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MW18 Presentation: Y Tho: Art Memes’ New Online Literacies And Modes Of Everyday Engagement

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By Meredith Whitfield, University of Manchester, UK

Over four million people online participate in making and using Internet memes of art: they interact with works of art, many of them museum objects, as part of their everyday lives, without institutional prompting.

This session presents research on six months worth of art memes, providing an introduction to the practice and discussion of meme literacies, as well as a framework to understand meming as a mode of engagement with art.

The session also theorizes methods museums might use to observe and understand this practice as part of new engagement strategies and kindles discussion about how templated interactions prompt participation.

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MW18 Presentation: Y Tho: Art Memes’ New Online Literacies And Modes Of Everyday Engagement

  1. 1. Art Memes’ New Online Literacies and Modes of Everyday Engagement y tho
  2. 2. Classical Art Memes
  3. 3. methodology
  4. 4. Classical Art Memesaccounts
  5. 5. Classical Art Memesverifying source material
  6. 6. what is an art meme?
  7. 7. image macros
  8. 8. expressive portraiture
  9. 9. operative signs
  10. 10. “operability”
  11. 11. memetic literacies
  12. 12. Intertext in Christina’s World
  13. 13. Intertext in Christina’s World
  14. 14. Intertext in Christina’s World
  15. 15. the memetic mode
  16. 16. art meme; mainstream meme; emoji
  17. 17. meming in situ
  18. 18. museum meming beyond art
  19. 19. meme potentials open collections and meming templating visitor interaction humor as entry point
  20. 20. get in touch @hashtagmsw