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Self-service enrollment for Windows desktops

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This presentation describes how device end-users can enroll their computers to the Miradore's IT Systems Management solution through the self-service enrollment.

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Self-service enrollment for Windows desktops

  1. 1. Self-service enrollment for Windows desktops
  2. 2. The IT support creates a new device authorization code and hands it over to the user with an URL address to the enrollment site The user has a computer that he wants to setup for work use, so he contacts IT support The user enters the code to the enrollment site which starts the automated device enrollment process During the enrollment, the management system configures the device automatically according to the business policies After a successful enrollment, the device is connected to the management system and to the provided IT services 5 step process
  3. 3. What configurations can the system deploy automatically?  The device name can be updated according to the device naming conventions  The computers without connectivity to the corporate network can be joined to the domain with the offline domain join feature  The configuration of Microsoft DirectAccess settings  The installation of software using pre-configured installation packages. Typical examples include the installation of an antivirus solution, a VPN client and office software
  4. 4. Remote Assistance and Control Hardware Asset Management Software Asset Management Endpoint Backup Operating System and Software Deployment Patch Management The enrollment connects the device to the following services:
  5. 5. Fast workstation setup increases user satisfaction Automation improves the efficiency of the provided IT services Simple process eases the co-operation between the users and the IT guys Benefits