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MD Performance Review 2

  1. Performance Review 2 Sheffield Hallam University: Performance Review Student: Megan Dutton Supervisor: Jody Smith Mid: 21/04/22 SKILL AREA Student Examples / Comments Supervisor Examples / Comments
  2. A. Professional & Organisational Awareness 1. General presentation 2. Equality & diversity 3. Professional ethics 4. Confidentiality 5. Company structure & function 6. Departmental structure & function 7. Commercial awareness Mid:  Gained an understanding of the departmental function during teaching throughout semester 1, and during semester 2 this has developed to involve undergraduate projects  Maintains professional standpoint when communicating with and assisting students during projects that have previously been my peers and that I may know personally outside of work  Gained an insight into the research occurring within the BMRC, which is supported by LAO, when volunteering in an outreach event that aimed to introduce research to the public and strengthen public trust.  Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information such as students’ medical status. Score 7/10 Mid: Megan has continued to conduct herself in a professional manner. She is fully aware of who the customers of LAO are. During projects she has dealt with students in a professional manner even though some of them are her peers, she has maintained professional boundaries. She has also maintained confidentiality as she has been made aware of confidential information regarding students who have been granted a project extension. Score 7/10
  3. B. Communication 1. Clear verbal communication & active listening 2. Presentations 3. Explanatory ability 4. Writing skills 5. Communicating with people at different levels / from different backgrounds Mid:  Communicated with other members of staff when preparing for practicals that I have been lead on in semester 2 reasonably well, although could be improved by knowing when to ask for help.  Have briefed academics and given equipment demonstrations when introducing them to practicals I have been lead on.  Written communication on working documents could be improved for example keeping QMS’s up to date with location and progress of prepared materials so that it is clearer for the assist and other staff members when I have been absent due to illness  Communicated with students when supporting projects whilst maintaining a professional position  Volunteered at an outreach event hosted by the university which required me to communicate with an adult audience with a lesser scientific background than my colleagues and students. This involved giving a short presentation to small groups about the activity I was assigned to which allowed me to work on my presenting skills. Score 6/10 Mid: By giving Megan practicals to lead on in semester 2, it has allowed her to grow in confidence when it comes to communicating with her team members and academics. It has been great to see Megan improve in this area. She has also been student facing during the Ug project session to which she has done very well. Megan was ill when one of her practical’s was due to run. She emailed me with a very clearly explanation what needed to be done. This demonstrates she has good written communication skills. Score 7/10
  4. C. Working with Others 1. Cooperating 2. Contributing to teamwork 3. Working under supervision 4. Supervising / showing leadership 5. Working with different people 6. Interdisciplinary working 7. Emotional intelligence Mid:  Self-aware as can evaluate my own strengths and weaknesses but sometimes struggles with self-doubt which impacts confidence and communication. However, this has decreased with increasing responsibility as I have progressed on placement.  Supported an academic when volunteering at an outreach event as a STEM ambassador  Gained confidence in showing leadership when leading on semester 2 practicals.  Worked alongside other placement student to cover shared duties during projects and worked to cover project support when necessary. Due to illness and having preparation for ongoing practicals I feel this hasn’t been entirely balanced and so going forward into masters projects I will be sure to be pro-active. Score 7/10 Mid: Megan has continued to work well as part of a team, this is evident when she has been working alongside the other placement student and the level 3 apprentice when covering housekeeping duties during ug projects. She has also developed her leadership skills through being the lead on numerous practical’s’. Megan has demonstrated she is competent when working in the labs and so can be trusted to work without supervision. Score 7/10
  5. D. Self-Improvement 1. Enthusiasm, commitment 2. Willingness to learn 3. Initiative, resourcefulness, autonomy 4. Taking responsibility 5. Maturity 6. Effective time management 7. Personal organisation / work planning Mid:  Continues to use diary and outlook calendar to plan meetings and has kept on top of duties such as tap flushing, housekeeping checks and restocking of cell culture.  Learnt new information and processes regarding projects.  Meets deadlines when preparing written work such as performance review documents.  Have attempted to manage time to accommodate extra responsibilities during projects, such as increased stock checks, but feel it hasn’t been an even balance due to absences and prepping for ongoing practicals. I aim to be better at this for master projects. Score 7/10 Mid: I think Megan needs to give herself more credit with regards to time management. She has had numerous practical’s to lead, she has managed to prep and deliver these on time which shows she has good time management skills. Illness can not be helped and that is where the assist can step in. If Megan had not been ill. I believe that the second open day practical will have been prepped and deliver on time. Score 7/10
  6. E. Problem Solving & Resilience 1. Prioritising tasks 2. Defining problems 3. Taking action 4. Locating information 5. Taking a range of approaches 6. Persevering Mid:  Have prioritised and planned tasks to manage practical preparation alongside weekly duties and covering project support  Knowledge of databases on the google drive and documents on N drive has helped me locate information to assist students during projects  Developing knowledge of staff members specialist subjects has allowed me to direct students or seek information for them myself Score 6/10 Mid: Megan has demonstrated she can prioritise and plan tasks as she has delivered her practical’s she has been lead on alongside her weekly duties. She has clearly demonstrated that she has got to know her team members specialisms as she has been able to sign post students to the relevant person if she is unable to help them. Score 7/10
  7. F. Information technology 1. Using Word/Excel/PP etc. 2. Using specialist software 3. Using databases 4. Literature searching 5. Open to developing and utilising new technology skills Mid:  Maintained use of previously mentioned systems and databases as well as learning how to use new ones during projects. For example, using equipment booking and chemical inventories to assist students during projects by finding requested reagents, identifying poisons and booking equipment slots etc  Continues to identify literature for my ongoing literature review. Literature searching may be required when assigned practical development. Score 6/10 Mid: Megan has demonstrated she can use all the databases required to support projects and those that support teaching. She has continued to use the e5 portal and internal ordering system competently. Score 7/10 G. Numeracy 1. Calculating / evaluating 2. Checking results 3. Applying appropriate statistics 4. Recording / presenting data Mid:  Generated, interpreted, and presented data as standard results for practicals I have been lead on.  Completed stock orders. Score 6/10 Mid: Megan has generated standard results for the practical’s she has been lead on and has interpreted those result to make sure the practical is producing the results it should. She has also completed weekly stock takes to makes sure there is the adequate amounts of consumables available for both team members and students. Score 7/10
  8. H. Working Practice (i) Knowledge 1. Experimental/project design 2. Function / principles of equipment 3. Health & safety procedures 4. Knowing reasons for particular working practices 5. Background / theoretical knowledge Mid:  Knowledge of health and safety procedures has been used and strengthened when checking students poison request forms when assisting in projects.  Experimental project design skills will be tested when given practical development.  Was trained in the equipment maintenance of microscopes Score 6/10 Mid: Megan has continued to use her knowledge of H/S procedures and has put them in to practice during the Ug project session. She will continue to do this during MSc projects. Score 7/10
  9. (ii) Work Skills 1. Careful & safe working practice 2. Manual dexterity 3. Correct use of equipment/methodology 4. Follows methods / protocols 5. Competent in a range of activities Mid:  Have identified training courses I will attend at the start of Master projects.  Follow methods and protocols detailed in QMS when generating reagents and in lab script for generation of standard results for practicals I am lead on. Score 7/10 Mid: Megan has demonstrated she can follow protocols as she has successfully delivered the practical’s she was lead on by using the QMS documents required to do this. She has also followed scientific methodology to produce standard data for these practicals. Score 7/10 (iii) Quality of Work 1. Accuracy 2. Reliability of service 3. Attention to details 4. Efficiency 5. Meets deadlines 6. Resilience under pressure Mid:  Meets deadlines when preparing written work such as performance review documents  Works under tight deadlines when resetting leading practicals during lunches  Works under pressure to keep on top of project duties such as stocking the prep room, labs and cell culture, carrying out housekeeping checks of the labs and opening and closing cell culture, as well as continuing weekly duties such as tap flushing and preparing for ongoing practicals I am leading. Score 6/10 Mid: Megan has demonstrated that she can work under pressure remarkably well during semester 2. She has successfully balanced practical prep, her weekly duties, and her project housekeeping duties. She has been unwell during this period but has still managed to deliver what is required. Score 7/10 Final:
  10. TO BE COMPLETED BY THE SUPERVISOR Comments / Proposals Potential action to assist with training, extend experience or address problems as follow-up to Performance Review Second: Megan has shown that she can work well under pressure during semester 2. She has successfully balanced delivering the practical’s she was lead on, complete her weekly duties, and complete her housekeeping duties during the project session. This shows she has good planning and time management skills. It has been great to see Megan grow in confidence over semester 2 as she has been given opportunities to allow her to do this. I encourage Megan to keep growing in confidence as I believe she is a very capable person, she just needs to believe in herself more. Date discussed: Mid: 21/04/22 Supervisor: Jody Smith Student: Megan Dutton