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For portfolio.pdf

  1. 1. Mok Yee Yi (2107280) Thalia Ng (2105907) Nurul Emelda (2142324) Mok Yee Yi (2107280) Thalia Ng (2105907) Nurul Emelda (2142324) Shean Buligis (2105626) (MD4112) - IM01 CA3 Branding Fundamentals
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 Brand and Category Overview 02 Empathy and Deep User Understanding 03 Proposal 04 Conclusion
  3. 3. 01 Brand and category overview
  4. 4. Campaign brief Requirements Objectives Even though Ayam Brands products are well loved by all walks of lives, this campaign’s specific target audience possesses the following demographics and psychographics: - Ages 18-29 - Student, young working adults with busy lifestyles - Focus on wellness, healthy eating, cooking as a form of fun and therapy. The aim of this campaign is to promote Ayam Brand as a go-to brand for canned foods that can be relied on to make quick, delicious and healthful meals. 1. Re-establish Ayam Brand as a leader in healthful canned food products, with premium ingredients and high quality. 2. Feature Ayam Brand’s diverse range of canned foods that do not lack variety, flavour, and versatility. 3. Position Ayam Brand as the go-to food option for quick meals and healthful recipes. Theme: “A Great Meal, Anytime”
  5. 5. Brand Overview Brand essence Brand personality: Brand Idea: Through our premium ingredients, we will provide high quality canned food products that you will go to for a diverse range of healthy and convenient meals. Unique Reliable Innovative Honest Generic adjectives or attributes Specific product category reference High quality and Healthy Canned Foods Top 4 words: Unique (4 people) Innovative (3 people) Honest (4 people) Reliable (5 people) Some other words were: Nostalgic Healthy Dependable Q&A of Ayam Brand’s personality on Instagram
  6. 6. Category overview Competitive environment ● Hosen ● Mili ● Narcissus Product category : Canned food ● Heinz ● Yeo’s ● Fairprice The reason why we chose these canned food brands is because our competitors sell similar alternatives to Ayam Brands products. These similar alternatives range from Tuna, Beans, Coconut Milk, Pasta Sauce, Curry Paste, Luncheon Meat Definition: Any food commercially processed and prepared for human consumption (Lawinsider, n.d) ● Kara ● Prego ● New Moon Ayam Brand vs Alternatives (Competitors)
  7. 7. 02 Empathy and deep user understanding
  8. 8. A day in the life 8:00 AM Wake up & prepare for school Sofie brushes her teeth, showers and prepares her clothes and school things. 01 9:00 AM Meal prep for the day Sofie meal preps for 2 meals a day– breakfast and lunch 02 12:00 PM Lunch break Sofie normally has to have a quick and efficient lunch due to her very busy schedule. 03 1:00 PM Classes and lectures Sofie has many classes throughout the day, some of which are physically intensive and require her to have sufficient energy 04 7:00 PM Dinner As for dinner, Sofie sometimes has to eat something quick and easy as she may have supplementary lectures at night 05 10:30 PM Return after school After a long day sofie makes her daily commute home 06 Sofie
  9. 9. Chosen Stage: Meal Prep We have chosen to study and dive deeper into Sofie’s meal preparation from the “A Day In Life” timeline. We felt that we could generate insightful thought patterns from this stage as it is an essential part of our subject’s day. This stage is also relevant to the field of research we are conducting as the choices she makes in this stage are food and health related
  10. 10. Thought patterns First of all, Sofie choses oats because they are gluten-free whole grains which helps her to lower blood sugar levels and have reduced risk of heart disease. They are also a good source of vitamins, minerals antioxidants and fibres. Chia seeds were added as she knows that they are high in antioxidants and fibre which has health benefits such as lowering high blood pressure. A mix of greek yogurt and regular blueberry flavoured yogurt. The flavoured yogurt helps to give the sweetness to her final product. Greek yogurt has much more protein and less sugar compared to regular yoghurt and also has added health benefits. Milk was then added as a liquid for the oats to soften and the chia seeds to expand. Milk also provides a lot of benefits for Sofie because some of her days are physically intensive and milk provides calcium, vitamins and proteins which could lead to improved bone health. Sofie also adds soy milk. Soy milk is a healthier option of milk with an excellent nutrient profile. Sofie knows that soy milk reduces risk of cancer and helps to lower cholesterol. Last but not least, Sofie adds her powders. She added protein powder which is important because it helps repair and strengthen her muscles. Milo powder is added for extra chocolate flavour because Sofie loves the taste of Milo.
  11. 11. POEMS PEOPLE At this stage, she is the only person present, as she likes to focus while cooking and being alone helps with that OBJECTS Ingredients such as oats, chia seeds, milk, salt, and greek yoghurt, as well as kitchen utensils like jars, spoons, measuring cups ENVIRONMENT Although it is a small space, the kitchen is quite spacious for one person to cook. Products are easy to access and can be found easily.
  12. 12. MESSAGES Food labels, nutritional value sheet, healthier choice logo, expiration date enable her make better informed choices (e.g. choosing healthier foods) when preparing her meals SERVICES No relevant services to help our subject beyond just purchasing a product
  13. 13. Overall Insights and Observations We noticed that Sofie uses foods that are of high nutritional value because she has many classes, some of which are physically intensive. Hence, eating foods with high nutritional value would give her great health benefits and sufficient energy that she needs to get through her day. We also observed that Sofie takes note of the nutritional information on product packaging before consuming because she views her health as one of the most important priorities and takes good care of it. Hence, she takes caution and only consume products that she know is good for her. Overall, Ayam Brand’s target audience prioritize their health and body. To lead a healthy lifestyle, they are very aware and careful as to what they consume. Ayam brand needs to persuade people like Sofie to inform her about Ayam Brand’s products being nutritious and suitable for her lifestyle. This can be in a form of promoting and highlighting the key benefits when consuming Ayam Brand’s products.
  14. 14. User Interviews - Miro Board
  15. 15. User Interviews “Interviewees tended to see canned food as convenient and can easily be incorporated into meals.” Mandy Gideon Bobby Agatha “Definitely, because in the first place canned food are usually marketed to be convenient. And therefore, the ultimate incentive to consuming canned food is the convenience.” “Yeah, definitely because of.. accessibility you know. It's really easy to make or prepare, just open the can and just mix in with whatever you want or just eat it by itself, definitely can be added to meals like super easily.” “For sure, canned food has definitely helped me with my meal prep and made it easier.” “I think that they're definitely a convenient way to cook my meals. I shared before that. I used canned foods for almost every other day since I'm on my intern and I have morning shifts. So that's what my mom would use to pack for me for my breakfast and for my lunch as well. So I think it's very convenient and easy.” “I mean, you don't really think that, oh, this canned food is very delicious or something, it's more of like the convenience behind it lor.”
  16. 16. User Interviews “Interviewees tended to view canned food as having a lot of preservatives.” Mandy Gideon Bobby Agatha “Um, I feel like canned food generally comes across as very unhealthy. Because there seems to be this impression whereby there's a lot of chemicals that are added inside, such as flavourings, or like preservatives. I mean, if it's to be kept in a can for quite an extended period of time, then I would think that there will be an a fair amount of preservatives in it right?” “From the impression that I get from….social media or even…… facts on the can, I think there are a lot of preservatives on it” “I feel like in a sense, yes. Because like in the times of now like every every kind of food sort of has preservatives, if not it won't last right. If not it'll just expire immediately or something.” Yeah, I think they do contain a lot of preservatives, but I don't want to assume for every brand, maybe there are brands out there that you can actually trust and not only contain, like, good taste, but they also have health benefits in their canned foods. The general impression I have towards canned food is that it's not very healthy. And it seems to be most majority of it seems to be processed food as well.
  17. 17. User Interviews “Interviewees tended to have specific dietary needs in their meals.” Mandy Gideon Bobby Agatha I try to eat as much whole foods as I can. Whole Foods as in food that is not processed as much as possible. Food that has not been altered as much as possible.” “On a daily basis, it varies actually, depending on what I have on on that day. Mostly consists of like, typical Chinese meals like rice, a source of protein, whether is it fish, chicken, and some kind of veg ah.” I didn’t really care much about the quality of food I ate in the past, especially when I was the one preparing it. However, as I grew, I started caring more about the quality of the food I eat. Like now especially, I try eat foods that are healthier and are of better quality to ensure my health doesn’t take a dip. “Besides taste definitely the quality or the freshness of the food. I really cannot stand eating food when I know that it's not properly cooked. Or there's still blood or things like that.” And then when it comes to what I look out for, when I consume my meals, it will be ensuring that I meet the required macros in a meal. Like for example, I try to have more protein, than like fats, or carbs in a meal.
  18. 18. User Interviews “Interviewees tended to have different opinions on what would make them consume canned food on a daily basis.” Mandy Gideon Bobby Agatha “When consuming food in general I look for the overall nutritional content of that food item. I would probably eat canned food on a daily basis if it meets the macros (carbohydrates, protein and fats) more than the other food I have on hand.” “Whether is it healthy or beneficial to an extend you know, whether there are like healthy fats content, sodium content, and something that is not too oily, or like consists of a lot of oil or preserved in like oily substances. And also, of course, the taste, I'm not sure whether that’s a quality but yeah, they will affect it as well. And maybe calories. Make sure that it's not as high.. like not exceeding my daily calorie.” “Honestly I’ll just eat certain canned foods when I feel like it, However, there’s a limited range of food and eventually you will run out of options. So, would I eat it daily? hmm maybe not just because of the lack of variety for me.” “I think what encourages me to buy is number one brand popularity, knowing that many customers trust the brand that encourages me to trust wherever they're selling and how they prepare it.” “So let's say I have a choice between whole foods that are naturally nutritious without chemicals in it versus canned food that are nutritious but with chemicals. Then I will still choose whole foods, without the chemicals part.” “One canned food that I particularly enjoy is the soya sauce peanuts, and I do occasionally crave for it. But after awhile the craving subsides and I no longer feel like eating canned food, you know?” “Second thing is whether there's too much salt or sugar in the canned food, because I don't know, I think it's… there's that belief that canned foods aren’t really the most healthy way to have your meals.”
  19. 19. Motivations Overall Insights Unmet needs Likes Dislikes Frustrations Need Statement Gender: Female Age: 24 years old Race: Chinese Occupation: Full-Time Accountant Part-Time Spin Instructor Preferences Goals: Personality: Athletic, Confident, Charismatic Education: Diploma in Banking and Finance at Singapore Polytechnic Name: Jessica Tan - Foods that fulfill her nutritional needs - Meals that are fast and easy to prepare - When brands are honest with their ingredients and production process. - Foods containing high sodium content, chemicals and preservatives. - Meals that require long preparation time and multiple steps - When the quality or freshness of the food does not meet her expectations- not promising what they promote - Has specific dietary needs in her meals such as meeting her required macros. - Prefers to have whole foods with no chemicals involved - Would like to save as much money as possible when purchasing products for her meals - She can’t make smart and healthy food choices as she has no time to go out of her way and purchase nutritious meals due to her busy lifestyle - When organic/gluten-free/plant-based products are not as easily accessible. - Products that are good for the body being a lot more expensive compared to regular products filled with chemicals - Desires to be a good health role model for her spin class students. - Would like to look and feel healthy with the help of the food she consumes - Would like to find other alternatives besides premium products as they are expensive - Wants a diet that can provide her with right and sufficient nutrients to sustain her active lifestyle. - To educate herself on the health benefits that come with eating certain food products - Find more affordable alternatives that still fulfills her needs and can be incorporated into her daily meals. - Jessica, an accountant and part-time spin instructor needs a way to spark her interest in venturing out other healthy food alternatives so she can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle without worrying about the undesirable effects (e.g. expensive prices, inaccessibility) Jessica doesn’t know about the other affordable alternatives existing as she has not yet come across any information on such possibilities. - In summary, Jessica’s health is a very important aspect of her life and she prefers to consume foods that meet her dietary needs. However, she is not familiar with the more affordable alternatives of healthy foods and wants to gain more knowledge in that aspect.
  20. 20. Consumer Ayam Brand Ayam brand makes high quality and healthy canned foods so accessible that consumers can have a healthier lifestyle. Brands Promise Brands Story Brand Ideas Purchase Moment Consumer Experience We care for consumers and provide products that are healthy, natural and of superior quality Canned food of the highest quality should be accessible and convenient for everyone to prepare and consume. Start by producing versatile, tasty and affordable products, then work on informing customers on its nutritional benefits. Allow consumers to see and read descriptions of the products to understand what they will be consuming. Healthy and natural canned food should not be hard to find or a hassle to prepare Packaging Logo/Slogan Advertising of product’s benefits using media Product Development Sales and Retail Operation and communication TOUCHPOINTS
  21. 21. What does Ayam Brand currently have? Healthier choice logo and indication/labels on products Packaging Logo/Slogan Advertising of product’s benefits using media Product Development Sales and Retail Operation and communication Promoting benefits through Instagram posts Sharing product description on website for consumers to learn and understand Displaying products range and information of nutritional content in website. Promoting accessibility and convenience through website and retail store
  22. 22. Overall Analysis Overall Insights How can Ayam Brand improve? In slides 21 and 22, we presented our touchpoints in the form of a flow chart. The flowchart helps Ayam Brand to be in the consumer’s shoes and find out what are they currently doing and lacking in the different aspects (brand promise, story etc.). This will help Ayam Brand focus on the areas they’re lacking in or what’s more important to them. To allow customers to see and read description of products, a different format or way of presenting could be used instead of a website. To further improve consumer’s experience, we could also include extra benefits that comes with the purchase. Lastly, under product development, to make it more accessible and convenient for customers, we can use the idea of an application with all the features included (games to win prizes, product information and purchase) Firstly Ayam brand could use the format of videos and come up with more creative ideas to display their nutritional benefits as well as ways to make convenient healthy meals. Videos will be good instead of static advertising because videos are more engaging and interactive. Secondly, Ayam brand could come up with gift ideas to improve consumer experience, gifts such as discounts, attractive promotional ideas such as bundle deals and attractive merchandise to draw the attention of our customers. Lastly, Ayam brand could make it even more convenient for customers by creating an app which has the option of delivery. This app could also include all the nutritional benefits and information because despite it all being displayed on the website, an app is a lot more accessible and commonly used.
  23. 23. 03 Proposal
  24. 24. Description: 50 second video advertisement and a short tiktok video Synopsis: The first video advertisement will follow the lives of 4 different people from different parts of the world and how they are all connected by one brand which is Ayam Brand. The second video advertisement will be a short tiktok video by Ayam Brand addressing misconceptions on their products in a fun way. Target Audience: Suitable for ages 18-29 (With certain age groups viewing the video in the platforms they use often) Platform used: Television Advertisement, Social Media Platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter) Why did we choose this platform: With the various platforms, each catering to a more specific age group, it reaches a large audience as majority of Singaporeans have access to all these platforms which means that everyone is bound to see it. This platform helps us to gather a captive audience as well as reach our desired target audience. Using the different platforms can help promote brand presence and increase brand awareness evoking a strong sense of credibility. Why this works: Video advertisements is one of the most effective methods of advertising. Customers like video advertisements due to the fact that is is engaging and entertaining, as well as very straightforward and easy to understand. It helps to build brand awareness with the aid of visually engaging shots. Social media advertisements are also easily shareable. Proposal #1
  25. 25. Proposal #2 Description: Ayam Brand Merch- T-shirt, Tote Bag, Enamel/brooch pin Target Audience: Suitable for ages 18-29 (Certain age groups may be more attracted to a particular item) Platforms/Methods used: In-store [Cold Storage/NTUC], Ayam Brand Website/Application (3rd proposal) Why did we choose this platform: We chose to sell our products both offline and online to meet the different preferences/needs of our customers. Selling products in stores is also a good marketing tactic as part of our customers would prefer to buy our products from stores itself as they might want to physically see and touch the products before purchasing it. For those who don’t know the brand and notice our merch, it might spark interest in them, spreading awareness for the brand. As for selling our products online, many customers would prefer this platform due to the ease of accessibility to the app/website from the comforts of their own homes and the convenience of purchasing as well. Why this works: Merchandise helps us activate our loyal customer base as it connects your fans to the brand, gives them a chance to show off their enthusiasm, and make them feel like a part of something bigger. We could also use different promotional methods such as word-of-mouth and affiliated marketing. Merches are an important memorabilia that can spark conversations around our business and serve as free advertisements for the brand. Affiliated marketing through using influencers to promote our merch through various social media platforms, followers of the influencers would get to know our brand. Since followers trust their influencers, this would build a good reputation and image for Ayam Brand.
  26. 26. Design #1 Rationale: As Ayam Brand’s logo leans more towards being vintage and traditional, the first design is Retro-themed. Ayam Brand’s canned sardines is used as that’s their most well-known product and it’s easily recognisable. Eye-catching bold colours are also used to give the design a fun and playful vibe. 1) T-Shirts
  27. 27. White Version Black Version
  28. 28. Design #2 Rationale: A simpler approach is used for the second design as some consumers might prefer a more minimalistic look that can be worn daily. Even though thin strokes were used, the Ayam Brand product is still recognisable as their iconic brand colours (red and yellow) were used and the words “Ayam Brand” can be seen easily.
  29. 29. White Version Black Version
  30. 30. 2) Enamel Pins Rationale: We decided on enamels pins as it can be a way to draw attention and increase interest, this helps to grow Ayam Brand’s local brand image. As people wear them around, they make excellent conversation pieces so this can help market Ayam Brand through words of mouth. Overall, these little adorable accessories are colourful, bright and are perfect to go along with any type of fashion.
  31. 31. 3) Tote Bags & Thermal Flasks Rationale: As part of Ayam Brand’s sustainability efforts, the idea of tote bags and thermos flasks will be a good addition as not only does it promote the brand itself, it can also spread the message of saving the environment and preventing waste from using plastic bags and bottles. This can increase Ayam Brand’s image and reputation for being an environmentally friendly company.
  32. 32. Proposal #3 Description: Ayam Brand App Synopsis: This app is multifunctional, it is an app where customers can shop and purchase Ayam Brands products with ease. This app also includes details and information of our products, a shop as well as game that customers can play. By completing the games they will get vouchers and deals as prizes. Target Audience: Suitable for ages 18-29 (Certain age groups may be more attracted to a particular item) Platforms/Methods used: Mobile app Why did we choose this platform: We chose a mobile app as customers will be able to access it with just the push off a button. An app is definitely a lot more interactive as there is engagement. With engagement, it allows us to to understand to what extent users are involved with Ayam Brand. Thanks to the fun factor of the game, we can turn curious people into customers, and customers into fans. (BloomIdea, n.d) Many customers would also prefer to use e-commerce to purchase products nowadays due to its convenience. Why this works: The reason why we chose to create this apps and provide such unique features is, firstly, the app would display all products with filters for the ease of the consumer. All the details would be presented in the app and if customers have enquires, they could engage our helpline. This helps to create good rapport between our brand and customers, leaving a good impression. We included a games section as customers could have fun while shopping and earn attractive deals here. Upon seeing this feature, more customers will continue to play our game, promoting brand loyalty between customers and our brand. With the application and game approach, customers will spend on time on Ayam Brand’s app and when more time is spent on an app, more time will be attach to the brand and subsequently more retention of it. (BloomIdea, n.d)
  33. 33. Ayam Brand App App Mock Up We consolidated a few of the key services Ayam Brand currently provides as well as some of the new brand assets we have just suggested into an app. The concept of the app actually began with a mobile game. However, we realised that we could also include other features to enhance the functionality of the app.
  34. 34. Ayam Brand App The Home Page The whole look and feel of the app is reflected in the home page. We wanted to go for a minimalistic clean feel while still retaining the homeliness of Ayam Brand. Some inspirations for the user interface include Apple, Nike and Mcdonald’s. There’s also a short overview about Ayam Brand history and what it stands for. We chose to include it seems that this is an integral part of their branding. Apart from that the home page prominently features new products and the latest news from Ayam Brand.
  35. 35. Ayam Brand App Product Features When designing the app, one of the things we took into consideration was translating the info from Ayam Brand’s website and placing it in the app for greater coverage and convenience of reading. Ayam Brand tends to feature its new products often on its webpage. However, the on the site, the features look a bit tacky. Hence, we revamped them using better quality pictures and a summarized version of the product description. Ayam Brand is also huge on healthy foods as well as sustainable produce. That’s why we included the product details, to highlight Ayam Brand’s dedication to their promise of healthy sustainable food.
  36. 36. Ayam Brand App Recipe column We wanted the app to flow seamlessly from one section to another, so at the bottom of every featured product, there is the link to at least one recipe that users can make using the product. Apart from that, users can also click the recipe icon to have a look at what dishes they can make using the Ayam Brand’s products they may already own. This will also encourage users to go out and purchase Ayam Brand’s products to try out new recipes.
  37. 37. Ayam Brand App Online Shop This section of the app links to the previous proposal. Having an online shop would give a proper platform for Ayam Brand to distribute their merchandise to consumers. Apart from just merchandise users can also find out more about Ayam Brand’s range of products as well as buy Ayam Brand’s products through the shop.
  38. 38. Ayam Brand App Game As mentioned previously, the whole concept of the app came about from the game. We wanted to have a game that was easy to play and was related to Ayam Brand’s product. Hence, we came up with the concept of crushing the most number of cans to win. There is a leaderboard which adds a competition aspect to the game which motivated players to go head to head– making them play more frequently.
  39. 39. Ayam Brand App Objective Players will try to crush as many cans as possible under a set time limit. Over time points accumulate. Also, different cans have different points.
  40. 40. Ayam Brand App Incentive Lastly, players are able to convert game points into promo codes that they can use to get discounts on products and merchandise. This rounds up the app nicely and helps incentivise users to buy items from the shop
  41. 41. App Demo
  42. 42. 04 Conclusion
  43. 43. Conclusion In conclusion, Ayam Brand can stand out from other competitors because of their brand personality- innovation, honesty, uniqueness and reliability. This can be seen from them providing high-quality canned foods that are healthy and convenient for everyone to enjoy. With our ADIL and User Interviews, we noticed that people generally view Ayam Brand or canned food as a form of convenience and view canned food negatively due to preservatives. They are well aware of what they should be consuming to keep up with their healthy lifestyle. They focus on different aspects when eating healthily such as one tries to eat the required macros while others focus on getting enough protein or if the quality meets their expectations. This shows that Ayam Brand needs to take note of what their target audience are looking for and try their best to cater towards the different needs. Hence, we hope our proposals can help to highlight that Ayam Brand actually has a diverse range of healthy canned food that do not lack variety, flavour and versatility. This will lead to the target audience perceiving the brand as the leading producer of canned food products with premium ingredients and high quality. This positions Ayam Brand as the go-to food option for quick and healthy meals.
  44. 44. References - Canned food Definition | Law Insider. Law Insider. Retrieved 12 February 2022, from - Eldor, K. (2021). If You Notice Branded Merch Everywhere, You Are Not Alone—Here Is Why. Forbes. Retrieved 12 February 2022, from - Gustec, S. (2021). 13 benefits of mobile apps for business You need to know | DECODE. DECODE. Retrieved 12 February 2022, from - Greene, L. Should You Sell Online or In-Store? - Small Business Marketing Tools. Small Business Marketing Tools. Retrieved 12 February 2022, from - Home. Retrieved 12 February 2022, from - Muhammad, F. (2020). 3 Reasons Why Video Ads Are the Future of Advertising & the Ad Types Available (Data). Retrieved 12 February 2022, from,in%20a%20format%20they%20prefer.&text= Owing%20to%20their%20format%2C%20video,the%20future%20of%20digital%20advertising. - 4 Benefits of Selling Your Product in a Convenience Store ». Mr. Checkout™ | Grocery Distributors, Pharmacy Distributors & Convenience Distributors. Retrieved 12 February 2022, from - 5 advantages of using games as a marketing technique. Bloomidea. Retrieved 12 February 2022, from
  45. 45. CREDITS: This presentation template was created by Slidesgo, including icons by Flaticon, and infographics & images by Freepik THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.
  46. 46. CREDITS: This presentation template was created by Slidesgo, including icons by Flaticon, and infographics & images by Freepik THANKS! +91 620 421 838 Do you have any questions? Please keep this slide for attribution