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Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Some studies require the use of both quantitative as well as qualitative methods. Some require only quantitative and vice versa. Depending upon the requirements of the research one should choose which method to choose.

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Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

  1. 1. Qualitative Research vs. Quantitative Research
  2. 2. Qualitative Research • Quantitative research methods are used in the quantification of data. • In quantitative research, the focus is more on measurement. • Subjective • Use to develop theory • No statistical tests
  3. 3. Qualitative Research • Less generalized • Mainly inductive process • Data can be observed but not measured
  4. 4. Quantitative Research • Qualitative research methods are mainly used in determining underlying reasons. • In qualitative research, understanding is considered more important. • Objective • Used to test the theory • Statistical tests
  5. 5. Quantitative Research • More generalized • Data can be measured (Source: