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reddit Brands of the Year 2014

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2014 was the year that big brands discovered the pure awesomeness that is reddit ads. Here are a coolection of this year's best campaigns!

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reddit Brands of the Year 2014

  1. CAMPAIGN STATS CAMPAIGN SUPERSTAR: TRANSAMERICA TALKS DOLLARS AND SENSE MOST COMMUNITY INSPIRED CAMPAIGN 200+ 7 7.3 MILLION IMPRESSIONS 132K PEOPLE READ THE REDDIT INSPIRED POSTS AND SPENT OVER 6 MINOF ENGAGEMENT TIME ON EACH COMMUNITY COMMENTS Recognizing that the #1 answer to the question “What do you wish they taught you in high school” was always about personal finance, Transamerica asked reddit what they wanted to know more about. And then delivered.
  2. CAMPAIGN SUPERSTAR: THESE ARE THE DROIDS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR Despite the poor reputation banners get, Android understood the strategic reach of reddit and nailed it. Utilizing our 300x100 and 300x250 roadblocks, the team for Android was able to build creative banners that complimented the space and helped tell a story. CAMPAIGN STATS IMPRESSIONS 80,000+ 550 MILLION + BEST HOMEPAGE ROADBLOCK CLICKS DRIVEN
  3. CAMPAIGN STATS CAMPAIGN SUPERSTAR: NEWCASTLE’S “IF WE MADE IT”CAMPAIGN BEST BRANDED CONTENT “Hey reddit, if we made a Mega Huge Game Day Ad targeted just at reddit, what should be in it? Tell us and we’ll make it.” CAMPAIGN COMMENTS850+ 90,000+ VIEWS IN ONE DAY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “We also worked with reddit to create a transparent branded post aimed at our marketing averse audiences. The honesty worked and it surpassed projections by 1000%.” – Sr. Project Creative, Droga 5 REDDIT WAS A COMPONENT OF THE #1 AD CAMPAIGN OF 2014 AS VOTED BY ADWEEK #1 PERFORMING REDDIT BANNER OF ALL TIME
  4. CAMPAIGN STATS LAPTOPS, GIFT CARDS, AND REDDIT T SHIRTS FOR EVERY SUBMISSION TO THE CONTEST CAMPAIGN SUPERSTAR: COMPUTER SLAP GAME CONTEST BEST USER GENERATED CONTENT 25FULLY FUNCTIONAL GAMES SUBMITTED 107,000+ CLICKS DRIVEN EVERY SUBMISSION RECEIVED A PRIZE LAPTOPS, GIFT CARDS, AND REDDIT SHIRTS FOR EVERY ENTRY Lenovo needed an 8-bit game to mirror the new season of their web series, Tough Season. They ran a competition, targeted to our development community, challenging users to create their own 8-bit games for a chance to win an assortment of prizes. In the end, Lenovo could only award their prizes to the top 5 games. But so many amazing games were submitted, Lenovo stepped up and bought EVERY users that submitted a reddit t- shirt as a huge thank you for their work.
  5. CLICK THROUGH TO PLAY Computer Slap Brad’s Slap-A-Palooza Slaptop Pinball Brad’s Slap Factory ‘Puter Slap So Lenovo Brad’s Awesome Fantasy Football Season USER SUBMISSIONS Brad’s Slapdown Brad’s Rough Draft Brad the Wrecker Computer Slap 2 Computer Slaparino Lenvolio For Those Who Do Broken Lenovos Lenovo Smash Slaptop Computer Clasher Lenovo Game Challenge Sweet Dreams Brad’s Draft Day
  6. CAMPAIGN STATS BEST NEW BRAND CAMPAIGN SUPERSTAR: MARRIOTT’S GET TELEPORTED HUNDREDS 193,000+ WEBBY As part of Marriott’s “Get Teleported” campaign this year, Marriott chose reddit as their platform of choice to reward a very-deserving user with a Teleportation Party and a free vacation for them and a friend. Users were challenged to submit “Why their community is the best” as an entry to the contest. Hundreds of submissions poured in, the top 10 were put to a vote (on reddit), and the winner received everything promised. Play on Marriott, play on. CLICKS DRIVEN OF BRAND/USER INTERACTIONS NOMINEE
  7. CAMPAIGN STATS CAMPAIGN SUPERSTAR: COMMUNITY CREATED PLAYLISTS COMMUNITY BRAND OF THE YEAR BRAND INTERACTIONS 450+ 2300+ TOTAL COMMENTS 10,000+ SUBMISSIONS Everyone has songs that make them feel feelings. Spotify asked reddit over 30 different questions about songs that made them feel all kinds of different emotions. A few weeks and over 10,000 responses later and Spotify had enough content to create multiple reddit-inspired lists.
  8. CAMPAIGN STATS CAMPAIGN SUPERSTAR: NEW BELGIUM’S PHOTOSHOP BATTLE BEST SUBREDDIT CAMPAIGN 50+CONTENT SUBMISSIONS reddit: consider it your outsourced marketing department. Fat Tire did. 73,000+ CLICKS 49 MILLION + impressions served ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. BRAND STATS CAMPAIGN SUPERSTAR: REDDIT’S INNAGURAL MAKER’S DERBY BRAND OF THE YEAR CAMPAIGN COMMENTS CROSS PLATFORM SHARES 1,500+ OVER 95% OVER 1,500 STEP 1: Crowdsource fake horse names STEP 2: Pick the top 10 (bonus points for Maker’s related names) STEP 3: takeover reddit for a day long horse race STEP 4: Profit. OVER 84KCLICKS AN AVERAGE OF 4+ MINTIME SPENT ON AD 210 MILLION+ IMPRESSIONS SERVED ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) POSITIVE SENTIMENT
  11. KEEPING THE MOMENTUM : 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS The 12 Days of Christmas is dated. Maker’s Mark challenged the reddit community to freshen it up.
  12. When done correctly, reddit is the most engaging advertising platform on the internet. ON YOUR BRANDS SPONSORED CONVERSATION THAN ANY OTHER PLACE ON THE WEB. YOUR BRAND CAN CONNECT WITH WHO WILL ENGAGE LONGER (up to 4+ minutes) REDDIT’S SUPER-TARGETED MILLENIAL AUDIENCE AND MORE FREQUENTLY (up to 3+ times per day)