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Echoes of asia

Appreciation of Echoes of Asia, this is a assignment of prose and drama class in the seventh semester. This was held in Rumata' Art Space at Jln. BontoNompo Makassar.

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Echoes of asia

  1. 1. Name : Musdalifah Student Id : 10535556613 Class : VII E Echoes of Asia Echoes of Asia is fascinating show that was performed few weeks ago. This show was presented by Ya-Ling Peng, a director of Uhan Shii theatre group Taiwan. It took place at Rumata’ Art Space in Jl. Bontonompo Makassar nearby 45 struggle building. Echoes of Asia actually is a project that started since 1995 and had been performed in 13 countries, at this time, it was the first time to present in Asia except Taiwan. The project of Echoes of Asia is a Chinese interview that has been met by Ya-Ling Peng from house to house or even in a fiesta and then make it became a show. The interview talked about the background, history of family, experience and struggle of Chinese descendant in living a foreign place. So it is interesting show. On September 28th 2016 some groups of students went to Rumata’ Art Space for attending the show of Echoes of Asia that become duty from their lecturer. Students went to Rumata’ Art Space by public transportations, a three- wheel motor, and motor-cycle then arrived there at 03.15 p.m. A committee asked to fill the guest book and then he said that “the show will start at 04.00 p.m, please sign the guest book”. The weather was really good at the day because it was drizzle and then fresh air was inhaled by everyone. While waiting the committee arranged the seat and the stage that took place courtyard, behind part of Rumata’ Art Space. Everyone was busy with his own gadget, talked with friends, and arranged their chair. The show was running well and impressive for the audience. This show was presented about Chinese descendant in Makassar that came from Hakka, Hokkian, Hainan, Kanton, Fukien, and Taiwan region that was mentioned by the actors. In this show, there were 4 actors namely : Tawaf, Hana, Dwi and Askar.
  2. 2. The actors did not only mention the original region of Chinese but also they displayed how the Chinese went out from their original region to other region to continue their life by walking in the stage that had been formed before. There was also an actress walked around while dancing. It was good performance that had been presented. The show also was attended by some Chinese as the representative who had been interviewed by Ya-Ling Peng. At the end of the show the actors took a red thread and walked around on the stage, and then invited some audiences to come forward and continued to connect the red thread. While the red thread was connected, they must mention what’s his name and what’s his original region. For instance, I’m Tawaf from Bulumkumba, I’m Hana from Sinjai, I’m Dwi from Bone, I’m Askar from Wajo, I’m Fira from Gowa, I’m Afdal from Makassar and so on so forth. The show brought messages to the audience that how hard people should survive by living the original region to foreign region, how the Chinese never forget their culture especially they always use the native language, and as native of Indonesia should respect the others and do not discriminate foreign people.
  3. 3. Name : Musdalifah Student Id : 10535556613 Class : VII E Learning Scenario Skill : Writing Topic : Narrative Text Grade : First grade of senior high school Steps : a. Pre-activity • Teacher greets the students, by saying “have a beautiful morning my students, how are you doing this morning” • Teacher asks students that are they ready to study today? And ask the leader of class to prepare, by saying “have you been ready to study? If you are ready, let me see your notebook on the table and seat position are already good” • Teacher starts to open the learning by asking to write down in a piece of paper what is the narrative text in their mind for knowing the prior knowledge of students, by saying “okey, you have been ready to study, let’s start our class by giving simple question about narrative text that become our topic today. Please take a piece of paper what you have known about narrative text” • Teacher checks the attendance list of students b. Whilst  Teacher appoints a student to come forward to read a narrative text by saying “please, come forward to read this text aloud, and the others have to pay attention his reading”
  4. 4.  Teacher tries to explain the narrative text about 15 minutes after that encourages the students to ask about the narrative text  Teacher divides some pieces of paper to students and asks them for trying to write simple narrative text by saying “ well students, it’s time to write a simple narrative text that concern about your experience yesterday, a few days ago or even last month which story is still fresh in your head. But before that you may ask question about narrative text or which part that you did not understand yet” c. Post-activity  Teacher asks some students for summarizing the lesson today by their own word, by saying “it’s end of our lesson today so I’m really happy if some of you are able to summarize what is the narrative by your own word”  Teacher gives his inference to students and motivates the students to keep studying even in their house, by saying “students! Don’t forget to keep studying and repeating the lesson today in your home because the lesson will be always fresh in your head if you always repeat it”  Teachers mentions what the next lesson, by saying “the next lesson is….. what a beautiful class will be if all of you search it before entering the class”  Teacher close the class, by saying “ I think that time is over, hopefully the lesson is understood well by you. See you next meeting”