Task 3 pitch

9 de Mar de 2022
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
Task 3 pitch
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Task 3 pitch

Notas del editor

  1. Hi my names Amira and Here is what I am going to pitch for you today.  My magazine which is called R&B Together and is  focused on R&B music. I decided to go ahead with my idea of a magazine on R&B music because of how popular the genre has stayed over the past years specifically in 2020 where R&B Hip Hop music claimed the largest amount of the share in the total genre album in the US being 28.2%.
  2. The purpose of the magazine is to firstly entertain and educate people with interest in the genre, and also become a topic of conversation around the local areas. However it will also include updates of social events around Hertfordshire and upcoming events for the featured artists this means that it may encourage people to come along to them. One of the main aims for the magazine is to attempt to encourage more people to show an interest in the music and by including local artists this may engage a larger audience because it will be of interest to the local community.
  3. Some competition I may have to compete with when releasing a new Hertfordshire R&B music magazine would be magazines that are firstly based in Hertfordshire but also magazines that are specifically music based.  Hertfordshire magazines include information on the community and attractions however my R&B magazine is going to include everything you need to know about the community and the genre. To make sure my magazine is unique over the competition it will include exclusive interviews that can only be found in R&B together this will ensure that the audience will be curious to the interview because it has never been seen before.   Magazines in competition with this magazine all include a similar simple structure. This means that mine will be seen as unique and but still an easy read.
  4. R&B Together will be released every fortnite with out fail and will be available digitally and physically sold at £2 digitally or £4 physically. The magazine can be subscribed to meaning you can get it posted to you every release or can get a copy in your emails if you would prefer the digital copy.
  5. Here are some font ideas- For the Main headings for example the masthead it will be a clear bold font that will draw attention from the audience, and on the right there are some fonts of which will be used for sub headings or quotes that have importance. The main headings will be the brighter colours from the colour scheme and sub headings will be a different colour to the text for example grey if the text is black, This will ensure they stand out.
  6. Here is the colour scheme the magazine will follow. These colours were specifically chosen to make sure that they suit everyone and don’t un include anyone because colours can be stereotyped to specific people. Black will be mainily used if there is a larger amount of text on a page. Then the brighter colours will be used for important parts that need to engage the audience.
  7. Main Audience -The main target audience for the magazine R&B together is between 16-30 year olds, this is because of the types of artists it may include. -It is aimed for anyone who has an interest in R&B music -Ethnicity and gender doesn’t matter, can be for everyone. Secondary Audience -The secondary target audience would be between 30-40 year olds this is because R&B music gained it popularity between the 1940's and early 1960's
  8. Some resources and personnel that will be necessary would be... A camera will be necessary to take the images for the magazine and a camera bag will be needed so the camera can be put somewhere when its not being used and an SD card for the photos to be stored on. A tripod will also be necessary for the camera to stand on when getting the positioning for the images. I will need some editing software such as photoshop to help the editor be able to edit the front cover together. This will be completed on a Laptop along with the software in design to help the editor complete the editing as well. This content will all then be printed on a printer. For the personnel sector the left side of the table is all the roles that will need to be filled to make sure that the magazine is fully completed and published correctly For example an editor is going to be vital when it comes to actually creating the magazine, Also a director that ensures everyone is sticking to their tasks that need to be completed before the day of publish.
  9. When it comes to distributing the magazine it will be featured at lots of local independent stores around Hertfordshire like corner shops and independent businesses and then eventually become featured in more main stream stores for example tesco and Sainsburys . However  when it comes to promoting the magazine it will be done digitally as much as possible e.g Social media posts and also through leaflets around the local towns/villages. Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will all have a profile for the magazine. They would be used for regular updates on social media stories for example instagram storys so it can be viewed easily the stories will include release and sneak peaks to who the next magazine is going to include this will than keep the audience engaged and questioning who is going to be included in the next magazine. And also available as a digital magazine after it has been published each fortnite.
  10. A sketch up example can be seen of the front cover on the left and a sketch up of a double page spread on the right.
  11. As an overall summary 'R&B Together'  will be a strongly organized light hearted consistent magazine and will hold a strong audience that are engaged in what is published. The magazine will receive the following it deserves and will be original compared to other R&B magazines published in Hertfordshire.