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Ring of fire

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Ring of fire

  1. 1. Ring Of Fire By: Ming Ling Zou
  2. 2. Photograph
  3. 3. Caption Ring of fire is volcano activity. When lava under crust get hot, the heat to be power push out which like a ring.
  4. 4. Diagram and Plates
  5. 5. Cause: Convergent , Oceanic - Continental( Volcano) - Volcano activity Effect: Earthquake Cause and Effect
  6. 6. Analysis 01/11/14 a deadly volcanic eruption in Japan which bring a surprise for Japan.As we know, there are many volcanoes in Japan, because Japan located in Pacific Ocean.It shows ring of fire increasing more activie. 04/11/14 New Papua Guinea occurred earthquake(at depth 50 km and 6.6). and Nicaragua depth at 138 km.
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