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Connect, Engage, Collaborate: Building & Sustaining an Audience in a Social World

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Knowledge is being created and shared at unprecedented rates. People are now sharing original content, forming and joining virtual communities, organizing activities, tapping into the advice of others and sharing experiences at scale and without boundaries. This collective knowledge is enabling people to rapidly learn, act with greater confidence and influence others in entirely new ways. In fact, social is now the #1 use of the internet, with 94% using it to learn, 78% to share knowledge and 49% to engage experts. With 2 billion social connections and more than 3 billion expressions per day, it’s fueling the emergence of a knowledge economy and empowered individuals.

As social and mobile technologies become increasingly pervasive, the opportunity to engage people in new ways is profoundly changing the way we do business. With individuals expecting to engage when and how they want, organizations are tasked with encouraging and supporting collaboration for employees, customers, partners and citizens while keeping an unrelenting focus on user experience. How can they do this, while safeguarding the integrity of both the business and the brand?

In this session, we’ll discuss:
• Building a community across various channels
• How to sustain and grow your audience and advocates
• Case studies of brands doing it right

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Connect, Engage, Collaborate: Building & Sustaining an Audience in a Social World

  1. 1. Connect, Engage, Collaborate: Building & Sustaining an Audience in a Social World Michelle Killebrew | ClickZ Live San Francisco | August 2014
  2. 2. Michelle Killebrew 2 @shellkillebrew Program Director, Strategy IBM Social Business Contributing Writer Digital Marketing | Marketing Technologist | Demand Generation
  3. 3. Meet Lily
  4. 4. 4 The Power of One Person
  5. 5. Rise of the empowered customer. or so of social media time is spent not on desktop computers but on smartphones and tablets. 60% 5 #1 Social is now the top use of the internet. Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media, a higher time-spend than any other major Internet activity, including email. Source: BI Intelligence, December 2013
  6. 6. 6 The need for people-centric engagement “Social. Mobile. Security. The convergence of these forces is driving the need for people-centric engagement. #ibm” @shellkillebrew
  7. 7. of CEOs in outperforming organizations make customer collaboration a top priority of smartphone users check an app as soon as they wake up of individuals are willing to exchange personal information for a personalized offering of CEOs intend to operate their organization in a more open manner in the next 3-5 years 84% of millennials and 70% of boomers say social and user-generated content has an influence on what they buy 80% 84% 56% 72% The need for people-centric engagement Sources: 84%, 70%, 84%, 2/3, 80%: IBM 2013 Annual Report 72%, 56%: IBM Institute for Business Value, Reinventing the rules of engagement: CEO insights from the Global C-suite Study, 2014 @shellkillebrew
  8. 8. of MOBILE users keep their devices within arm’s reach 90% of of web traffic will be VIDEO by 2014 90% of businesses today are using web ANALYTICS 84% of purchasers get advice from their SOCIAL NETWORK 81% Digital technologies are playing a large part in the emergence of engagement strategies as they foster relationships between organizations and their customers 8@shellkillebrew
  9. 9. Marketers have always been responsible for knowing the customer. Marketers have always been responsible for defining what to market, and how to market. Marketers have always protected the brand promise. Customers are demanding engagement, NOT marketing 2014Timeless 2012 Co-create with customers, employees, and partners. Innovate and scale personally relevant and rewarding experiences. Know each customer in context. Designing your culture and brand so they are authentically one. Creating a system of engagement that maximizes value creation at every touch. Understanding each customer as an individual. Customers demand engagement versus marketing – IWATA CMO POV points 9 @shellkillebrew
  10. 10. Many marketers are struggling to master omni- channel engagement 10
  11. 11. 11 Customer experience is driving shareholder value Source: The Watermark Consulting 2013 Customer Experience ROI Study– April 2, 2013 @shellkillebrew
  12. 12. CMOs feel unprepared. • CMOs' top priorities this year are: 1. to design great customer experiences for mobile apps. 2. to use social media to engage customers, 3. to use integrated suites to manage customers. • CMOs are struggling to keep abreast of the rapid pace of change in the digital and online worlds; they feel even less prepared to cope with big data than they did in 2011, and they have made little headway in coming to grips with the social media landscape. 12 Source: The Customer-activated Enterprise: Insights from the Global C-Suite Study, IBM, 2013 @shellkillebrew
  13. 13. 13 @shellkillebrew
  14. 14. 14 Customer Interactions • In 2012, 57% of CEOs expected digital channels to become one of their company's key means of interacting with customers within the next five years. In 2013, 52% of CxOs say they are already there. • CxOs say this trend will continue: 88% say they will interact digitally with customers even more in the next three to five years. @shellkillebrew
  15. 15. Empowering Putting the customer in charge Compelling Matching and exceeding expectations Consistent Regardless of your device Relevant Knows who you are and what you’re doing To Engage Customers Today, Digital Experiences Must Be… 15
  16. 16. Higher Win Rates 60% more online sales conversion 85% conversion rate using web tools Shorter Time to Market and Delivery 84% faster time to find experts 61% faster service delivery to new customers Lower Operational Costs 62% customers didn't need to call 2x increase in self-service transactions More Satisfied Customers 30% higher rating for web self service vs. help desk 30% increase in referrals Market Leaders Are Getting Exceptional Engagement & Results 16 @shellkillebrew
  17. 17. @shellkillebrew Personalized Experiences Drive Revenue Up to 1/3 of all consumer spending is influenced by social interactions. That’s $940 billion annually!
  18. 18. Let’s look at how some brands are winning with their customer engagement strategies. 18
  19. 19. Content Marketing @shellkillebrew Know your audience and create stories that will entertain and engage them. 19
  20. 20. Crowdsource & Co-create @shellkillebrew 20 Include your community in crowdsourcing innovation - Jakob Nielsen
  21. 21. Build Mass Participation @shellkillebrew Mobilize your community around a shared interest that ties back to your product
  22. 22. Shareablity @shellkillebrew People share when they’re delighted… but it has to be easy. 22
  23. 23. Employee Advocacy Include your employees in expressing and advocating for your brand. @shellkillebrew Tammy Nelson, CMO
  24. 24. Exceptional Digital Experiences Wimbledon 2013 BT Sports Industry Award for Best Sports Website of the Year 24
  25. 25. Customer Service @shellkillebrew Face to face service should be a hallmark of your brand experience. Empower & train your employees. 25
  26. 26. Storytelling 26
  27. 27. 27 Key Insights from Michael Engleman: No. 1: Storytelling is for Everyone • Enabling consumers to actively participate in the storytelling is increasingly as important as the story itself. No. 2: The Blurrier the Lines Between Marketing and Content the Better No. 3: Thank You for Sharing: The New Rules for Socializing • Share Early • Share Often • Share Stuff Worth Sharing • Share with Influencers • Listen…storytelling is a two-way street No. 4: Innovation Isn't a Perk, It's a Requirement No. 5: None of It Matters Without Authenticity Creating Big Buzz Through New Modes Of Storytelling Michael Engleman is EVP Marketing, Digital & Global Brand Strategy for Syfy & Chiller, both are divisions of NBCUniversal Source:
  28. 28. 28 A company with 100,000 brand advocates can reach 60 million people.1 A 12% increase in brand advocacy generates a two-fold increase in revenue on average.2 72% of adults who had a memorable product or service experience said they took positive action, with 57% communicating their positive experience to others, and 41% recommending that someone make a purchase.3 1Zuberance. 2Fred Reichheld, HBS Press. 3 Harris Interactive Exceptional Experiences Create Brand Advocacy @shellkillebrew
  29. 29. 29 Marketing Priorities for the Coming Year (2015) 1. Harnessing Big Data 2. Mobile commerce/mobile advertising 3. Content creation 4. Marketing automation 5. Social commerce/social advertising 6. Marketing attribution 7. Omni-channel execution 8. Globalization of marketing efforts 9. Linking online and offline performance Source: Building Bridges to the Promised Land, The CMO Club, 2014 Social Ad Spend To Pass $11 Billion By 2017, almost double last year’s total of $6.1 billion Newer ad formats --including native advertising- - will account for the lion’s share of growth over the next few years, predicts Mintel.
  30. 30. Are you chasing the potential or leading with it? Learn more from IBM Research: Stepping up to the challenge: CMO insights Reinventing the rules of engagement: CEO insights