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Taylor swift

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taylor swift

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Taylor swift

  1. 1. Taylor Swift
  2. 2. This is Taylor Swift, she is now a pop artist, but originally she started out as a country and western singer. I chose this image because it shows how she has kept the country theme but also brought in the pop image as well. This image to the left shows a pop image because she has her hair curled and has her make up all done up.
  3. 3. This is an acoustic guitar, which could be an indexical sign because they are highly associated with country and western music. This shows that she is bringing her country theme out.
  4. 4. This a dress which is not usually associated with country. It is more of a pop/model style of clothing. It uses the colour orange which shows wisdom, this tells us that she is very strong and independent.
  5. 5. These are boots which represent the theme of country because they are footwear that cowgirls use who are also country themed.
  6. 6. Overall I like the theme of Taylor Swift because she uses a more modern style of country and western. I will use her theme when doing my front cover of my magazine. I love how she breaks conventions and it works.