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#Smarketing? - Aligning sales and marketing

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3 ways to align sales and marketing efforts from suspect to close

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#Smarketing? - Aligning sales and marketing

  1. 1. #Smarketing? Aligning sales and marketing
  2. 2. ALIGNMENT 1. HANDOVER POINTS – From lead to customer 2. CONTENT – For the entire buyer’s journey 3. ANALYTICS – The causes of conversion
  3. 3. Definitions Lead: “A company or person that might be interested in your products and services” Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL): “A lead judged more likely to become a customer compared to other leads, often based on lead intelligence” Sales Qualified Lead (SQL): “The decision from sales, after a series of interactions, that an opportunity with a $ value and a time frame exists”
  4. 4. Effective handovers?
  5. 5. How do we define MQL? How should sales follow up? We don’t have an SQL process... What about handing back to marketing?
  6. 6. ACTION POINTS Start today 1. Define: what constitutes an MQL for your organization? 2. Define: what constitutes an SQL for your organization? 3. Decide: when can sales hand back a lead to marketing?
  7. 7. Automate
  8. 8. CONTENT
  9. 9. CONTENT AND CONTEXT Early Funnel – Creating interest Short videos; E-books; White papers; Blog posts and Articles, Awards Mid Funnel – Differentiation Presentations (Prezi, Slide Share); Value propositions; Unique Selling Points; Product and Service offerings Late Funnel – Confirmation References; RoI Calculations; Proposal templates; Price lists etc
  10. 10. ACTION POINTS Start today 1. Ask: Sales to document the content they need for their milestones in the sales process 2. Prioritize: Rank in order of importance 3. Produce: the collateral on the list
  11. 11. Ponder time 1. Are you targeting the right customers? 2. Are you staying away from bad fits? 3. Do you have the data to do this?
  12. 12. Makes sense?
  13. 13. ACTION POINTS - RECAP • Define: What constitutes an MQL and SQL? • Decide: When can sales hand back leads to marketing? • Implement: A process for continuous handovers between sales and marketing • Ask: Sales to document the content they need for the milestones in your sales process • Conduct: A win/loss analysis. Align sales and marketing around corrective actions
  14. 14. Fredrik Jonsson Chief Content Officer email twitter @fredrikmembrain website +46 (0) 768-35 12 93