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How to Grow your Blog with Photos

Growing your blog is about delivery content that feels valuable.
Blogging and content marketing are huge channels for B2C and B2B marketers today.

57% of organizations now have two or more people dedicated to content marketing. With all of this investment and expectation of growing a blog as a source for leads and customers, what are the best ways to ensure your blog is growing? Using authentic photos that are relevant to the specific audience of your blog is the best way to simply drive more engaged readers and down-funnel conversions for your company.

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How to Grow your Blog with Photos

  1. your blog with photos. How to grow
  2. 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing.
  3. Companies that have created dynamic blogs have seen huge growth.
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  5. B2C Case Study: “We focused on building out a unique personal finance blog, very content-rich, that spoke to a young professional crowd that we felt was being neglected.” Jason Putorti Lead designer ’07-’09, 5th employee @ Mint Built a 30k person waiting list before launching the product, via a blog.
  6. Grew to 1.5 million users and sold for $170 million in under 2 years. B2C Case Study:
  7. B2B Case Study: Acquired 18k+ customers by eating their own dog food, inbound marketing. “We attract 45-50k new leads per month, 60-80% of which are from inbound marketing (not paid). The inbound leads are 50% cheaper and close 100% more than paid leads.” Mike Volpe CMO @ Hubspot
  8. In Q2 2015, Hubspot did $39 million in subscription revenue. B2B Case Study:
  9. 3 ways to grow your blog: • Target a niche • Engage with imagery • Get shared on the right channels Overview:
  10. 1 Target a niche.
  11. Figure out your specific audience and keep your blog focused.
  12. Provide value to your audience and solve their problems.
  13. Be relevant by using their style and slang in your writing.
  14. 2 Engage with imagery.
  15. Photos break up the text of your post and keep readers interested.
  16. Readers stay on a post 67% longer if it has photos.
  17. Use authentic, relatable images for your target reader. Remember:
  18. 3 Get seen on the right channels.
  19. Use catchy headlines with attractive photos to get shared more.
  20. Twitter Tweets with images receive 150% more re-tweets. Photo posts drive 87% of Facebook pages’ engagement. Facebook
  21. Focus on getting shared to the most important network for your niche audience.
  22. 1. Pick a niche audience How to grow your blog with photos: 3. Craft messaging and photos to your audience’s style 2. Use engaging photos to keep readers interested
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  24. All background photos sourced from real people on Twenty20. Follow us for more useful SlideShares
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