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  1. What is the Difference Between a Bathroom Remodel and a Renovation Home Renovation Expert Presents
  2. Do you want to get your Bathroom Remodelled? Or do you want to renovate the bathroom? You might be wondering why I have written the same question twice. There are chances that you might have been using these words interchangeably. But renovation and remodelling are two different terms, and it’s crucial to understand the differences between them before you approach any team of professionals for your work. So, let’s see the difference between the two in the below article. Page 02
  3. Well, just like you, for ordinary people, these two words are like synonyms. But for professional people involved in all these tasks, these two are different words. They use it to perform a specific task. But you can use both of these words interchangeably. The tasks you want to undertake in your project for your bathroom clearly define it as remodelling or renovation. Whatever name you say, the professional person will understand it based on the assignments that you want to carry out. Page 03
  4. Remodel vs Renovation Remodel means to alter the structure of the building. It is the task of remaking something to make it a new one. On the other hand, renovation merely means restoring something to a good condition. It also means making it look like a new one again by reviving it. Page 04
  5. Bathroom Remodelling Bathroom Remodelling involves drastic alterations to your space to convert it into a new area. It considers the complete change of the framework, layout, and style of the bathroom. For example, if you are retiling your bathroom, then you are remodelling your bathroom. Page 05
  6. Bathroom Renovation Bathroom Renovation is a simple task that doesn’t involve significant alterations to the constructed initial bathroom. You merely carry out the mission of changing a few things in your bathroom space, such as light fixtures, cabinet handles, paints on the wall, etc. The custom renovation of your bathroom can give it a modern and upgraded look without any significant changes. Page 06
  7. Remodelling or Renovation What Costs More? As mentioned earlier, remodelling transforms something, so bathroom remodelling costs you more than Bathroom Renovation. This merely involves a lot of construction work. You will require more material for construction, more service costs, plumbing, electrician cost, etc However, if you consider too many tasks for renovations and use premium quality products, the cost may get equal, but in most cases, the cost of remodelling goes relatively higher than renovation. Page 07
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