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Tw listing power point

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An overview of Transworld Business Advisors and Michael Shea Board Certified Intermediary in Orlando Florida

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Tw listing power point

  1. 1. Why You Want To Sell Your Business You Want Confidentiality You Want An Expert Partner You Want Top Dollar You Want The Best ?
  2. 2. •Collect fees upfront •Find the wrong buyers •Poor marketing efforts •Inconsistent •Make errors in the process •Involve the wrong professionals “The Seeds of Inconsistency and how they affect you” Your Typical Broker... “Mostbusinessesdon’t sell”
  3. 3. • Confidentiality is our mutual goal • Only very close advisors should know about the sale • We know how to promote the sale without disclosing sensitive information • Our listing advertisements are vague on purpose to attract the most buyers Keeping It Confidential
  4. 4. •No up-front fees •We know what it’s worth •Local, national and global reach with SEE WHY WE ARE CONSIDERED THE BEST!
  5. 5. Michael Shea PA Board Certified Intermediary • Board Certified Intermediary • Million Dollar Award 2006 to 2014 • CFL MVP Deal Volume 2008 to 2014 • CFL MVP Commissions 2008 to 2014 • Most Deals for Florida 2013 • Top Dollar Award in Central Florida 2013 2014 • Top Volume Award 2013 2014 • Presidents Club 2006 to 2014 • US Army Regular Army Officer – Captain Chemical • BA History / Military Science Providence College • Florida Real Estate Licensee
  6. 6. •Listings stay active with periodic auditing •We are willing to co-broke Working With The Best
  7. 7. It’s Business As Usual • Our services allow you to run daily operations without worrying about the sales process details • Your listing is continually valued, right up to the closing table “KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING”
  8. 8. Living the Business Sale Dream, Not the Deal Nightmare •We control the process, working towards the ultimate closing table goal •We are part of all the negotiations •We control the flow of information and paperwork
  9. 9. Getting Top Dollar •We find the best buyer for your business •We create competition between worldwide buyers •We search for strategic and foreign buyers •We get the buyers to the closing table
  10. 10. Time To Join A Great Team. Get In The Game. • Our goals are aligned with your’s - we are ready to invest in your success • We have the skills and experience needed • Only TRANSWORLD has the market reach and buyer database - no one else compares