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pidato lely.pdf

  1. Assalamualaikum wr.wb. Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Best wishes for all of us. Im lely kumala dwi lestari comes from SMK Negeri 1 prajekan. Let me deliver a speech about 'Juvenile delinquency' Before I deliver my speech, Let us understand first what Juvenile Delinquency is. It is the actions of teens who violate social values and disturb public order that endager both to themselves and to the society. for example, the use of drugs, brawls between students, consume alchohol, and free sex, and the involvement in crime. All of that are possible to happen because of the wrong parenting. Relationships between parents and children can also affect a child's social development with the environment. A good relationship between the two have a positive effect on a child's development. On the other hand, poor quality of relationships can cause big problems. Not only this factor but Juvenile delinquency can also be influenced by youth religionists. If teenagers have a low religious side, then the delinquency rate will be high. otherwise, if teenagers have a high religious side, the lower the level of delinquency will be. Because they think that religion as their purpose in life so that they tried to apply religiuos behavior in their everyday life. Youth as an asset plays a vital role in the country's progress . The role of good education character for youth is important to prevent delinquency. Efforts to deal with delinquency in school can be made in various ways. That are : 1. Provide a strict regulation for studnets 2. Intensive guidance and counseling service 3. the teacher must be the good example for students and 4. Create a religious learning atmosphere To prevent deliquency also can be done by improving by faith and Taqwa, filtering the use of social media, be smart to choose friends, and doing positive activities. Like learning, reading, writing, following extracullicular in the school, and following religious activities both in school and at home. In this case the role of parents is also very important. Such as building good relationship with children, become a good role model, teach the children about responsibility, and add knowledge and understand of teenage development. Strengthening teenagers based on the value, social norms and religious norms, can prevent their free time that leads to not useful activities. Beside that, the environment also plays an important role in the process of teenage development, because the environment will be used as experiment media by teenagers in implementing the knowledge they get, the implementation can have a good impact for itself and its environment. All right ladies and gentlemen, that's all that I can tell you about 'Juvenile delinquency' that is no longer stranges to the surrounding society, thank you for listening. I hope it’s useful fo all of us and sorry if I have some mistakes. I ended this speech with Wassalamualaikum Wr.wb