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Connotations 2

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Connotations 2

  1. 1. MelissaHirst Connotations Strength This represents how strong a person can be at times when they feel like they are weak. They push themselves to be stronger than they really are. They want to build up that strength so it is harder for others to knock them down. They face their problems with no fear. Poverty Poverty is not a laughing matter. People are thrown out on to the dirty streets. They eventually except that they will never be able to live the life they used to. The streets become their bed. The clothes they wear are the only remaining memory of their life before poverty. Their family just a memory.
  2. 2. MelissaHirst Love Love is something that cannot be controlled it is natural. You can’t make people fall in love with each other. You must let them find their own lover through the path they choose. Not what you choose. Happiness is the key to the world of love. You just need to find it. Fear Fear is the bad feeling you get when you’re walking down the streets at night. It is uncontrollable. Your imagination and your fear are a dangerous combination. You should never let it take over your mind. Something really could happen then.
  3. 3. MelissaHirst Desire Desire is a rare thing these days. You can never really love something that much to actually take it for yourself so it can make you whole. If you want something that badly, work for it. Don’t just looks at it say you want it and then never have enough energy and time to achieve the goal of having it. Take up the opportunity to go that extra stretch. Danger Putting yourself in danger is not a good thing. You could end up a stain on the pathway. Say you were climbing up a building as a stunt man. One wrong move and it could be the end of you. Don’t try to do something dangerous just because you want to show your friends you’re not scared. If you are there is no shame in backing down from the challenge.
  4. 4. MelissaHirst Wealth Wealthy people tend to spend their money like it’s nothing to them. They let the power of having that money rush to their head and it can get you into some serious debt. Don’t just flash your money around just because you have it. Save that money and do something useful with it. Like giving it to charity. Don’t just keep it to yourself because that’s just plain selfish. Weakness Some people are not strong enough to hold back their tears. People believe them to be weak. But it’s ok to cry every once in a while. Showing your true feelings is good. Don’t let anyone call you weak. Don’t let them make you feel insecure about yourself. Be who you want to be. Not what they portray of you.
  5. 5. MelissaHirst Loneliness Loneliness is a horrible feeling. It’s the thing that makes you cry yourself to sleep at night. It’s like walking in an empty hallway. There is no one who will listen or support you. They leave you in that dark abyss for so long that once you finally see the light it’s like the life has just re-entered your body and for once in your life you actually feel happy. Friendship Friendship is special. It’s having a person who you can confide in. A person you can tell all your secrets to. It’s taking their food without permission. Or borrowing something of theirs and then forgetting to give it back for ages. It’s the times that you laugh so hard your drink flies out your nose because you snorted. It’s the being there when you feel alone or when you need a shoulder to cry on.
  6. 6. MelissaHirst Purity Purity is like the water that flows down the rivers. Or it being a clear sky on a sunny day when the rays are shining down on you. It’s a wonderful feeling of pure bliss. It’s nothing like anything you have felt before in your entire life. Greed Greed is something that should have never been invented. It’s something that can take control of you so easily. It’s like eating two portions of food instead of one. Or having all these electronic devices and not sharing them with anyone else because you say that you are using them. It’s not nice to not share with others. It could be something simple like a pen but because you have other pens you don’t want them to use you give them a rubbish pen with hardly any ink in it.