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Xstream MediaMaker - creating Netflix out-of-the-box solution

Creating Netflix out-of-the-box solutions for clients worldwide

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Xstream MediaMaker - creating Netflix out-of-the-box solution

  1. 1. Creating Netflix out-of-the-box solutions for clients worldwide
  2. 2. Xstream MediaMaker™ – the video management system of choice for top Telcos and media companies, offering unmatched flexibility, customizability, usability and scalability for premium OTT video and TV Everywhere solutions. • Deliver top-quality content to all devices • Automate complex processes from end to end • Integrate seamlessly with third-party systems • Accelerate time to market • Minimise operational costs • Simplify supply chain management • Optimise merchandising and monetisation • Comprises three modules: MediaMaker Loading Dock, MediaMaker Store and MediaMaker Play
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Elements and features in Xstream MediaMaker™
  5. 5. Manage high volumes of content from multiple sources with ease & shorten time to market MediaMaker Loading Dock
  6. 6. Manage high volumes of content, fragmented supply chains and changing content requirements with dependable efficiency. Add a new dimension of predictability and cost control to your business. Enjoy feeling future-proofed. Pre-integrated with Xstream MediaMaker™, Loading Dock also works with other front-end CMS systems. • End-to-end supply chain control • Fast time to market • Control over costs • Total scalability • Content validation • Content provider integration • Automated transformation • Publish to downstream systems Make predictable profitable
  7. 7. Maximize monetization with multi- domain segmentation, smart merchandising and advanced analytics MediaMaker Store
  8. 8. Maximize the value of your content anytime, any country, anywhere with a TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, or FVOD model - or a combination. Minimize churn. Create high-impact marketing using advanced analytics. Turn revenue streams into rivers. MediaMaker Store offers: • Flexible monetization • Powerful analytics • Flexible integration with third-party systems • Multi-country and customer group management. • Family accounts and parental control • Personalised recommendations • Ability to create bundles, campaigns and vouchers Unlock all the value, all the time
  9. 9. Wow your customers with fantastic quality on all devices, personalized experiences and clever customization MediaMaker Play
  10. 10. Inspire your subscribers with amazing personalized experiences on all devices. Turbocharge your time to market with out-of-the-box readiness. Stand out with smart customization. MediaMaker Play offers: • Multiscreen delivery • Superb user-experience • Best-in-class customisation • Fast time to market • Intelligent personalisation • Social media interactivity Be the one to watch
  11. 11. Solution partner orchestration Encoding Elemental Unified Streaming Harmonic Media Deluxe Technicolor DRM PlayReady Widevine Conax Adobe Metadata TMS/Gracenote Rovi Deluxe 3PlayMedia Support Aspera Identity Adobe Pass Zuora Payment Paymentwall PayWizard Advertising VideoPlaza FreeWheel DoubleClick YuMe Analytics TVbeat ThinkAnalytics Google Recommend. ContentWise XroadMedia ThinkAnalytics Taboola Rovi Hosting Amazon CDN Akamai Cedexis Limelight Template apps Accedo Opera STB SoftAtHome Pace Live Elemental iStreamPlanet Telestream
  12. 12. Key Customer References
  13. 13. The customer base includes tier-one international customers
  14. 14. See the Lightbox Solution Lightbox An OTT subscription based VOD Service by Spark New Zealand
  15. 15. Lightbox Lightbox – aiming at offering the best service internet TV service in New Zealand See the Lightbox Solution Key features in the solution created and deployed by Xstream includes • Xstream MediaMaker™; including key modules such as; Ingest module, Shop & Payment module, Assets & Device Management, DRM • OTT loading dock service • Advanced Voucher integration & functionality • Advanced parental control • Integration with third party systems, including: Gracenote, Technicolor, IP Payments, Mandrill for e-mails, Amazon for hosting, Akamai for CDN and Accedo for frontend apps
  16. 16. Canal Digital Go! A subscription based TV Everywhere (VOD & Live) solution See the Canal Digital Go! solution
  17. 17. Canal Digital Multi Platform Unified VOD solution
  18. 18. Go to FUHU Inc NABI Tablets OTT VOD and Live TV on all devices
  19. 19.