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Notes pb lab 03b the big switch

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Notes pb lab 03b the big switch

  1. 1. The Big Switch
  2. 2. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:Demonstrate anunderstanding of magneticfieldsConstruct an electromagnetand explain how it works
  3. 3. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:Demonstrate anunderstanding of motors andgenerators and their uses
  4. 4. Key Objectives:Key Objectives:Explain the relationshipbetween a magnetic fieldand electric current and howthey combine to formelectromagnetic induction
  5. 5. Key TermsKey TermsElectric MotorElectric GeneratorElectromagnetElectric FieldMagnetic Field(Electromagnetic) Induction
  6. 6. Electric MotorA device thatconverts/transformselectrical energyinto mechanicalenergy
  7. 7. Electric GeneratorA device thatconverts/transformsmechanical energyinto electricalenergy
  8. 8. ElectromagnetA coil wrappedaround a soft ironcore and that actsas a magnetwhen an electriccurrent runsthrough the coil
  9. 9. Electric FieldThe space aroundan electricallycharged objectaround whichanother chargedobject experienceselectric force
  10. 10. Magnetic FieldThe area arounda magnet wherethe magneticforce can be felt It runs from endto end or from thenorth pole to thesouth pole of themagnet.
  11. 11. Electromagnetic InductionThe process inwhich a magnetpasses through acopper coilcreating anelectrical field– The generation ofelectricity
  12. 12. Lab BreakNow you can partner up and goto any station to begin yourobservationsRemember to answer eacharrow before moving onRemember to read and followall lab directions.
  13. 13. LAB BREAKBegin work on part 2Read and follow each step of the labRemember to write responses as yougo.Complete all of part 2 with your partnerYou have 20 minutes
  14. 14. Page 23 Question 2
  15. 15. Page 25 Question 2
  16. 16. Essential LearningsA current-carrying wire issurrounded by anelectromagnetic field.
  17. 17. Essential LearningsAn electromagnet isproduced when currentpasses through a wirecoiled around an iron orsteel rod
  18. 18. Essential LearningsForces of repulsion andattraction cause motionwhen magnetic fieldsinteract.
  19. 19. Essential Learnings Motors transform electricalenergy into mechanicalenergy.
  20. 20. Essential Learnings Inside the motor–Current creates twoopposing electromagnetson the armature (thecopper coil and iron partthat spins)
  21. 21. Essential LearningsInside the motor–The electromagnets on thearmature repel thestationary magnets inposition around thearmature
  22. 22. Essential Learnings Generators transformmechanical energy intoelectrical energy.
  23. 23. Essential Learnings Inside the generator–electromagnetic inductionoccurs as a copper coilpasses through a magneticfield, creating electriccurrent
  24. 24. Essential Learnings Both motors and generatorshave the same basic partsbut their operations arereverse
  25. 25. Essential Learnings Internal components ofmotors and generators– A coil of copper wire wrappedaround a soft iron core(armature)– A set of permanent magnets thatcreate a magnetic field
  26. 26. Essential Learnings The differences betweenthem is the direction of theenergy flow and the energytransformation order
  27. 27. Why “The Big Switch” ?The term “switch” refers to thechangeover from motor togenerator of what is basically thesame device.As the direction of the energytransformation “switches” thedevice’s purpose “switches”
  28. 28. From One to the Other!!!
  29. 29. A Windmill (Wind Turbine)Windmills generators transformmechanical energy to electricalenergy.Done by creating an electric fieldinside the generator (electromagnetinduction) when a copper coil passesthrough a magnetic field
  30. 30. Wind Turbine