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Wealth Management - Advisory Services, Technology and Implemented Solutions

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In today’s environment you are being called upon to compete more actively for new business and balance your resources against rising service expectations and regulatory demands.

At Mercer Investments we aim to meet our clients’ challenges. Unparalleled Flexibility to develop bespoke solutions, from remote delivery of research Through to hands-on delegated decision making, enables our clients to Differentiate their services while producing profitable growth.

A market leading provider of professional advisory services, technology and implemented solutions for wealth management firms and other institutional intermediaries

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Wealth Management - Advisory Services, Technology and Implemented Solutions

  2. 2. 3PROVIDING YOUWITH MARKET-READYINVESTMENT IDEASHead office researchand portfolio toolsManager researchand operational riskassessmentFiduciarymanagementMAP (MercerAdvisor Portal)Dynamic assetallocationNiche/bespokeproduct buildResearch andperformanceanalyticsManager andFund SelectionPlatformconstructionEnvironmental, Socialand Governance(ESG) researchHigh VolumeResearch andMonitoringOutsourced backoffice operationsA market-leading provider of professional advisoryservices, technology and implemented solutions for wealthmanagement firms and other financial intermediaries.TOOLSADVICESOLUTIONS
  3. 3. 1In today’s environmentyou are being calledupon to compete moreactively for new businessand balance yourresources against risingservice expectations andregulatory demands.YOUR INVOLVEMENTIN IMPLEMENTATIONAdviceLOWERSolutionsHIGHERResearchand ToolsAt Mercer Investments we aim to meet our clients’ challenges. Unparalleledflexibility to develop bespoke solutions, from remote delivery of researchthrough to hands-on delegated decision making, enables our clients todifferentiate their services while producing profitable growth.Where are you on Mercer’s Investment Continuum?
  4. 4. 2Mercer investmentshelps you spend lesstime on research,we have the toolsyou need so that youcan spend more timeproviding betterproducts, services andbuilding relationships.
  5. 5. 3RESEARCH AND TOOLSWe have more than 100 research-dedicated professionals around theworld. We look beyond just performance numbers and go deep into theunderstanding of investment managers’ discipline and value offering.Our research is forward-looking and qualitative.Everything a client advisor needs to demonstratean advanced and professional client service.Mercer Global Investment ManagerDatabase (GIMDTM)This comprehensive database is an intuitive weband Excel-based research tool that displays a widerange of information for investors on more than5,200 investment managers and more than 25,0001investment strategies. This information rangesfrom access to and analysis of performance data toviewing qualitative, forward-looking research oninvestment managers, supported by a powerfulscreening functionality.CASE SNAPSHOTDriving efficiency and lowering costsA large and growing private bank with a discretionaryand advisory client base had a choice to make betweenexpanding their fund research team and outsourcingtheir primary research efforts. Upon investigatingand understanding Mercer’s research process, theclient concluded the quality and depth was equalto if not more thorough and global than their own,and opted to subscribe to Mercer’s central researchrepository, GIMDTM.As the client looks to expand their fund platformto include a fund in a new asset category, the teamminimizes their costs by focusing their investigations onMercer’s highly rated strategies. With the heavy liftingdone by Mercer, the client was able to focus their duediligence on the key concerns and portfolio suitability.The relationship not only includes direct access to thesame research used by Mercer consultants but alsoincludes regular discussions on topical investmentideas as well as manager selection and portfolioconstruction advice.Our manager research views continually evolveto identify and assess changes in a strategy’s keypeople, processes, and implementation. This allowsfor timely responses to changes that impact clientsand their portfolios.Where full in-depth manager research in not required,Mercer conducts a high-volume research (HVR)approach. This uses the same intellectual capital thatunderpins our four-factor framework, delivering it toinvestment managers in a summary format, stating ifthe fund is flagged red/amber/green and identifyingthe key issues. This approach can provide a base-level view of a fund, and can help to prioritize fundsfor deeper due diligence, if required. High-volumemonitoring (HVM) follows the same approach toidentify material changes in an investment team,strategy, or the firm, and can be conducted on a regularbasis for clients.Mercer Investments also offers a range of informationtechnology solutions to streamline processes, andenhance the productivity of wealth managers.Mercer Advisor Portal (MAP)MAP-Head Office Solution: An exclusive offering thatcombines a truly competitive retail data analytics toolwith Mercer’s forward-looking qualitative research. Thistool is ideal for the sophisticated central fund/managerselection teams to analyze, screen, and chart qualitativeand quantitative information. It works as a singleplatform that enables the organization to streamline alltheir fund selection and monitoring processes.MAP-Front Office Solution: A client-branded, fullycustomizable, user friendly advisor workstationincorporating all the essential support materialneeded by a client advisor to select, develop,and monitor their client’s portfolio. Completeflexibility over content and functionality withoptions to include summary Mercer opinions,portfolio construction tools, fund performancecharting, fund factsheets, and model portfolios.1As of March 2013.
  6. 6. 4Mercer Investments hassignificant scale advantageswith more than 1,200investment professionals in 48offices worldwide and morethan 100 specialist managerresearchers. We advise ona total of US$6.7 trillion inassets. Our scale and globalfootprint translate to realbenefits to our clients2.
  7. 7. 5ADVICEOur advisory services include(but are not limited to):• Setting investment objectives and constructingrobust model portfolios by developing appropriatebenchmarks as well as measuring and mitigatingdownside risk.• Establishing risk profile questionnaires andcorresponding model portfolios for all asset classes.• HVR and HVM providing a qualitative screen for largenumbers of funds that need to be consolidated and/or monitored.• In-depth analysis of money management, custodians,counterparty risk, and transaction costs as well asoperational risk assessments.• Advice on strategic asset allocations, customized forvarious risk profiles and different segments within afirm’s client base.• Manager and fund selection and blending managersto achieve specific objectives.• Advice on emerging investment opportunitiesand themes.• Monitoring of asset allocations, managers, and modelportfolios, and delivery of significant manager newsand market valuation views.• Participation in investment committee meetings andprofessional development sessions.• Production of investment-related material foradvisors that can be incorporated into their clientcommunications. These include investment-specificnotes, such as short fund profiles, educationalarticles, technical white papers, and thought pieceson topical investment issues.• Advisor training delivered either in person or throughMercer Advisor Portal in modules.CASE SNAPSHOTCreating trust through performanceA large global retail bank engaged Mercer’s WealthManagement team to provide advice on portfolioconstruction, the development and reporting of modelportfolios, performance analysis, and online researchand tools for its team of financial advisors.Over time, the relationship was broadened to createbranded fund profiles, provide advice on new funds,and the assignment of standard risk measures. Thesuccessful outcome of these projects prompted theclient to further engage Mercer’s Wealth Managementteam for the development of a bespoke risk profilingmethodology among other research and advice for itssubstantial AsiaPacific operations.2As of March 2013.
  8. 8. 6Delegate dependingon your budget,time constraints,resources, andskills; we can helpwhatever your needs,however you choose.Mercer Investmentscurrently hasUS$70bn in assetsunder management3.
  9. 9. 7SOLUTIONSSome clients look to Mercer not just for advice but also to implement ourinvestment ideas on their behalf. Solutions range from the constructionof a single asset class to diversified portfolios to full implementation of along-term strategic plan.3Mercer, together with its worldwide investment consulting and fiduciary management business, is a truly global organization with over 1,200 staffacross 46 cities, and with over $6.7 trillion in assets under advisement and over $73.9 billion in assets under management as of 31 March 2013.Fiduciary managementOutsourcing investment activities enables you tofocus more on achieving your long-term strategicobjectives. The benefits of delegating your day-to-dayinvestment decision-making and execution to Mercerinclude performance monitoring, improved efficiency,robust governance, operational cost savings, riskmanagement, and the framework to exploit marketopportunities as they arise.Joint investment solutionsMercer’s Wealth Management team can also work withclients who choose to have deeper involvement and ahigher degree of influence on investment objectivesand manager structure.Mercer Investments can help you create modelportfolios, help in product development to createbespoke funds, structure multi-manager funds, andaccess niche alternative asset classes.CASE SNAPSHOTThe benefits of an implemented approachMercer was initially engaged as an advisory consultanton funds run by a large community bank in theUS. Following internal changes in 2010, the clientoutsourced its portfolio management to Mercer.Mercer’s Wealth Management team now has theresponsibility of managing the $1.4 billion multi-manager balanced fund on a fully discretionary basis.The client was able to take advantage of dedicatedwealth management expertise and tailored researchand analytical tools. They leveraged Mercer’sinstitutional brand as a differentiator, creating a levelof credibility and confidence between the bank andits clients. In addition they save on operating costs byutilizing Mercer’s funds platform.
  10. 10. 8Why Mercer InvestmentsProven expertiseBehind every Mercer Investments specialist there are more than 1,200others, whose combined expertise provides effective solutions for yourchallenges and objectives.Powered by ideasOur rigorous research and forward-thinking people mean that we developthe best ideas to help you improve returns, control risk, and reduce costs.Customized deliveryOur working relationship is dynamic. We provide the tools, advice, andpractical solutions that you need to achieve your investment objectives.Mercer is a leading global provider of investmentservices, and offers customized guidance at everystage of the investment decision, risk management,and investment monitoring process. We have beendedicated to meeting the needs of clients for morethan 40 years, and we work with fiduciaries, pensionfunds, foundations, endowments, wealth managers,and other investors in more than 48 countries. Weassist with every aspect of institutional investing(and retail portfolios in some regions), from strategy,structure, and implementation to ongoing fiduciarymanagement.Our skilled and experienced people provide servicesto our clients across the investment continuum bypartnering with them to help manage investmentrisk and return outcomes. We embrace our clients’challenges, from remote delivery of research throughto hands-on delegated decision making.For more informationplease contact:GlobalCara Williamscara.williams@mercer.comEuroPacMichael Curtin (Europe)michael.curtin@mercer.comBrian Long (Australia / New Zealand)brian.long@mercer.comGrowth MarketsPierre DeGagne (Acting Head)pierre.degagne@mercer.comNorth AmericaDavid Eisenberg (US)david.eisenberg@mercer.comBrian Dayes (Canada)brian.dayes@mercer.comvisit:
  11. 11. 4Ensure your firm has acompetitive edge relativeto your peers.
  12. 12. IMPORTANT NOTICES References to Mercer shall be construed to include MercerLLC and/or its associated companies.Proprietary and confidentialThis contains confidential and proprietary information of Mercer and is intended forthe exclusive use of the parties to whom it was provided by Mercer. Its content maynot be modified, sold or otherwise provided, in whole or in part, to any other personor entity without Mercer’s prior written permission.Opinions – not guaranteesThe findings, ratings and/or opinions expressed herein are the intellectual propertyof Mercer and are subject to change without notice. They are not intended to conveyany guarantees as to the future performance of the investment products, assetclasses or capital markets discussed. Past performance does not guarantee futureresults. Mercer’s ratings do not constitute individualized investment advice.Not investment adviceThis does not contain investment advice relating to your particular circumstances.No investment decision should be made based on this information without firstobtaining appropriate professional advice and considering your circumstances.Information obtained from third partiesInformation contained herein has been obtained from a range of third party sources.While the information is believed to be reliable, Mercer has not sought to verifyit independently. As such, Mercer makes no representations or warranties as tothe accuracy of the information presented and takes no responsibility or liability(including for indirect, consequential, or incidental damages) for any error, omissionor inaccuracy in the data supplied by any third party.© 2013 Mercer LLC. All rights reserved.