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Internet of Things

In this presentation, Devyani introduces IoT and associated trends. Given that she is a student in UX design, Devyani would like to work on innovative interfaces for human IoT device interaction.

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Internet of Things

  1. 1. Internet of Things University : MIT Institute of Design Post Graduation Student , Year I (Sem II) User Experience Design and Research by Devyani Shirole : | : @Devyani432 | : 9881693217
  2. 2. What is Internet of Things (IOT) Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole Physical Objects Sensor / Controllers Internet Internet of Things+ + = Any physical objects can become things that can be connected to internet. Hardware componets whose function is to detect or sense changes in surroundings. Internet is inclusive of interconnection of computers, cloud storage, bigdata etc. Network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity. Which physical objects can be connected to internet Vehicles and other transportation media Traffic signals, mobile towers, public spaces Animals and birds Electronic goods Babies, kids and all human beings Home appliaces, devices Anything and everything can be connected to internet and its status can be tracked using smart phones, watches etc. Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole
  3. 3. Scenarios where IOT can be used Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole People can keep track of movement of their old parents who stay alone at home and they can monitor their health through their smart phones. Record can be kept for every trains, buses and other public transports . Speed, position and schedule can be tracked for public as well as private vehicles. Couriers and delivery of the items can be tracked and monitored using IOT. All the home appliances like TV, Fans, cooker, kitchen appliances etc can be monitored from office or from any spaces. Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole
  4. 4. Trends in IOT Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole Health Monitoring e-governance Smart cities and IOT Wifi enabled smart spaces Health can be tracked by small internet enabled devices like a watch can it can be monitor time to time. All the governance related entities like public transport, traffic, water, elecrical bills etc can be monitored using IOT All the important buildings, offices, houses along with the appliances, furniture etc would be connected to internet. All the important spaces like hospitals, parks, public spaces, temples etc would be wifi enabled and would be connected to cloud. IOT Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole
  5. 5. My Area of Interest Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole Energy and IOT Smart distribution of Power by detecting need and requirement using IOT Maintaining enery levels and power supply. Feed all the required information on smart devices using IOT. Using energy resources efficiently and maximising use of natural resources. Tracking the energy input and output for every resource Smart meters to prevent loss of energy. These can be monitored using smart phone/devies What problem statement I would like to work on? Monitoring and optimising use of energy resources like electricity, water, solar energy using IOT. A system could be designed to improve energy distribution and hence it can used effectively and efficiently. This can help conserve energy and reduce wastage of resources. What will be my contribution? Being a user experience designer (UX), I would like to design a human computer interaction based system for IOT in energy tracking and monitoring system. I would like to create user stories and scenarios. Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole
  6. 6. Thank You Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole : | : @Devyani432 | : 9881693217 Internet of Things By Devyani Shirole