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Mostafa al zein portfolio_Architect/Graphic Designer

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Hello there,
My name is Mostafa Al-Zein, an architect/Graphic Designer based in Damascus, Syria, the following portfolio is a selection of different works i've made through the past five years, hopefully you'll enjoy going through my works and please feel free to contact me at any time.

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Mostafa al zein portfolio_Architect/Graphic Designer

  2. 2. - “There are three responses to a piece otdesign, yes, no, and wow, wow is the one I aim for" Milton Glaser - My name is Mostara Al—Zein, an Architectlerapnic Designer based in Damascus, Syria, I graduated from Damascus University, School of Architecture in 2014 among the top 20% or my class and irom there round myseli in a never ending endeavor to challenge my educational skills in real life situations. — while i enioy being an architect my love ior architecture is iused with my passion for graphics and conceptual design, and the more I indulged myself in architectural practices the more I came to terms that the two fields have more in common than i have ever imagined, not lust regarding a keen sense of proportions and matching colors. But, whether its having enough graphical skills to showcase my architectural ideas and designs in a properway, or using space planning logic to set up the layout for a poster or a magazine cover my knowledge in one field always came in handy when dealing with the other. - The ongoing armed conflicts in my country (Five years by now) may have altered my dreams and expectations in many ways, But, it never managed to diminish them. i became more determined to defy the odds and ielt more grounded to real life goals and situations, this can be seen in my graduation project where instead of the “Show off’ approach students usually take my partners and I decided to take up the lob at making a new vision for rebuilding and rehabilitating a war destroyed town in the outskirts or the Syrian capital. a dltficult and tedious task with many obstacles but a noble and most satisractory one indeed - When I'm not working on a design or thinking of one, I‘m usually out with my family, playing Tennis with lriends, or indulging myself in magic and rantasy themed novels —- The Vollowlrlg portiollo is a collection or selected works I've created through the pastfive years, by which i aim to showcase my logical, design and technical skills, I hope you enjoy viewing my works and please feel tree to oontact me at any time icr iurther iniurmation or inquiries. MOSTAFA AL~ZEIN (963)-999-354745 zain1sei@windowslivecoin Damascus syria Technical Skill Photoshop 3Ds Max Aiiiocad Lumlori V-Ray llustrator ®@© ©©@@ ©©©@ ©@®@ © ®o EDUCATION — Damascus University, MBA Program 20i5—Prescrit currently attending a two and a halt years MBA program (Master in Business Administration) via Damascus University virtual onlirie academy. - Damascus University, Faculty o1Archltecture 2009 —2DiA Graduated irorii architecture school among the top 20% of my class with an overall average or 77.i4. - DarAl-Alson Languags institute 2Dl2 —2Di4 Pro advanced English classes in preparation lor FCE and IELTS degrees. E EXPERIENCE - senior Designer at VIP syria Grcup Luxury products company where am responsible oi 1- setting strategies and plans lor social Media marketing cam- PSIQHS. 2- Photographing and post processing product images 3- Designing ilyers, print ads, and packaging, 4- Designing catalogues lor ihe compariys premium products Jail 20l3 — Present - Creative Design Freelancing 2oi2 Present Providing design services in a variety or lields including: 1- Space planning and Interior design 2- 3D and architectural visualization. 3. Illustrations and conceptual design 4- logos, business cards and corporate identity packages. -' Trainee Architect at 4D Design Studio‘ Jun 20i2 . Oct 2Di2 An architectural design studio based in Damascus, syria, where I was responsible or: 1- Participating in the design process 2- Creating plans and technical drawings 3~ Working on 3D models and renders. Personal Skills: working under pressure Communication sell motivated Team player Problem solving well organized Illustrative 5 ‘Is Diagrams sketches writing Renders Presentations . Languages: Arabic on English WORKSHOPS - syiia Pre, Pro, Post Change‘ March 2014 An an workshop at Damascus university in collaboration with the R0yaIAcademy oi Fine Arts and School at Architecture in Denmark - oAAc, Designing Resilient schools ppm 2014 Ari online workshop held by open online Academy to provide solutions tor designing resilient schools in the Philippines arlar Hurricane Haiyan — University oi Penn, Designing cities Jan 20i4—l/ larch 2oi4 Ten weeks online course that explores the ideas and design pmdices in city planning and the challenges ecing modem day designers, HONORS 8i RECOMMENDATIONS — Recommendation letter 2oi4 Presented with a recommendation letter Ely Associate Prot. Ernad AI— masri D. Planner ior active engagement during Urban planning ooiirses. - Recommendation Letter. zlm By Mr vaseen Dahhan, Excutive manager otVlP syna Group ror out standing perrormance within the companys marketing department. — SES Membership zois Acquired syrian Engineers syndicate Membership in 2015 H COMMUNITY Archltectu re Geek Network 2Di3— Presnet Co rounder and admin atArcriitecture Geek network, an oniine communi- ty aimed at delivering an analytical approach towards architecture. U N RWA zoie voluntary work for UNRWA organization in packaging and preparing rood supplies for war retugees liable
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS ea Zr: - Located North»East oi the Syrian capital, Yabroud town have been the battlefield oi several arrrled ccnllicts during the ongoing war in Syria, this led to massive destruction in various pans or the town - As a part or Damascucs Murlicpallty efforts to reconstruct war destroyed areas tiiis graduation proiect was designed in coordination with both the local authorities and Damascus university to provide a vision for rebuilding and rehabilitating Yaoroud town when one uiis phase operated on trie urban planning level. during wriicri we analyzed 1 the town's characteristics, its potentials, opponunities and analyzed the social archltec— I tural and typological aspects of its buildings, resulting in an overall vision for the town‘s ] future. i Phone two: during this phase we operated on a more detailed level, choosing one orthe ; most destmyed areas “the market place" as a case study or our vision and providing l detailed plans and designs ottne new market place 1 Keywords: H ‘ I Relxllldlng, Rehac1|nattori, Synan crisis, Urban oenter, urban development Date: Augst» 2014 ; YABROUD URBAN DEVELOPMENT
  4. 4. Graduation Proiect RECOl1SUU(l|0U of ‘Val)roud' Urban Center ill Proii-: -iit: Reconstruction of "Vabroud" Urban Center Eskefl Revival ' Qrenaa Firslman Human Sustainable Social Cultural heritage Sustainable V ‘ RecovervYabroud City Recuperative Rgcycled / Lg) Preservation Urban Problems Ruins Youth
  5. 5. Resedential " Commercial Rehabilitated Hotel Meauseurn Cinema Oornmiunity space sire Plan Diagram 17 ciiiiesii siais. 2: Horizerrlzlllllerllcal Axis 3, Urban Grid , 4: Dl5lDVl0!l : 5>TraFlgtJl2|lOVl and local minis mzieonsai
  6. 6. Urban Lent IlLi(llOl1 Ol Vabroiid Ulbdll Center Design Process and Early Drafts‘ -riia ixriirsi Dlaz: II siiried re Pllwlde an urban huh lurtne tuwrrs clll1erlS, an undergruundlunnel was under me blaze In separate Dedeslrian and cars rnoveriienl securing a sale environment lor rrie iissrs mire also leading to an under ground public parking —m. plan Ilse" is very siriinie in design, a beslfl grid conrracls all entry some ll) lrorri Ihls grid we mass rairi rrrsissrs an dfllerent levels lo make up the central elernenl or the design izi lrie rirmrie asn swarm ms Dian iriia twn squares prwidirid a garnering silacc lor users to eseri one Ulhe buildings ser nrnimd me plaza Central vim Diagram l— rrie volume 2. rieigns adiuslmenls CL Town square 4: Streel AXIS 5— Pedstrian and wsws Axis, 6— Pruvfisal
  7. 7. Graduation Project: Reconstruction of “Vabroud" Urban Center (JlflLl. ldll0l1 Project" Reconstruction of “Vabroud" Urban Center Sétllarl 55 Street Elevation , r= ziri. iii Fluur ‘ Fl-all 9 aedmrris orieiiraririii
  8. 8. Project profile: - The social Upgrade center is pan a coniprerrensrve urban plan to upgrade "Jabl Al-Rrz" district, an informal sttlerrlent located north of Damascus city. — Part of the propsal made to provide solutions lor the districts problems, is a muitl use center combining both commercial and administrative services to ensure trie districts development covers both the built environernent and the social aspects of the residents - Municpallty center - Police station - Commercial building - Public plaza — local mail station 7 Activities center — Shops — Internet Cafe — Health center — Supermarket — Restaurant Keywords. Site Area: 6400 mi lnlormai sttiement, sustainable development, Adaptive reuse Date: February — 2014 land slope, Urban center, Interactive Landscape ilrirersea 192i 3 SOCIAL UPGRADE CENTER I Preserved Buildings D Newly added buildings Fl special reatures ‘ Preserved vegetation Friiewly planted vegetation Municpalrty Center Commercial Buildng Health Center Police Station Activites Center Overview Diagram Eastern Elavation
  9. 9. ® Munlcpalny/ Mali Station _: ‘ J neaiiri ceiiier @ FoiICeSia| tO7i @ Cammemai au. iu. »i @ Ilileianlve Center A Private sniiance A Pumic Eritiarica panorarri iesnura - . ..«: -i-am L. n ra ve ' "-s. v csntialr 4‘ at Upgrade Ce er Ir: _ , Shops . a- '——-‘ t cave: -r sociai A9955 at Entrance osseivice 04 tom D5Ciilc: S oc izeceiaiia-i or Blessing mums t5SmdiD Ambulance entrance as Smragn an Events Mali 10 Ylckets Desk ii smia DM 12 Cinema 13 warmer:
  10. 10. I Social Upgrade Center Commercial Building Floor PLans Project profile: i : ;S_: =_D_‘ - Located in the commercial distict or Damascus city center tiiis project aims to mix 1 a variety otfunctions in a limited space, due to its location the building lollcws a very strict i ‘ §: ,“f, ';; set or rules detrmlned by the city hall limiting the possibilltes or manipulating the design 1 . ,“, ,,E, ,., .,, _ and making the elevations the main toucus crtrie building i ocsianreaerri -The main function olthe building is to house tne neadquartes of a design agency, it also I orsvparrrimr houses a number or retail shops and a public plaza attached to a ccfte and drinks shop 1 °8fi= =I-w-v-Er-v-»- - The entrance to the agency's tiead quaners accessed tnrcugti tne puplic plaza lust r “"‘-: :j*'""**“""'*' beside the oofle shop this aims I0 make it more inviting and welcoming lc visiturs. iicarrtrct in , .,. ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ 7 7 ta srripiair-s . ..- ‘2°"‘°°""""‘°° » Design Agency - Retail snaps - Coffe siiop - Public Plaza ARCH G EEK Kcywordl. site Area: aoom2i D 1. M, ‘ H. “ User triendly, Approach, inviting, Entrance, Date: July- 2013 1 ir nam star-ii. ..-. Mixed Use. Down Town. Colfe, Public Access. l tabttuuulfinoui ;
  11. 11. I Arch Geek Studio , _ _ Arch Geek Studio . I, ‘ H Pubim Flax: , can snap Ground Floor Plan searetaw cflzo Mealmgs | “Sim T Common Ira Sludin W“ 5”“ Service ViL8 Fleslflenl in Si-mm Otflce mm — :1 ——l* Second Floor Plan First Floor Plan i
  12. 12. lldl General plan l— Pnrkllly Spam 2, Erllrzncl a. Adiiiiiiistraiieii ¢- Service 5 asiniaaiii e Care 7. Exlevlor Show Plaza 7 _ 7 H, ». .. , . a.~, e,. ..= «. ... , ‘ill ‘ ‘ »21o Tl/ Dlca| Sec1lDnaILay0ul one eoiiiinuous speee Proposed Sectional iayuui Prpiect piotilo. — The Hillside Pavillion project takes its shape after the land slope of its site. providing amazing views towards Damascus Cltythrough an upper terrace on lhe second level and an exlernal show plaza three melers below entry level. — lnlernally, lhe space is divided not by walls but by variation in heights, while the roof rollcws lne stairs’ slope towards the upper level. ~ The building llmctions 35 3 place for people (0 galher and examine selected DISCQS Of art with the ilexibility to change the entire building into an open gallery during exhibitions and events. Functions. ‘ ‘ —Art gallery — Exterior Show Plaza — Drinks Area I I rm i pf nvl A. ea. e4u m2 , January- 2013 Keywords. Land slope, Damascus City, view, Kassioun mountain Continuity, Arts,
  13. 13. r i, / l v _. a a 1 - ‘K. 1 o ’: l.(-ill’: -lietilie _ L A. Typical “central atrlurri“ Layout Fropsaed “advanced atrium“ Layout Serrllrbrlvale Semropen semi-public Semi-open space Public open Public open space space Project protiie: - Located in one or Damascus city biggest residential quarters, this project aims to 1% provide quality activities lor all lamlly members in a safe sustainable environment. ‘ - The design combines dilferent activities aimed at dilferent age ranges in one building , while maintaining enough flexibility ror each section or the building to function independently and as pan or a larger protect. — Another aspect oi the design is dealing with the transition from public open spaoes into closed private ones, through a butler semi public from patio alng. ioas. ’"” ” *1” 1 1 1 1 1 — Mothers Center — Youth Center — Cinema - Children Center - Public Center - Public Library l Keywords: Site Area: 7600m2 i= amiiy, sustainability, Residential quarter, salety Date: October- 2012 Damascus City, Mixed use, open spaces
  14. 14. Annie Fammes Center General plan mzwwmom 23m flm<mwao nwmodu mic SE8 W39 flew mason wzmmmuw zzm afizmuiox m>mz§_: miom . §_E: mu. =§_ <N<. _1 ozmsfismw 222, $205 Etna mm_oz Jr», . g. m_mmmo3 wiomm awdm<mE wzuwuom 21 ammo n_wmo. _ou ‘ V E231 ‘ Active Families Center Htkilllnmlflkln I. moms: WALLS sow: crummes
  15. 15. Active Families Center Graphic Design Projects iE1j‘i: lE: E!‘ii‘i‘H‘I“ E- i“i‘Eii1i! *ii‘E: : L mi _iLZ1[: :iECiiiJ: _II: L; ;E~—iE-Eiistfl mi, |Fflflfli»~ . _ E , * ‘7 7 -[I ~
  16. 16. Graphic Design: Damnation Writer Nawras A| —AlI. 2015 Damnation. Photoshop CS6 Damnation IS a cover for a novel wntten by Nawras Al-AIL the Hand Drawing book pruiects recent wars on tiistoric cities and lhe request tor ttie cover was lor an artwork combining a modern day soldierwitti an oriental ancient city Graphic Design: Clockwork Magic VIP. Syria Group. Clockwork Magic The request tor ttiis artwork was tor a provocative design to be used in a contest wtiere fans orttie company’s Faoebcok page were asked to caption the picture for a chance to win a prize 201 3 Pholoshop CS5
  17. 17. Graphic Design: Jaguar Watches Graphic Design‘ Team Spirit Jaguar Watches (amoral provider in Synei. 2015 Helriage Communities 2014 Jaguar Watches Photosriop CS6 Team Spirit Phoioshop CS5 30 pages catalogue designed ror Jaguar watmes ornoial provider This illustration was designed tor an elders housing community, its in syna, each watch is presented in two pages. one reitecting ltS Aesthetics in purpose is to be printed on thank you cards nanded out to volunteers. the request a themed background and the other depicting its properties. was ror an illustration capturing me true spirit or team work
  18. 18. Graphic Design: Scents over Shadows VIP Syria Group. Scents over Shadows. Scents over Shadows is a commercial artwork designed to promote the company's new perfume product, the artwork was used as a front cover for the company's brochure and across social media plattorrns. 2014 Photosnop CS6 Sketches and Personal Works
  19. 19. Sketches and Personal Works: Bristle Cone Town Artwork: Bristle Cone Town. lulmiiumz Pnotoshop CS6, Genius Tablet. Date 2013 Category: Digital Painting. Sketches and Personal Works: Charachters Tl “I. !7L‘¥1."L‘lLW"'? Artwork: Ctiaracniers design. Me-rliliin: Sketch pens. Date: 2012 - 2014 category Freehand sketches.
  20. 20. Sketches and Personal Works Stones and Trees Skettlies and Personal Works: Syria, Pre, Pro, Post. . stones and Trees. syria Pre Pro. Post Change. Sketch Pens. Photoshop cse. sketch Pens. zois 2014 Freehand Sketches Photumarlipulations, Sketches.
  21. 21. Thank You For Watching : ) E—rnai| Zain1997@wirid0w5|ive com Phone (963)—999—354746 %<% Artwork Body Parts Meditim Prlotosrlop cse Date zois Category’ PhDt0—nianii)tllatlDn