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Change Your Law Firm Website From Liability To Asset


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Change Your Law Firm Website From Liability To Asset

  1. 1. Change Your Law Firm Website From Liability To Asset
  2. 2. About MyCase About MyCase MyCase is the premier web-based legal practice management software. Built as a complete platform, MyCase offers features that seamlessly cover all the daily functions that a modern, small law firm requires in one place at an affordable price. Just $39/month per attorney $29/month per paralegal or staff
  3. 3. About Gyi Tsakalakis Search Director | AttorneySync Helping lawyers put their best foot forward online because that’s where clients are looking for them. @gyitsakalakis
  4. 4. Change Your Law Firm Web Presence Change Your Law Firm Website From From Liability Asset Liability To To Asset
  5. 5. Poll #1 Do people (not in your family) regularly compliment your website?
  6. 6. Liability to: Your License? “Of course I’m the best lawyer. It says so right on my website.”
  7. 7. Liability to: Your Reputation?
  8. 8. Liability to: Your Business?
  9. 9. as·set A useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.
  10. 10. Useful?
  11. 11. Valuable?
  12. 12. Where do I start? Most people (lawyers & web vendors) want to start here: Domain? Images? Platform? Layout? HTML? Colors? Disclaimers? Hosting? SEO? Design? Practice Pages? Logo? Favicon? Typography? Your Bio? Security? Wireframes?
  13. 13. Da Coach says: Stop it! They build websites for themselves. • They choose domains that they like (or that they think are good for SEO). • They choose their favorite colors. • They write attorney bio pages that impress them. • They proudly build their own websites (or have their daughter do it). • They copy their competitors because it must be working for them.
  14. 14. Lesson from Google What do analytics users want? • Client-focused • Meaningful to clients • What’s new • Why? • Learn • Event • Grow
  15. 15. Your Audience Build your website for your audience. • Who are the people you are trying to attract to your website? • What are they looking for? • Where are they looking? • What do they expect to be able to find? • How can you provide them with something useful or valuable? • What do you want them to do? • Why should they do that?
  16. 16. The Relationship Business Build a website that helps nurture relationships. • Give. • More than just an attorney. • Answer the questions that are not asked. • Let your personality show. • Pay it forward. • Empower your visitors. • Take responsibility for loses.
  17. 17. Clients What do clients want from your website? • You’re on top of things. • Availability? • News that impacts them. • Ways to get in touch with you. • What you’ve done for them lately. • Portal?
  18. 18. Poll #2 Is your domain easy to remember and clearly distinguishable from other domains?
  19. 19. Don’t choose your domain for robots. You don’t have robots for clients… Yet… • No hyphens. • No exact match keyword domains. • No odd TLDs (.biz, .info, .net) • No boring domains. • No [location] [practice area] [lawyer] domains. • No ridiculously long domains.
  20. 20. Choose your domain for your audience. Make sure your domain is: • Easy to type. • Actually memorable. • Compelling to your target audience. • Descriptive of what your site is going to be about. • Easily linked to. • Short. • On a trustworthy TLD.
  21. 21. Poll #3 Does your website fully load in about 1 second?
  22. 22. Even kids know Fast is better than slow. • Is your website fast? • Does it fully load in less than 3 seconds? • Less than 1 second? • Have you tested it? • On your smartphone? • Google PageSpeed Tools:
  23. 23. Does my audience use mobile devices? Don’t take my word for it, just look around. • What does your website look like on a smartphone? • What about on a tablet? Both positions? • Does it function the same way? • Can you easily navigate and read your pages? • Load on the same URLs (not • Does your site respond to its environment?
  24. 24. Responsive Web Design Does your website provide an optimal experience on all devices? • iPhone Simulator • Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites (Google) • Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design (treehouse) • WordPress Responsive Theme
  25. 25. Poll #4 Does your website communicate what it’s like to be your client?
  26. 26. What do people expect to be able to find?
  27. 27. What are you trying to get people to do? Does your website motivate people to: • Feel like you know what you’re doing? • Feel like you give a s***? • Call you? • Request more information? • Email you? • Subscribe to updates? • Leave comments? • Share or link to your pages?
  28. 28. Poll #4 Can you attribute new business to your website?
  29. 29. Does my audience use search engines? If so… • What are they looking for? • Does your website have that? • How are they looking for it? • Do your web pages show up? • What feedback are you receiving? • Are they sharing it, talking about it, linking to your stuff?
  30. 30. Search Engine-Friendly The Basics: • Crawl & Index: robots.txt, site: search, XML sitemap, GWMT • Semantic URLs: /attorneys vs /?p=123 • Title Tag: <title>What this page is about</title> • Headings: <h1>Use one H1 per page</h1> • Internal Link Structure • Structured Data: authorship, review markup, etc
  31. 31. Search Engine-Friendly More Reading: • Beginner’s Guide to SEO: • SEO Webmaster Tools Help: • What is SEO:
  32. 32.
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Own your web presence. What do people find when they search for you? • Contact information? • Directions? • Happy clients? • Pictures? • Videos? • What you know?
  35. 35. Structured Data Rich snippets attract clicks. About rich snippets and structured data
  36. 36. 2013 Search Ranking Factors What signals correlate with high rankings? • Page Authority • Linking Root Domains • Domain Authority • Total External Links to Page • Google +1’s • Facebook Shares
  37. 37. 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors What signals correlate with high local rankings? • Consistent Name, Address, Phone (NAP) • Physical Address • Quality of Structured Citations • Domain Authority • Verified Local Plus Page • Reviews
  38. 38. Earn it. Do your pages earn meaningful attention? Content is earning links.
  39. 39. Testing… Testing… Testing… Constantly test your site’s performance. Cross-Browser Testing Tools Live, Web-Based Browser Testing
  40. 40. How do you know if it’s working? Build, Measure, Learn • Set specific goals that have meaning to your firm. • Use web analytics ( to analyze how people find and use your site. • Set up goals in analytics (i.e. phone calls, form fills, etc). • Encourage and listen to feedback (both direct and indirect). • Don’t fall in love with your site, it’s not for you. Make datainformed changes based on what your audience is telling you.
  41. 41. Contact Us Gyi Tsakalakis (773) 328-2027 (Feel free to email me with questions or to request slides.) MyCase (800) 571-8062 Get 10% off your first 6 months with MyCase for attending. Use promo code: WEB13
  42. 42. Thank You