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Internet of Things

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In this presentation, Usha introduces IoT and associated trends. Usha is interested in data security and reduced power consumption of IoT class devices.

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Internet of Things

  1. 1. Name: Usha Nandhini.A E-mail: Twitter Id: @UshaAnbazhagan University: Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College Year/Semester: III/VI Branch: Information Technology
  2. 2. Introduction  The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined in different ways, and it encompasses many aspects of life from connected homes and cities to connected cars and roads to devices that track an individual’s behavior and use the data collected for “push” services.  The IoT creates an intelligent, invisible network fabric that can be sensed, controlled and programmed. IoT-enabled products employ embedded technology that allows them to communicate, directly or indirectly, with each other or the Internet.
  3. 3. Introduction(cont..)  Asset tracking of goods on the move and Automatic traffic management.  Telehealth: remote or real-time pervasive monitoring of patients, diagnosis and drug delivery.  Remote security and control ,Environmental monitoring and control and Home and industrial building automation.  In 2010, the number of everyday physical objects and devices connected to the Internet was around 12.5 billion. Cisco forecasts that this figure is expected to double to 25 billion in 2015 as the number of more smart devices per person increases, and to a further 50 billion by 2020.
  4. 4. Trends  Streams of data emerging in networking, storage, analytics, and visualization companies.  Smart desk tracks health data and encourages activity(Stir Kinetic Desk)  Smart lock sends picture alerts to cellphone(Goji Smart Lock)  Talking toys allow parents to send voicemails to kids(Toymail)
  5. 5. Trends(cont..)  iBeacon technology (which uses Bluetooth low energy) allows any new iPhone to detect its position in space to the nearest centimeter, meaning that shopkeepers can track where and how consumers purchase products and send them suggestions, recommendations, and discounts.  In upcoming years, the streams of data generated from various sources can plays a vital role in evolution of IoT.
  6. 6. Interest Areas  Security: With the amount of data being sent within the IoT, security is a must. Built-in hardware security and use of existing connectivity security protocols is essential to secure the IoT.  Complexity: Manufacturers are looking to add connectivity to devices and equipment that has never been connected before to become part of the IoT.  Power management: More things within the IoT will be battery powered or use energy harvesting to be more portable and self-sustaining. Line- powered equipment will need to be more energy efficient.
  7. 7. Interest Areas(Cont..)  For example: The hotel where we have a reservation knows we are coming and the approximate time of our arrival because we have allowed Apple and Google to track my location  It also knows that we are hot and sweaty from our trip because of the temperature and moisture sensors that are part of our smartwatch.  As like, this IoT reduces the human work  If given an internship in Internet of things, I would intend to work on the units of Secured Iot.