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Graphically understand and interactively explore your Data Lineage

  1. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Design, visualize, and communicate data assets Mohammad Ahmed Senior Sales Consultant @metadatadon
  3. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES The ultimate design, modeling and collaboration solution Data Architect Access, analyze and optimize enterprise data for business insight Team Server Enterprise model and metadata collaboration for context, consistency, and compliance Repository Real-time data and business process collaboration Business Architect Integrated business process and conceptual relationship mapping Software Architect Visually analyze, design and implement complex application and data structures with UML support UDM Proven, industry-specific data model templates for integrated corporate models Data Lineage Graphically understand and interactively explore data lineage MetaWizard Cross-platform metadata integration ER/Studio® A powerful data modeling and architecture solution that combines data, process, and application modeling and reporting for a multi-platform design environment 4
  4. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Old Core Business Issue IT support ticket + one week = out of date report
  5. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES New Challenge Where did this data come from? Who touched it? How was it transformed? When was it loaded?
  6. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES New Impact High value, full-time resources spending excessive time trying to back-track and put all the pieces together.
  7. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES What Does A Solution Look Like? Metadata for extracts, transforms, loads
  8. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Introducing ER/Studio Data Lineage Data Lineage Model Repository Team Server
  9. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Introducing ER/Studio Data Lineage Making this visual data lineage accessible from ER/Studio’s Team Server gives customers the ability to document, report, and search across all imported and documented ETL transformations from a single source. Quickly and accurately interpret large volumes of data Easier data governance reporting Labour-intensive documentation tasks are automated 10
  10. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Graphically Understand and Interactively Explore Data Lineage 12 Data Lineage Reporting ETL / DI Tool Integration Visual external mappings & sourcing rules •Visualize source-target mapping and sourcing rules designed in ETL/DI tools •Determine impact of changes in model Customize reports for user interactivity •Create reports for most major ETL/DI products with formats customized for varying user interactivity •Summarize with table level lineage and document column level data flow Integrate multiple ETL mappings to a single view •Import mapping requirements to lineage model from most leading ETL & DI tools
  11. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Visualize your ETL Data Lineage Diagram ER/Studio 13
  12. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Visualize and understand your enterprise data transformations 14
  13. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Discover your ETL mappings 15
  14. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES What ETL Platforms Do We Support? Informatica Power Center IBM Data Stage Microsoft SSIS Oracle ODIEE and OWB SAP Business Objects Data Integrator Microsoft Excel Talend Data Integrator 16
  15. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Visual Data Lineage 17
  16. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Source Table Driven 18
  17. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Target Table Driven 19
  18. EMBARCADERO TECHNOLOGIES Additional Resources • – Read Me file – Quick Start Guide (Includes Installation and Tutorial Information) – User Guide – New Features Guide • – White Papers – Articles – Blogs – Videos – On-line Events 25