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Pop-Up or Perish-Medallion Retail - Global Shop 2014

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Pop Up or Perish was a a featured presentation by Medallion Retail executives, Michael Decker and Jennifer Davis at 2014 Global Shop on March 19, 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada. Pop Ups are about building efficient, cost sensitive tests of key business ideas that will build brands and develop new paths to your business.

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Pop-Up or Perish-Medallion Retail - Global Shop 2014

  1. 1. &
  2. 2. They POP!
  3. 3. And now, so does retail. !
  4. 4. Transform your retail transaction into an adventure.
  5. 5. 73% of respondents see pop-up retail increasing in the next 5 years. SOURCES: | Specialty Retail Report | CoStar In-store Marketing Institute | TBD - TRISTAN
  6. 6. Temporary Retail is an $80 BILLION DOLLAR a year industry.
  7. 7. Lean retail borrows the best of startup culture.
  8. 8. Working in Real Time
  9. 9. The 8 Customer Types
  10. 10. The Advocate
  11. 11. The Caretaker
  12. 12. The Indulgent
  13. 13. The Student
  14. 14. The Conventional
  15. 15. The Mechanist
  16. 16. The Gradualist
  17. 17. The Sophisticate
  18. 18. SOURCE: Dr4Ward/What is Social Currency and How Does it Affect Social Commerce
  20. 20. How about a pop quiz? ?
  21. 21. Be temporary Be exclusive Be intimate Be unexpected Be sensory Be specialized Be social SOURCE: Seven Pop-Up Musts
  23. 23. to win new customers to articulate your brand to build buzz to gather data Why else should you consider pop-ups?
  24. 24. Understand Your Brand Establish Clear Objectives Determine Your Target Audience SOURCE: Harbor Industries/ Industry Trends and Insights How should you pop-up?
  25. 25. What is your ideal location? What is your budget? What type of pop-up serves you best? How will you design the space? Plan Strategically & Sweat the Details How will you staff the pop-up? What is your promotion plan? What kind of interaction will you feature? SOURCES: The New York Times Adweek, Live Events are King for Getting People to Recommend and Buy Brands, Nov. 13, 2013 Forrester/The Business Impact of Customer Experience
  26. 26. Yeezus Pop-Up Shop
  27. 27. Yeezus Pop-Up Shop
  28. 28. Yeezus Pop-Up Shop
  29. 29. The Customer Experience Matters Above All
  30. 30. What questions can we answer for you? Michael Decker Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Business Development direct 908.963.4822 p 212.929.9130 f 212.206.7549 Jennifer Davis Director, Client Services direct 212.929.9207 p 212.929.9130 f 212.929.0382 Tristan Pollock Co-Founder and COO @STOREFRONT For more information and a recap video of our Global Shop presentation visit