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10 Hacks for Governments to Survive the Digital Revolution

  1. 10Hacks for Governments to Survive the Digital Revolution Miquel Estapé Photo by Michael on Unsplash
  2. We are living a digital revolution It is generating dramatic changes and governments are facing the major risk of disruption in history. If the public sector do no adapt, there is a significant risk that it may lose a lot of power and influence in society.
  3. Eficaç Mission-oriented In a VUCA world defining a clear purpose is essential, taking into consideration the passion, strengths, capabilities, and reality of your organization. To be credible, it must incorporate what makes your government authentic and unique.
  4. Innovadora Talented Public Servants There is no transformation without the talent, passion, and leadership of the public employees. Civil servants who are eager to transform and provide excellent public services. Public officials that understand that leading is to serve.
  5. Manage the Change Governments have no other option than to adapt to the new world. Managing the change is about creating the right culture: that is very complex. There is no general roadmap: it is a craft work, and it is unique for each organization.
  6. Fer la vida fàcil Citizen-Centric Passion To provide great public services, a citizen-centric approach is essential to understanding the real needs, expectations, and capacities of the users. Governments have to learn about how to co-design and to co-create with them.
  7. Data-Driven Decisions Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash Governments require a data-driven strategy to measure the outcomes and public value of their policies, make smarter decisions, improve planning, make predictions and develop customized and proactive services to citizens.
  8. Be Agile and Lean In a changing world, agility is key to the successful execution of a strategy. Governments should be “lean” and should adopt agile methodologies: working on shorter projects, in an iterative process, with high interaction with users.
  9. KISS UX Photo by Hisu Lee on Unsplash “Keep it simple, stupid” should be a mantra. User experience makes a big impact on the adoption rate of services and user satisfaction. There should always be UX experts involved during the design and evolution of digital services.
  10. Open to Innovation Governments have to promote open innovation initiatives that arise brilliant ideas from citizens, companies, or public employees. It requires a culture in favor of creativity, risk, motivation, empowerment, and trust.
  11. Col·laboradora Embrace Collaboration The most critical challenges of governments cannot be solved by only one public authority. They should embrace collaboration to face common purposes. This implies having the skills required by working on collaborative projects
  12. Technology is a Means not an End Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash Public officials have to decide first the social challenge and then the technology. Governments should focus on where they make a meaningful impact on citizens, and that is not building the tech in-house. There are great SaaS solutions.
  13. It is a Long-Term Project but it is Worthy Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash Transforming government is a gigantic task. It will take a long time and energies and there are no shortcuts. But if we have a clear road-map, we will make sure that every step forward, it gets us closer to our goal. It is really worthy.