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6 Dieting Myths

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“Losing weight is easy!” – said no one ever. Let’s be honest… losing weight can be extremely challenging, especially when you’re trying to figure it out on your own. Between TV, the internet, magazines, friends and family, and countless other sources that try to tell you how to do it, separating fact from fiction can seem nearly impossible. With all of this information overload, how do you figure out what will work for YOU?

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6 Dieting Myths

  1. 1. DIETING MYTHS 6 And the Real Facts Behind Them
  2. 2. MYTH #1 C O M P A N Y . C O M I T ' S M O R E E X P E N S I V E T O E A T H E A L T H Y F O O D .
  3. 3. THE FACTS Withalittleplanning,eatinghealthyfoodscanactuallycost lessthanshellingoutfortypicalfast-foodfare.Areyou surprised?AstudyattheMaryImogeneBassettResearch InstituteinCooperstown,N.Y.,foundthatapersonwho followsadietofhearthealthywholefoodscanreduceher grocerybillbyupto$8aweek.Thattranslatestoanannual savingsof$416ayearforasingleperson. Poundforpound,abalancedhealthydietwithhealth- boostingwholefoodsisalotcheaperthanafast-fooddiet.To helpparedownyourgrocerybill,swaplegumesformeat products; buyless-expensiveproducesuchasapples, oranges,carrots,spinachandcabbage; andpurchase healthywholegrainslikeoatmealandriceinbulk.
  4. 4. MYTH #2 C O M P A N Y . C O M C A R B S A R E B A D !
  5. 5. THE FACTSThismythisbasedononlyonepartofthecarbohydrate family,simpleorrefinedcarbohydrates—sugar,juicesand starchessuchaswhiterice,whitebread,potatoesandpasta. Complexcarbssuchasfruits,veggiesandwholegrainsare greatenergysourcesandyoucaneatmorewithoutaddinga lotofcalories.Thehighfibercontentofcomplexcarbswill makeyoufeelmoresatisfiedandnotleaveyouwithcraving morethewaysimplecarbsdo. Therealproblemcomeswhenyoucombinefatandrefined orsimplecarbs—thiscombinationsendsoutmajorsignalsto yourbodytostorefat.Itcausesabigincreaseinbloodsugar, whichincreasestheproductionofinsulin,whichtellsyour bodytostorefatinyourcells.So,enjoyhigh-fiberfruits, vegetablesandwholegrains.Goeasyonpackagedfoods, sodaandfruitjuices,pastaandbread,potatoesandwhite rice.
  6. 6. MYTH #3 C O M P A N Y . C O M C E R T A I N F O O D S , S U C H A S G R A P E F R U I T , C E L E R Y O R C A B B A G E S O U P C A N B U R N F A T .
  7. 7. THE FACTS Itisbelievedthatfatburningfoodsspeedupthemetabolism andpromotefasterweightloss.Thisclaimisfalse.Anymeal ingeneralprovidesyouwithatemporaryboostin metabolismduetothethermiceffectoffood.Thisis especiallytrueinthecontextofamixeddiet,wherethe differencesamongfoodsareveryminimaltobenoticed.The truthisthatnofoodscanburnfat.Somefoodswithcaffeine mayspeedupyourmetabolism(thewayyourbodyuses energy,orcalories) foraveryshorttime,buttheydonot causeweightloss. Ruleofthumb:Losingweightrequiresyoutoburnmore caloriesthanyouconsume.Soratherthanfocusingon specificfoods,focusoncombiningahealthfuldietwith regularexercise.
  8. 8. MYTH #4 C O M P A N Y . C O M E X E R C I S E T U R N S F A T I N T O M U S C L E .
  9. 9. THE FACTS Fatandmuscletissuearecomposedoftwoentirelydifferent typesofcells.Youburnfatandbuildmuscle.Youcanlose oneandgainanother,butfatcanneverturnintomuscle. Maintainingahealthfuldietandgettingregularexercise withcardiocansupportfatburn; however,it'simportantto alsoremembertohelpbuildmusclethroughactivitieslike weighttraining.Infact,whilefatcannotturnintomuscle, buildingmusclethroughweighttrainingcanhelpyouburn fatmoreefficiently.Musclerequiresmoreenergyforyour bodytomaintain,soincreasingyourmusclemasscanspeed upyourmetabolismandhelpyouburnfatandkeepitoff.
  10. 10. MYTH #5 C O M P A N Y . C O M E A T I N G L A T E I N T H E E V E N I N G W I L L M A K E Y O U F A T .
  11. 11. THE FACTS Thismythoriginatedbecausemanypeopleeatalotof snacksandjunkfoodatnightbeforebed,andeatingextra caloriesaddsextrapounds.Sure,youmayfeelbetterifyou don’tgotobedwithhalf-digestedpizzainyourstomach.But, caloriesarecalories,whetheryoueattheminthemorning,at noonoratnight. Butlet'sfaceit,healthfuleatingusuallydoesn'thappenafter 10pm.IntheInternationalJournalofObesitystudy, nighttimeeatersparticipatedinmorebinge-eating behaviorsthanthosewhodidn’teatafterdinner.And accordingto board-certifiedbariatricphysicianDr.Caroline Cederquist,authorof'TheMDFactorDiet',"Atmidnight, peoplewillrarelymakechickenandsalad.Theywilleatice creamorchips,thehigh-fatorhigh-sugarfoodsthatour bodiesstoresoeffectivelyasfat.”
  12. 12. MYTH #6 C O M P A N Y . C O M S K I P P I N G M E A L S I S A G O O D W A Y T O L O S E W E I G H T .
  13. 13. THE FACTSStudiesshowthatpeoplewhoskipbreakfastandeatfewer timesduringthedaytendtobeheavierthanpeoplewhoeat ahealthybreakfastandeatfourorfivetimesaday.Thismay bebecausepeoplewhoskipmealstendtofeelhungrierlater on,andeatmorethantheynormallywould.Itmayalsobe thateatingmanysmallmealsthroughoutthedayhelps peoplecontroltheirappetites. Ithasalsobeenshownthateatingsmallmealsthroughout thedaykeepsyourmetabolismconstantlyworking, encouragingincreasedcalorieburningthroughouttheday.
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