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Ies miguel espinosa

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Ies miguel espinosa

  2. 2. This is our high school David y Pablo 2
  3. 3. This is our classOur class is small. We are 21 students. Wehave got a projector and the teacher hasgot a computer. David y Pablo 3
  4. 4. Our GroupWe are in 2º ESO A and weare a bilingual group. Somesubjects are in English, likeMaths and Physical Education.This year, we have bluenetbooks to work in class. Ourclass is one of the few that haswifi for computers. There are 3cupboards. One of them is forstudents’ netbooks.
  5. 5. SubjectsWe’ve got 10 subjects in total, and a differentteacher for each subject.These are the names of our subjects:Spanish, English, French, Music, Religion,Physical Education, Social Studies, Science,Maths and Education for Citizenship
  6. 6. This is our timetable Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday8:15 9:10 French Music Maths English Religion9:10 10:05 Science English Music Spanish English10:05 11:00 Music Spanish French French History B R E A K11.30 12:25 Spanish Religion English History Spanish12:25 1:20 English History Science Science Maths1:20 2:15 Maths French Spanish Maths P.E2:30 3:25 P.E History Music
  7. 7. We don’t have lunch at school, so our canteen is only forsandwiches or snacks during the breaks and coffee for theteachers. We have lunch at home after school.Our school is a green school.In the classrooms and in theplayground, we have differenttypes of containers forplastic, paper and organic rubbish.
  8. 8. Our teachers Mari Carmen del Moral She’s our tutor and our English teacher. She´s a very good English teacher, and she is also very cool!! Ramón PardoHe is our history andgeography teacher. He putspower points to us all thedays, we make a lot ofprogress with him.
  9. 9. Carmen Faus She is our Spanish teacher, she is very tall, she always gives us a lot of classwork!! But she´s a good teacher . Norberto SmilgHe is our Education forCitizenship teacher but he isreally a Philosophy teacher. Wealways feel confused when hespeaks because he´s veryclever,and we don´t understandall.
  10. 10. Maria Llanos García She is our Science teacher. She is very intelligent, but she always gives us a lot of homework; in class, we do a lot of projects and other exciting things, like powerpoints or experiments. Asunción YagüeShe is our music teacher. She is a verygood teacher and we like her becauseshe´s very funny and intelligent. Herfavourite instrument is the piano
  11. 11. Mari Carmen Aparicio She is our Religion teacher. She’s very friendly and patient. We do lots of activities with her. Maria ReviriegoShe is our sport teacher. Herclasses are in English. She´svery funny.
  12. 12. Carmen Martínez She is our French teacher. With Carmen, we learn the verbs with games and tricks. She is very funny and everybody likes her. Susana LópezShe is our Maths teacher. Sheis very intelligentent and shealways explains very well.Some months ago, she had ababy.
  13. 13. Christopher Oversluizen He is our native teacher. He´s from New Zealand. He´s cool and very interesting. We do lots of cultural activities with him and we always speak English. María VillalvillaShe’s our English “conversation”teacher. With her we do activitiesrelated to this exchange projectand other extra-curricularactivities in English.
  14. 14. Extra-curricular activities Every year the English Department organises lots of extra-curricular activities to celebrate:• Halloween• Thanksgiving• Christmas• St Patrick’s Day• End of year Musicals• Trips to the UK• And now also an exchange with YOU!!• You can see all of them on the bilingual blog:
  15. 15. Other extra-curricular activities• There are lots more activities organised by other departments:• St Thomas Aquinas• Book day• Literary competitions• Sports competitions• Maths competitions• Nature classes• French exchange with Marseilles
  16. 16. This is our city, Murcia
  17. 17. And these are other places in the Region of Murcia