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New services for hoteliers

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New useful services for hoteliers on

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New services for hoteliers

  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Leading tours search system in the Russian travel market More than 1 million queries per day Proposals from more than 130 Russian tour operators Over 80 000 hotels in the database 91 cities of departure, 118 destinations 2.5 million tours sold With the use of Слетать.ру Technologies In 2013 36 876 927 unique Users in Слетать.ру system in 2013 Over 20 000 Russian travel agencies and 60 000 Russian tourists use Слетать.ру to search tours every day
  3. 3. SOUND FAMILIAR? Do you cooperate with several Russian tour operators? Does each operator offer different contract prices? Are you trying to analyze tour operators’ price dynamics? Do you spend 2 hours every day to create statistical report? Forget! Hotelier will do it for you
  4. 4. WHAT CAN DO? HOTELIER Best for your hotel What can Hotelier do? Compare tour packages prices offered by tour operators for a few minutes Send statistical report directly to email Send email newsletters to tourists and travel agencies Post news on the home page Edit information about hotels
  5. 5. WHAT ELSE CAN HOTELIER DO? Having chosen one of the packages, you receive a guaranteed set of free options. Editing information about hotels and services Adding contacts Adding photos Adding videos Analytical report Weekly e-mail newsletter Posting news on home page Placing posts in The cost (per month) The cost (per year) FREE BASIC TOP 1 per month 1 per week Unlimited Free Free 150$ 1500$ 350$ 3500$
  6. 6. Do you like ? Want to know about details? Contact at: Call at: +7 (931) 299-15-37 Thanks for attention!