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Official wilkat digital profile

  2. ABOUT US • Wilkat Ltd is a top-notch marketing firm that provides dynamic, affordable marketing services to clients. • We pride ourselves in being one of the best online marketers in the country. • Wilkat practices a customer centric digital marketing program.
  3. INTRODUCTION Digital marketing is all about increasing your online presence in order to: • Build trust & credibility with potential customers. • Enable people to contact you online. • Generate awareness for your products and services Remember “You are there only if they can find you”.
  4. ONLINE MARKETING INVOLVES Developing Targeted communities • Build communities on Facebook, twitter and other platforms Optimization • Reach out to people through search engine optimization and Social media optimization • Spreading content where it reaches the target audience. Promotion in blogs/forums and paid ads • This is where you sell the product by interacting with the audience in relevant forums and communities. • Accomplish short-term lead generation objectives via paid ads
  5. Wilkat intends to increase SEO through the following ways: Website • Creating or Updating an existing website. Relevant traffic. • Driving relevant traffic to the website. Its not about rankings, its about relevant traffic and conversion of this traffic to sales. Understanding market • Wilkat will conduct “Marketing driven”SEO promotions rather than optimization driven SEO promotions which will create a positive response from the market. Measurability • Build end to end measurability for successful implementation and ROI based decision making. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION(SEO)
  6. Wilkat Ltd will provide strategy, development, consulting and execution to bring all aspects of social media and traditional marketing efforts into alignment with unified goals and purpose. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
  7. HOW DOES IT WORK? • Before we start to work on a social media campaign for your company, we will meet with you to fully understand what your company does, the services you offer and your expectations etc. • We will also find out and understand your overall marketing campaigns to ensure that you get the most from your social media campaign.
  8. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT WHY SOCIAL MEDIA? • Social media provides the opportunity to build brand awareness online and transmit important messages to key audiences. • There are significant opportunities for companies to engage clients, prospects and fans. • Furthermore, there are significant opportunities to optimize existing marketing and branding efforts to leverage on the social components to attract additional prospects customers and revenues.
  9. Bad customer Experience Bad Reputation Lost Revenue Unresolved issues ONLINE REPUTATION It is very important to have a good online reputation. Wilkat will provide you with the Do’s and Don'ts of online marketing to ensure that you have a positive online presence.
  10. WHAT CAN BE EXPECTED Visibility across channels Customer Acquisition Up selling new services Direct feedback from customers Competitive research Ultimately, more revenue Wilkat through the use of online marketing will help your company achieve:
  11. CLIENT • Business knowledge transfer. • Content creation. • Support conceptualization for new campaigns. • Define product/service positioning. • Promotion (leveraging other channels) • Feedback and reviews. WILKAT • Overall online marketing roadmap. • Support conceptualization of new campaigns. • Social media marketing execution. • Online reputation management. • Search Engine optimization. • Paid Ads. • Online PR & social book marking. • Measurability, analysis & recommendations. RESPONSIBILITIES For an online marketing campaign to succeed, both the client and Wilkat have responsibilities.
  12. RESPONSIBILITIES For an online marketing campaign to succeed, both the client and Wilkat have responsibilities. “The key is not just to reach out to people, but to keep them engaged”