram Marketing Strategy for a Government Agency GUIDE WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
  9. 9. LinkedIn for building a professional personal profile • Company pages with corporate updates • Showcase pages with niche content • Leverage your staff • Promote professional personal LinkedIn profiling • Video gets most engagement • Stories coming also • Useful for B2B ads
  10. 10. Social and live video • Interactive videos frequently get viewed until the end and have up to 90% completion rates • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it through video • 93% of organisations can reach their prospective citizens as a result of posting campaign videos on social media • Organisations that leverage video marketing achieve 49% higher conversions i.e. sign-up, download, register, wear a face mask • 43% of users act after viewing a video ad • 59% prefer to watch a video on a topic rather than reading about it
  11. 11. Social and live video 1) Native video – upload video directly to the social network 2) Live video – go live directly from a social network 3) Premiered video – a pre-recorded video broadcast as a livestream 4) Stories/Fleets – disappearing videos after 24 hours 5) Simulcast – a livestream broadcast simultaneously on more than one social network
  12. 12. Streamline Processes Software, apps and tools Work practices and internal communications Calendars and priority planning
  13. 13. Social media policy Crisis communications protocol Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for specific digital tasks Social media management tool Social listening tool Online PR monitoring tool Continuing professional development
  14. 14. Essential policies & protocols • Social media policy for organisation • Staff use of social media • Community management • Moderation and abuse • Crisis management • Security • Legal compliance
  15. 15. A digital metric is a quantifiable measure of one specific piece of data. When you measure campaign success, you must first align the metrics against your original objectives and goals.
  16. 16. Metrics that Matter ü Building our community ü Engagement rate ü Share of social voice ü Sentiment ü Contribution to website traffic ü Customer service ü Conversions • i.e. subscribers, downloads, registrations, event attendance ü Digital PR results ü Video views ü Change in behaviour
  17. 17. Your 10 social media takeaways q#1 Decide to lead a digital-first communications organisation, in-source, have a plan and set clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) q#2 Think about Twitter as your digital PR department q#3 Facebook is for public-facing conversations, leverage video and ads q#4 Instagram will build goodwill and understanding, IGTV, Stories, Reels and Livestreams q#5 LinkedIn to build the profile of senior leaders and subject matter experts q#6 YouTube will enhance your search marketing efforts q#7 Snapchat & TikTok for younger audiences but do you have capacity? q#8 Governance and establish ‘ways of working’ to safeguard knowledge and reputation q#9 Scale social media skills with software and skills –don’t over-burden the communications team q#10 Measure success and see how you have achieved those KPIs
  18. 18. COVID-19 has changed the world forever