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MultiMi Overview

MultiMi is a social media tool that saves you time by collecting all your accounts and networks in one place. You can post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, as well as to other social networks. Social media management has never been simpler.

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MultiMi Overview

  1. 1. What can it do for me?
  2. 2. How many hours a day do you spend onsocial media and e-mails? MultiMi is asocial media tool that saves you time...
  3. 3. collecting all your accounts and networksso you can connect with friends and family,surf the web, and share pics, vids and filessimply by dragging and dropping.Post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneouslywith just one click!
  4. 4. Leave multiple logins and switchingbetween browser tabs behind forever!
  5. 5. MultiMi automatically assesses the linksyou receive through sharing and searching.It wont let you click on virus-infected links.
  6. 6. is free. Absolutely free.
  7. 7. Social media management has neverbeen simpler!Supports Facebook, Twitter, Gmail,LinkedIn, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Googlereader, Read it later, Google plus,Picasa and much more…
  8. 8. Use it on Windows or on your iPad
  9. 9. Click here to download MultiMi
  10. 10. What will you do withall the extra time?