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7 Powerful Tips for Social Media

  1. 7 Powerful Tips For Social Media
  2. 0 40 80 120 160 Social Media is Exploding.
  3. Is your company taking advantage?
  4. Pass the Re-Share Test. #1 Share = Recommendation
  5. Would people share this post with their friends? Ask Yourself:
  6. Be Valuable #2 Make your followers more informed.
  7. Give value to your followers: - Provide information - Perform an analysis - Give instructions
  8. Be Bold #3 Have an opinion and take a stance.
  9. Breaking some eggs. Start a conversation by
  10. Be Brief #4 The world moves quickly. Make your point.
  11. Use short headlines. 50 characters max Use an active voice. “make sure you…” Be punchy. “never miss out!”
  12. Tell a human story #5 People connect with other people.
  13. Which tells a human story?
  14. Be Visual #6 Bright colors will get your story noticed.
  15. Tweets with photos get 313% more engagements. Use engaging photos. Source: Twitter (1)
  16. Share user generated content. #7 User generated content feels real and relatable.
  17. Posts should feel natural in social feeds.
  18. Authentic, Real-World Stock Photography USE BETTER PHOTOS
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