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Different Applications & Uses of Diamond Core Drilling

Core drilling is a useful technique in construction that is utilised ever since time immemorial. Learn the different uses & applications of core drilling.

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Different Applications & Uses of Diamond Core Drilling

  1. 1. Different Applications & Uses of Diamond Core Drilling Core drilling is a drilling technique designed to remove cylindrically shaped material from the surfaces such asphalt, rock concrete and many other materials of interest. The material that is generated from the drilling endeavour is called the core. Thus, it is termed core drilling. Stemming from the fact that diamond cutters are popularly used in drilling concrete, the drills have acquired the name diamond core drills. However, other elements such as carbide can also be used to drill softer material such as masonry.
  2. 2. As a drilling method, core drilling has been in use for thousands of years. In fact, ancient Egyptians have utilised this drilling method three thousand years ago. However, their application does not feature the wide variety as we have in modern times. Diamond core drilling has numerous applications in today’s modern era. Some of these applications are highlighted below. Mineral Exploration Mineral exploration has benefited tremendously from this method of drilling. The main drilling method that is applied in mineral exploration is the wireline drilling method. This core drilling method favours mineral explorations because it affords real time analysis of rock composition as the drill bit bores down. Geological Studies and Analysis Geological studies have also benefitted a lot from diamond core drilling. It is the main method used to collect samples for geological studying and mapping. Geologists are able to collect samples for analysis and mapping them fast and efficiently.
  3. 3. Pillar, Wall and Slab Strength Analysis In the construction field, it is very necessary to analyse the strength of the concrete that will be used to construct walls, pillars and slabs. This way, the concrete mixture can be adjusted accordingly. In this regard, it is important to have a clear picture of the whole structure and not just information about the surface strength. Diamond core drilling provides contractors with a way of acquiring samples from the whole length of pillars, slabs or even walls. Since the core size (diameter and depth) varies, contractors can attain a wide range of samples for analysis. The rotary method is then used to collect samples from concrete structures. Addition of Sanitation Infrastructure This is another field where core drilling is proven useful. It is common for most contractors to be contracted to add service pipelines and sewer lines. To do so, they use the core drilling method to create holes in walls through which they add the pipes. Diamond core drilling is also applied in drilling borehole for ground water extraction and drilling of holes in rocks. With this wide variety of uses in mind, many contractors usually fancy owning a core drilling equipment. Considering that you are going to purchase a diamond core drill, you should have the following factors to keep in mind when shopping. The Power of the Drill There are three motor choices regarding power output. These include hydraulic, electric and air. You should analyse your needs and choose accordingly.
  4. 4. The Diamond Bit In purchasing the diamond bit, you should consider the hardness and the concrete psi. Choose the drill that can perform within the range that you want. Drill Depth This is an important factor to consider when purchasing drill bits. Since most typical construction core drilling equipment drills up to 1 foot, you may consider buying barrel bits that drill deeper. As you can see, core drilling is definitely useful in many fields. But doing this perilous task absolutely requires extensive knowledge and the right equipment. Hence, you need to have enough experience and expertise in operating the equipment if you have to handle the task by yourself. However, if you are not sure of your skills, seek the help of a specialist who can work on your project in a precise and professional manner.
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