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  1. 1. EMPLOYEE BRANDING When your consumer & employment brands don’t sync
  2. 2. has become ent branding Employm any talent refront of m the fo egic plans isition strat acqu Employment branding has pretty much been accepted as part of the best practice cadre in the recruiting and hr field.
  3. 3. Race has begun
  4. 4. Companies with a killer consumer brand have a leg up
  5. 5. what do you do if you have a great consumer brand that doesn’t align with your talent acquisition needs?
  6. 6. Meet Lars Schmidt, talent acquisition leader at National Public Radio “   We Are obviously very entrenched in the news media space but we’re relatively newer to the Digital space.
  7. 7. “When you think NPR, most people’s first reaction is radio, most people’s first reaction is not digital.”
  8. 8. digital is exactly the Type of talent that Schmidt and the NPR recruiting team has trouble ing Find
  9. 9. Consumer brand is hearing the end Result of that on air. and t br ymen is the experience mplo E Of that employee.
  10. 10. The director of talent acquisition for 24 Hour Fitness has a similar issue. He has been solving issues in the company for over a decade,
  11. 11. 24 Hour Fitness made its name by being open & flexible so that workers from any industry could work out. BUT…
  12. 12. the fitness company struggles with shedding light on its 20,000 employees’ varied skills.
  13. 13. we need those same talented professionals. It’s the same thing in areas like finance, accountants, finance experts
  14. 14. Get over the natural hurdles Promote employer brand Tune up company brand
  15. 15. Keep moving forward “You can have the best ideas in the world, but if your leaders don’t get it, and don’t see that value, you’re not going to get very far.”
  16. 16. What does all this mean? Highlighting companies mobile apps Rapid deployment View of behind scenes at a media company
  17. 17. sell The Idea of working At an organization that is really Mission Driven
  18. 18. Changing perceptions Is not new to 24 Hour Fitness
  19. 19. In the mid-2000s, the company struggled with consumer reluctance to join a gym unless they were already in peak physical condition A hefty endorsement of the TV show “The Biggest Loser” and more-imperfectlooking club members in advertisements helped.
  20. 20. e, whatever you look lik Whatever situation is… your e can help! W In fact, the company has had eight straight quarters of year-over-year growth.
  21. 21. marketing material   gone away from using models. + Talk about experiences. It is more authentic.
  22. 22. The company’s Focus On transparency is moving into the employer brand as well
  23. 23. practices to highlight the unique culture • work/life balance initiatives • community fitness work • military recruiting campaigns
  24. 24. core values We really are looking for people that enjoy what they do, not always the stereotypical bodybuilder. “A lot of what we’re doing in employment branding is giving our employees a voice. We showcase them, showcase their work.” -Lance Sepera, 24 hour fitness director
  25. 25. Want to build out your employer brand? advice
  26. 26. Commit to telling the great story you already have 1.
  27. 27. 2 2.. Recognize it will take time
  28. 28. 3.Identify your differentiators
  29. 29. Be real and transparent about the ups & downs of your organization 4.
  30. 30. 5.Ask and showcase your employees
  31. 31. thank you