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Notes yb 01 temperature scales

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Notes yb 01 temperature scales

  1. 1. Temperature ScalesTemperature Scales
  2. 2. Objectives The Student will investigate scientifictemperature scales Compare and Contrast, Fahrenheit,Celsius and Kelvin scales Describe the theoretical meaning of“Absolute Zero”
  3. 3. Key Terms:Key Terms: Fahrenheit Scale Celsius Scale Kelvin Scale Absolute Zero
  4. 4. Fahrenheit Scale A temperature scale usedalmost exclusively in the UnitedStates based on what thehuman body’s temperature wasthought to be ~ 100o(98.7oF) Water freezes at 32oF Water boils at 212oF
  5. 5. Celsius Scale A scientific scale for recordingtemperature that focuses on thefreezing point of water (0o) andthe boiling point of water (100o)at sea level Called Centigrade for its 100graduations
  6. 6. Kelvin Scale A scientific scale for recordingtemperature based on the pointwhere there is no molecularmovement. It starts from absolute zero or -273 oC it increases by the same size degreeincrements as the Celsius scale.
  7. 7. Absolute Zero The Kelvin temperature (-273oC) when all molecular motionstops.
  8. 8. Conversions: To convert from Celsius to Kelvin add273 degrees to the Celsiustemperature 0oC + 273 = 273 K To convert Kelvin to Celsius, subtract273 from the Kelvin temperature. 373K - 273= 100 oC
  9. 9. It’s Just a Phase:It’s Just a Phase:Temperature ScalesTemperature Scales
  10. 10. Lab Time! You now have ~60 minutes tocollect data , fill in graphs andcomplete the lab up to andincluding page 53. Remember to READand answer all thequestions!