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In this presentation, Sujil talks about the positive and compelling impact of SMAC technologies on consumers and enterprises.

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  1. 1. SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) Name: SUJIL ANTO E-mail: University: T JOHN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Year/Semester: 3rd year /6th sem Branch: Information Science (ISE) Twitter Id:
  2. 2. SMAC - An Introduction  SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) is an IT trend that impacts enterprises/businesses and consumers in a positive and compelling way.  Consumers:  Access to services and products anyplace, anytime and end-to-end.  Preferences/choices and content are pervasive and personal  Enterprises/Businesses:  Lower cost of operations (IT related or otherwise) thorough Analytics and Cloud  Better marketing (cross-sell/up-sell) through Social Networks.  Better Customer acquisition/retention processes through Mobile and Analytics.  Enables to compete effectively in cutting-edge market segments through all of SMAC.  "Positivity" of SMAC  Provides WIN-WIN situations for both Businesses and Consumers.  Ease of doing business and ease of operations  Compelling aspect of SMAC  More reasons to embrace SMAC  Business need to stay "relevant and competitive". SMAC
  3. 3. SMAC - By Example Take for example, the E-Commerce landscape:  Social:  Product information, Likes, Feedback of services are shared on social networks  Social networks are used for ad-campaigns, targeted marketing and product promotions.  Mobile:  A mobile app is a must for E-Commerce, now-a-days.  Consumers purchases are becoming more popular from mobiles  Analytics:  E-Commerce firms analyze sales trends and even can forecast the demand for products.  "Big Data" is becoming a competitive-edge  Cloud:  Ease of IT operations  Lower costs  Better option to scale-up and scale-down computing resources as per demand SMACSMAC
  4. 4. SMAC -The latest trends  Social  25% people on this planet use social media and numbers are set to rise rapidly.  Likes, Choices, Events, Decisions are "sharable" and "available" on internet.  Mobile  Almost everything is available on your smartphone.  Analytics  Forecasting customer demand trends  Financial Analysis  Sales Optimization  Cloud based Analytics solutions  Cloud computing  Pay-per-use model  Hardware, Software, Network and Infrastructure are "scalable"  Caution: Security of data is a concern. SMACSMAC
  5. 5. SMAC - Big Impact Trends in the next 5 years  By 2017, SMAC trends will drive > 26% of the total enterprise software market revenue - A Gartner prediction.  Social:  Social media will become more pervasive  Mobile:  By 2016, there will be more than 10 billion mobile devices in the world.  Analytics:  Cloud based Analytics will become better and cheaper.  Analytics will drive business decisions faster, better and at low cost.  Cloud:  Better cloud offerings from multiple vendors at lower rates.  Mitigation of concerns related to data security, privacy and control. SMACSMAC
  6. 6. Interest Areas  My areas of interest are:  Social  Mobile and  Cloud  If given an internship in SMAC:  Would like to leverage "sum is greater than the parts" aspect of SMAC.  Creating high-impact and targeted consumer experiences using social networks and mobile.  Provide multi-device apps  Enable scalable computing for the businesses, lower IT costs and streamline processes. SMACSMAC
  7. 7. Thank you SMAC