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Messaging excellence for product engineers

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A short presentation to assist non marketing collaborators on how to create a more business oriented presentation

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Messaging excellence for product engineers

  1. 1. Messaging Excellence Simple, differentiated and customer-focused
  2. 2. Messaging Creed 1. Keep It Simple….Start A Customer Conversation. Make It Succinct, Relevant And Easy To Repeat. 2. Think Customer-first…Make The Discussion About The Customer’s Business Challenges. Use Language They Understand. 3. Make It Compelling…Take A Point Of View. Provoke A Reaction. Get People Talking. Make A Promise That’s Bold And Audacious. 4. Show Value… Illustrate The Business And Financial Impact Of Solving Specific Customer Problems With Solutions. 5. Prove It… Instill Confidence With Use-case “Stories” And Proof Points.
  3. 3. The Goal: Defining Value Parity Value Competition Solution Customer Needs Articulate How Solves A Problem…  That’s Important To The Customer  With A Unique Approach  That’s Easy To Defend And Prove Effective Messaging Puts In A Position Of Competitive Strength Source: Corporate Visions (Power Position)
  4. 4. Messaging Criteria • Have We Made The Customer Uncomfortable With The Status Quo? • Have We Clearly Illustrated A Path For Doing Something Better? • Have We Convinced Them That You Can Get Them There?
  5. 5. Big Message Power Position Story Bring IT Sophistication To Physical Security Meeting the expanding information management requirements for Physical Security without breaking the bank is a growing concern for IT and Facilities. Simply put, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with Physical Security demands in an environment where the number, type, and complexity is constantly increasing. In addition, CIOs want to make it easier to comply with external requests, regulations, and internal governance requirements – including video surveillance footage. “1 TB of data can result in $18M in legal review costs” - Gartner Bringing IT sophistication to your Physical Security operation helps you expand cost-effectively. Three ways the Physical Security Solution helps: 1) Take a non-disruptive approach to integrating Physical Security with IT – Easily scale IT to support TBs of video surveillance data, using existing IT resources, skills, and processes – all without negatively impacting network performance. 2) Leverage IT to keep you one step ahead of the threats – Quickly gather information for a security incident from multiple sources on the IP network, so you can respond more accurately with fewer security personnel – in both local and remote company facilities. 3) Proactively take action – Automate the manual steps in the legal discovery process so you can effectively respond to investigation, legal and compliance requests, avoid excessive paralegal costs and eliminate corporate liability. Core Message Example Point of View Customer Challenge 3 Power Positions Proof Industry Fact
  6. 6. Big Message Power Position Story Message that connects with customer’s pain Set-up the customer’s current scenario (status quo) filled with challenges and pain, why it is no longer acceptable, and how it’s putting key objectives at risk. Identify a change in their environment. Challenge the customer with a fact that creates urgency around the pain. Make them see that change is coming now and fast. Simple, memorable tagline-like statement that establishes ’s point-of- view on how to successfully move from the no longer acceptable status quo. Three ways the Physical Security Solution helps: Three unique ways the Solution helps solves three specific pains/challenges associated with the status quo approach. 1) allows you to…. . Which means…( value) 2) allows you to… Which means…( value) 3) allows you to… Which means…( value) Share some impressive statistics from someone who has solved this problem and measured real business impact…a teaser to get them to want to learn more. Insert url links for customer profiles. Core Message Template Point of View Customer Challenge 3 Power Positions Proof Industry Fact
  7. 7. The Point of View Pitch • Grabber • Current State (Status Quo) And Why It Doesn’t Work • New Way – The “How” • Proof Point The “Point Of View” Pitch Answers These 2 Questions:  Why Change?  Why our company ? It Moves Customers From Unsafe To Safe.
  8. 8. Grabber Challenge The Customer With A Fact That Creates Urgency Around The Pain. Make Them See That Change Is Coming Now And Fast.
  9. 9. Status Quo Depict The STATUS QUO Graphically And Illustrate Why It Doesn’t Work
  10. 10. New Way – How It Works Depict The “New Way”– And How It Works (Safe).
  11. 11. Proof Share Statistics From Someone Who Has Solved This Problem And Measured Real Business Impact…A Teaser To Get Them To Want To Learn More.