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  1. 1. Mychal A. Hutchinson 30954 Caney Branch Rd Mobile Contact: (225) 772-7690 Denham Springs, LA 70726 E-Mail: Skills Summary: Consummate U.S. Government Intelligence professional with five years of work experience in management, leadership, and supervision, security management, collection management, network analysis, communications, and various levels of intelligence capacity including tactical level counterintelligence support and strategic level mission support Served multiple billets and displays capability to work successfully with a team or autonomously when necessary. Specialized Knowledge: • Intelligence Support to US Military Counterterrorism operations • Small Arms and heavy to light weapons identification and utilization. • Analytical Support to Counterintelligence/HUMINT operations. • Intelligence support to anti-terrorism force protection operations. • Personnel Management. • Collection Management. • Training Facilitation. • Physical and Personnel Security DOD Clearance Level: • Top Secret/SCI Systems Application Knowledge: • Microsoft Office Applications. • Palantir, C2PC, Falcon View, SIPR, JWICS, M3, HOTR, JPAS, and BFT. Experience: United States Marine Corps Oct 2014 – Present Military Occupational Specialty: 0231 Intelligence Analyst Active Duty - Enlisted E1 through E5 Geographical Locations Served Okinawa: 4th Marine Regiment, Camp Schwab Japan: C7F Yokosuka Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team Pacific Command United States: 2D Intelligence BN, Camp Lejeune Afghanistan: Counterintelligence/HUMINT Detachment 2 Analytic Tradecraft Group Course Director: • Train and supervise 6 ATG instructors, ensuring enhancement of analytic and instructor proficiency while delivering over 200 hours of classroom instruction to over 150 intelligence Marines throughout II MEF. • Facilitate intelligence training through coordination and solicitation with II MEF units. • Supervised production and implementation of new intelligence technique courses focusing on advanced intelligence analysis and analytic writing. • Lead development of formal and informal courses of instruction to promote a professional learning environment and efficient use of resources • Supervised and directed the maintenance and installation of over 50 student cadre workstations.
  2. 2. • Managed representatives for network and security systems, II MEF liaisons, and classified equipment destruction. Intelligence Chief: C7F Yokosuka Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team Pacific Command (Jun 2014 – Oct 2014) • Tasked with developing and maintaining an accurate intelligence picture in support of USMC Anti-Terrorism mission requirements abroad. • Monitor security posture of diplomatic facilities in the Pacific Command area of operations 24hrs a day 7 days a week. • Maintained situational awareness of activity and threats of select diplomatic facilities in order to support rapid response teams. • Directly supported BN requirements in order to ATFP efforts. • Provide both daily and weekly intelligence briefings to Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team Staff and Commanding Officers • Maintained and enforced security procedures for DOD personnel and physical facility security requirements in accordance with SECNAV/DONCAF guidance. Senior Analyst: Counterintelligence/ Human Intelligence Detachment Team, 1st Bn, 9th Marines, Afghanistan, Camp Dwyer. (Sep 2013 – Apr 2014) • Provide direct 24hr analytic support to USMC HUMINT Operations in Afghanistan. • Provide analyst support operations and production to the G2x HAVOC. • Quality controlled all products for release to operating elements in Afghanistan in accordance with United States Forces – Afghanistan and G-2x policies on Counterintelligence / Human Intelligence • HUMINT Source Validation in support of military source operations. • Re-structured and streamlined production processes to increase validation productivity, timeliness, and ease of use for internal databases, detailing operational requirements, tempo, and current manpower. • Provide direct support to high value targeting operations in Helmand Province Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy Chief: S2 4TH Marine Regiment, Camp Schwab, Okinawa Japan. (Mar 2012 – Feb 2013) • Maintained accountability for multi thousand-dollar quantity of global positioning equipment assigned to the regimental S2. • Maintained budget worksheet for destruction and reutilization of S2 mapping equipment. • Re-structured accountability ledgers, organizational structure, and standard operating procedure to ensure proper utilization and tracking of geodesy equipment. Security & Administration Chief: S2 4TH Marine Regiment Camp Schwab Okinawa Japan. (May 2011 – March 2012) • Maintain a database of unit’s incoming and existing personnel security statuses with regards to security clearances in accordance with SECNAV/DONCAF guidance. • Supervise and practice proper physical security procedures in accordance with SECNAV guidance. • Ensure Marines were properly trained and met Marine Corps training standards and compliance. • Supervise overall operations within the S2 regarding personnel and overall functioning of the S2 in accordance with commanding officers guidance. • Maintained accountability of multi million-dollar intelligence gear, systems and suites that were assigned to the regimental S2. • Maintained a multi thousand-dollar budget in order to provide logistical support to obtain various products and supplies needed to sustain intelligence operations at the regimental S2.
  3. 3. Intelligence Analyst: S2 4TH Marine Regiment Camp Schwab Okinawa Japan. (Feb 2011 – May 2011) • Maintain proper situational awareness of arising threats and global activity within the pacific area of responsibility. • Produce quality intelligence products in compliance with department staff guidance. • Maintain Marine Corps training requirements in accordance with Marine Corps guidance. • Brief company staff and officers on a weekly basis regarding global affairs, and threats in the pacific area of responsibility. • Respond to request for information from lower echelons on base. Education: • University of Maryland, Okinawa Japan, Psychology Major (Sep 2011-Nov 2011) • University of Maryland, Okinawa Japan, Biology Major (June 2011-Aug 2011) Additional Training Courses and Certifications: • Basic leadership Course • Advanced Leadership Course • Equal Opportunity Training • Marine Corps Martial Arts Training • OSCAR Certification • Combat Life Saver Certification • Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training (Certified Intelligence Analyst) • Intelligence Training and Enhancement Program • Security Management Certified Awards: • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal • Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal • Letters of Appreciation x3 (Signed Colonel, USMC Commanding Officer) • Afghanistan Campaign Medal • NATO Medal-ISAF Afghanistan