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Meteor Rails-2015

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This deck is similar to the Intro to Meteor deck but includes slides about how JavaScript has matured and how Meteor relates to Rails. See for links to code and other aids for preparing a Meteor talk. Revision 1.0

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Meteor Rails-2015

  1. 1. The JavaScript app platform
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover What is Meteor? Why Meteor? Code Demo Who is using it? Who is behind it? What’s next?
  3. 3. What is Meteor?
  4. 4. One codebase, all platforms Open and extensible 100% pure JavaScript Collaborative iOS and Android app <1000 lines of JavaScript A full-stack, open source platform for building web and mobile apps in JavaScript Fast and fun development
  5. 5. Build advanced apps quickly with a small team
  6. 6. Meteor components Command Line Tool View Layer – Blaze (Angular, React) Livequery Full stack package system – Build system Cordova/Phonegap
  7. 7. Why Meteor?
  8. 8. JavaScript, Really?
  9. 9. JavaScript has come of age ES2015 (ES6) – mature, well-designed e.g., Classes, block scoping, etc. It’s fast – V8, Spidermonkey, Chakra - asm.js – 50% speed of native C code Viable on the server (Node.js) Big, vibrant open source community Even more ubiquitous
  10. 10. Table stakes TodayYesterday Browser Mobile Refresh button Live updates Individual sessions Multiuser collaboration Links and forms Native-style GUI
  11. 11. Updates without refreshing the browser
  12. 12. Real-time collaboration
  13. 13. “We’ve bled all over it.” Brett Kiefer The Trello Tech Stack
  14. 14. Result: Complex stack HTML Templates App Logic Reactive UI update system Native mobile container Speculative client-side updates Client-side data store Custom data sync protocol Realtime database monitoring Build & update system We want to focus on the app, not the infrastructure App Microservices PLATFOR M Blaze Livequery Client Data Cache MongoDB SQL REST App Components & Logic React Angular SERVER CLIENT SOURCES DDP MobileWeb
  15. 15. Meteor code demo
  16. 16. MongoDB DOM Server Client Meteor Data Flows Minimongo Optimistic UI
  17. 17. What We Saw – Meteor Tool Install to deploy in minutes w/free hosting Hot code push Multi-platform support Full-stack packages
  18. 18. What We Saw – Framework Features Reactive rendering Database sync Intuitive, isomorphic API Minimal boilerplate code
  19. 19. The Meteor Platform App Microservices PLATFORM Blaze Livequery Client Data Cache MongoDB SQL REST App Components & Logic React Angular SERVER CLIENT SOURCES DDP MobileWeb
  20. 20. Rails was the first to get the web right Standardized REST Established reasonable conventions Middleware Gems Maximizes dev productivity/happiness
  21. 21. Meteor gets JavaScript right ES2015 (ES6) support (starting v1.2) Standardizes websockets Pre-wired real-time stack including server, browser, mobile Full-stack packages Open architecture Simple, beautiful API
  22. 22. Who is using Meteor?
  23. 23. Companies using Meteor
  24. 24. Workpop: Raised $7.9 million Series A led by Trinity Ventures “the most rapid prototyping, iteration and development we’ve ever seen from an early stage company”
  25. 25. Meteor community Over 200 meetup groups Over 6000 community-authored packages Ranked in top10 on GitHub
  26. 26. Who is behind Meteor?
  27. 27. Meteor Development Group Funded (won’t disappear) - $20 Million series B - May 2015 Active development by full-time employees Revenue product: Galaxy - high-availability/large scale Meteor hosting Meteor platform is MIT-licensed - host anywhere; you own the code
  28. 28. What’s next?
  29. 29. Roadmap Meteor 1.2 – Summer 2015 • ES2015 (ES6) • 1st Class Angular, React support Future Directions • Full-stack reactive SQL • REST and microservices • Large app patterns, ES2015 modules, and more
  30. 30. Official Meteor Tutorial Official Meteor Docs Meteor Forums Discover Meteor (book) Stack Overflow
  31. 31. Example Apps Todos — a full-featured todo list app collaborative app, access control, responsive meteor create --example todos Local Market — a mobile social engagement app Twitter integration, camera integration, mobile-optimized meteor create --example localmarket
  32. 32. Thank You!