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Sophia ava

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Best Friend

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Sophia ava

  1. 1. Ava Writing by Sophia
  2. 2. Table of contents • Who is ava? • What does she like? • Do you wanna know more? • Do you know ava does cherleading? • fun facts
  3. 3. Who is ava? Ava is 9 years old. She has two brothers named Vincent and Victor. She does basketball and cheerleading. That’s a lot of sports!! She really really really really really really loves dogs! Her brother Vincent is 7 and he’s in first grade. Victor is 5 and he’s in kindergarten. Ava is in forth grade. She loves social studies. She loves the snow and she loves sledding! She has a lot in common with me.
  4. 4. What does she like? Do you know what Ava likes? Ava’s favorite color is Neon Green. Ava likes horse back riding. Ava’s favorite show is the learning Tim show. Ava’s favorite subject in school is Social Studies. Ava’s favorite food is bacon. Ava wants to be a basketball player when she grows up. Ava loves dogs. Ava loves school.
  5. 5. Do you wanna know more? Does Ava Do you know more about ava? Ava does not have any pets. Ava loves to read. Ava lives in my neighborhood. Ava lives in Virgina. Ava’s grand parents live in Pennsylvania. Ava hates cats!
  6. 6. Do you know ava does cherleading? Do you know ava does cheerleading? Ava does cheerleading and she really really really loves it. I have seen ava in her cheerleading suit and it looks really cute!
  7. 7. Fun facts She’s been my best friend forever. Ava has been my best friend since I was 3. Ava loves bacon. Ava has a lot of dog stuff. Ava does cheerleading. Ava wears glasses. Ava has long hair. Ava loves bagels. Ava loves kit kats. Ava loves horses. Ava lives in my neighborhood.
  8. 8. About the Author The author of this book is Sophia. She is in 3rd grade. She picked this topic to write about because Ava is her best friend.